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Snipcart : JavaScript and HTML for e-Commerce


Snipcart : JavaScript and HTML for e-Commerce

Talking about frontend has been synonymous with talking about JavaScript for many years. The programming language is almost as "old" as the Web itself, and every day it continues to mature to meet the digital needs of users, programmers, and organizations.

If you have an e-commerce web application, it is highly likely that it is using JavaScript for all user interactions and events. This may be true regardless of whether you use an e-commerce monolithic, microservices in e-commerce or e-commerce headless.

Alternatives to the usual tools

In addition to tools such as React, Vue , Angular, or Node.js, which you can use perfectly for your project, there are other tools developed in HTML and JavaScript, which work with the previous ones, which can take the development of your e-commerce to another level.

In the following weeks we will review some of these tools, which are definitely worth having in your toolbox. Let's start with Snipcart.

What is Snipcart?

Snipcart  JavaScript and HTML for e Commerce
Snipcart  JavaScript and HTML for e Commerce 

Snipcart is a complete shopping cart platform that integrates into "any website or web application" with basic HTML and basic JavaScript.

As an alternative to solutions such as Shopify , Woocommerce or BigCommerce - rigid and limiting platforms for existing websites - Snipcart provides you with a flexible and customizable shopping cart, webhooks and APIs, as well as an administration panel that allows you to manage your operations. e-commerce: track abandoned carts, campaigns, sales, orders, customers, etc ...

If you need to do a simple integration with your website, you need some, but not a lot of knowledge or development skills to get started. Still, the Snipcart API allows you to customize and extend Snipcart if you wish.

Snipcart provides you with a professional shopping cart platform. You can enable this tool in your WordPress blog, in your single page application or in your Jamstack project.

Save time and money

One of the goals is to help you save time and money - especially if you still don't know if the business deserves a more robust investment. With two lines of code, you can start selling products or even subscriptions.

Among other payment platforms, Snipcart connects with Paypal and Stripe, and another objective is to provide simple HTML buttons to "add to cart" and a customizable shopping cart with JavaScript, so that your customers can buy without having to leave. your website.

For all this, you can integrate the shopping cart with any technology, as we have said before and with any system, you would need for Digital Marketing, and sales, such as inventory management systems, email marketing solutions, and CRMs.

Summary of the main features of Snipcart

  • ·        Simple integration with HTML and JavaScript
  • ·        Subscriptions
  • ·        Digital products
  • ·        Custom products
  • ·        Discounts
  • ·        Email template customization
  • ·        Safety
  • ·        Payments
  • ·        Inventory management
  • ·        Cart customization
  • ·        API and webhooks
  • ·        Price : 2% + payment gateway fees (2.9%)

If you want to do tests, it is worth mentioning that Snipcart is free forever in the test mode. You can read more about the tool on its official website.


If you want to start a small virtual store quickly, using your existing website, without the need for a database or complicated configurations, and you are a developer or designer, Snipcart may be the solution you are looking for. If you don't have a website yet, and you are not a developer, you will have a lot of work to do: create the website, hire a hosting service, choose the design, etc ... etc ... If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us!


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