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What to learn to be a web developer | web developer guide


What to learn to be a web developer? | web developer guide 

What to learn to be a web developer
What to learn to be a web developer 

In this article, I am going to discuss the career of a web developer you will see in this article, what to learn to be a web developer?

So today we are going to talk about a question that has come to me a lot lately, that people are asking me a lot, which is the following:

1.       What do I have to learn to be a web developer?

2.       What do I have to do to be a web programmer?

3.       Where do I start in the world of the web?

4.       How to learn web development easily and from scratch?

5.       What do I need to learn to be a web developer?

6.       Can you teach yourself to be a web developer?

What I am going to tell you is my point of view, it is not an absolute and definitive truth and I am not telling you that it is the only way to become a web developer, but I am going to tell you the path that I have followed and the path that I consider it more natural to be a web developer nowadays, to become a good web programmer and work from this.

My method of knowing What to learn to be a web developer? consists of 8 clear steps.
What to learn to be a web developer
What to learn to be a web developer

0. Have desire, patience, perseverance, and passion

The most important thing I would say to dedicate yourself to web development is to have the desire, patience, and that you like it. The passion I would say.

You have to be patient and like it a lot, because if you don't you will get tired very soon because the development world is a very complicated one and requires many hours of solitary work at home learning things.

1. Learn HTML

If you want to be a web developer it is important to master HTML correctly.

HTML is a markup language that allows us to define the structure of a web page , using markup tags we can define it, so it is the basis of any web page.

If you do not know HTML you cannot continue advancing in the world of web programming, it is essential to learn this.

2. Learn CSS

The next thing is to learn to style the web page with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which is the language that will allow us to give the web an appearance .

It is important to know how to style a website and the natural next step after learning HTML

3. Learn JavaScript

Once we know the previous two points, the next thing to learn to be a web developer would be JavaScript, which is a growing language because technologies such as NodeJS, Angular, and many more are emerging that allow us to do incredible things on the web.

With JavaScript it will allow us to provide interactivity to the web and all internet websites use it.

4. Stop studying and start practicing

Why do I say this? Because now is the time to master what you have learned and put all the pieces of the puzzle together. What you should do is design a complete website and give it a bit of interactivity with JavaScript. In the video above I give you some interesting tips for this step.

5. Learn databases and SQL

Now it's time to learn some backend and before learning any other programming language it is important to master databases and the SQL language.

So stop and learn this well, I would choose MySQL, I would learn to design a database and I would learn to do all the types of queries there are in SQL.

This is a critical point where many people fail.

6. Learn a back-end language (PHP, NodeJS, Python)

In this step, you must learn a backend language like PHP that will allow our website to be dynamic and interact with databases. In the video above I give you several interesting tricks🙂

7. Take the professional leap by learning: Symfony, Angular, NodeJS, Bootstrap, Less

And finally, I recommend you learn the frameworks and cutting-edge technologies that I teach in my online web development courses and that the professional market is requesting the most worldwide.

Well, these would be the most important steps to become a web programmer and we already know roughly what to learn to be a web developer.

Final words 

  if you want to be a professional website developer. What to learn to be a web developer? if it is helpful for you then you can appreciate me sharing this article with your friends on social media and if you have any other ideas then feel free to give us suggestions in the comment section. And you may think I start from 0 and then end at 7. I am a programmer I start counting from 0, not from 1. 

Thanks :) 

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