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Online marketing agency | Digital marketing as a service | Digital agencies

Online marketing agency
Online marketing agency

In this article, I am going to introduce the main services of a digital agency in times of crisis so online marketing agencies can provide digital marketing as a service, and digital agencies also can offer much more services for example online marketing agency working digital marketing as service and digital agencies what they do how they provide services and much more. Let's discuss some of these here.

E-commerce and SEO, two lifesavers in difficult times

The global coronavirus pandemic has not only generated a health crisis that has literally paralyzed the world. This situation has forced social isolation that in turn has caused drastic changes and unfavorable scenarios in various sectors.

It is enough to see its repercussions on tourism, events, the real estate sector, the hotel industry, construction, restaurants, beauty salons, etc. Countless businesses have closed since the spread of this virus in the world.

But COVID-19 has not only brought losses and delay to society. Like any crisis, this one also hides many opportunities and new perspectives, although a careful look and knowledge of certain tools is necessary to take advantage of them.

Here are some thoughts and tips on e-commerce and SEO, two powerful weapons that could help lift your business in this chaotic and uncertain time.

Content Online marketing agency

  • Can e-commerce save us from the crisis?
  • Why should I implement the e-commerce channel in my company?
    • Greater reach with Online marketing agency
    • Consumer habits and greater efficiency of advertising investment
    • Brand positioning and loyalty with Online marketing agency
    • Lower costs with Online marketing agency
  • Is it enough to have an electronic store? The importance of SEO positioning
  • What other tools to use to boost an online business?
  • What can I achieve with a responsive and optimized website?
    • Make you known with an Online marketing agency
    • Interact with your audiences with an Online marketing agency
    • Automate processes with an Online marketing agency

Can e-commerce save us from the crisis?

A recent study by the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) indicates that more than 50% of Peruvian e-commerce (companies dedicated to online commerce) have sustained themselves during the state of emergency by offering promotions, discounts, and pre-sale alternatives. -purchase.

Said study also refers that more than 60% of those e-commerce brands were affected at the beginning of the quarantine; However, they managed to reverse the situation and today they consider that online sales could help to reactivate the country's economy.

Due to the situation of social immobilization in which Peruvians find themselves, many have opted for online shopping channels to be able to acquire products, especially basic necessities. In this way, social isolation is guaranteed without affecting trade.

“In all the economies of the world, it has been observed that e-commerce leads the reactivation of the countries. Many people who lose their jobs have the possibility of being hired later in electronic commerce companies since they will continue to operate ”,

Jaime Montenegro, manager of Electronic Commerce of the CCL, told the newspaper Gestión.

Why should I implement the e-commerce channel in my company?

The new forms of social behavior make e-commerce or electronic commerce an essential channel for business continuity. This due to its multiple benefits, which we could list as follows:

Greater reach with Online marketing agency

For these businesses, there are simply no geographical or time limitations when offering products and/or services. In turn, and due to the massive use of smartphones in the last decade, anyone with internet access can be a potential customer.

Consumer habits and greater efficiency of advertising investment

Once your online store has been developed and using digital marketing tools you can track the behavior of your customers.

You can detect which are the products that generate the most interest, which social networks drive your business the most, which are the keywords or keywords most used by your target audience, which marketing plans obtain the best results, and with this information, create a retargeting strategy, focused only on the public that has a higher conversion percentage, reducing your advertising investment.

Brand positioning and loyalty with Online marketing agency

Having e-commerce and engaging with them through chat channels will help you to know the feedback from your customers and generate greater confidence in your audience of being a consolidated and sustainable company. Creating a pleasant user experience in the purchase process can take off your competitive advantage.

Lower costs with an online marketing agency

The online business model, E-Commerce, does not require much investment or time to start your company and start selling. In addition, it allows you to reduce your fixed costs by not having to rent a physical space where you can offer your products and/or services, save on work personnel, save on spending on public services such as electricity, water, and internet and optimize your investment in advertising thanks to digital marketing tools.

Is it enough to have an electronic store? The importance of SEO positioning

One of the cornerstones of digital marketing is the so-called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization. A concept that refers to the processes and/or techniques that are applied to a website to make it appear in the best positions within search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo!

Having a web page is not enough, it needs to appear in the first results of Google when searching for terms related to your offer. Today more than ever, the companies that are easier to find will win.

"Companies of all sizes are understanding the need to have a better presence on the Internet, they must understand that their customers are looking for them through platforms such as Google and that if their pages are not well positioned in search engines for the keywords of their products or services will lose valuable opportunities ”, says Andruz Legro, SEO Director at Electo digital agency.

Good SEO management significantly increases the traffic of organic visits to your website, appearing more frequently in the first search results on Google. Did you know that the first 3 search results in Google concentrate 75% of clicks?

The secret is to use words with which you would search for a product or service online. For example, at this juncture, searches with the delivery and telecommuting of the word have increased significantly. In this way, it is possible to grow the visibility of the business in search engines.

What other tools to use to boost an online business?

One of the keys to improving your online sales and promoting e-commerce is the development of a good website. Adaptable to various mobile devices, such as cell phones or tablets. This will allow attracting a greater number of potential clients.

  • "If a website is not mobile-friendly, 50% of users will abandon it, even if they are interested in your business," says the thinkwithgoogle.com portal. The same source reports that 79% of respondents on this issue give more importance to the experience in a site/app and the loading time compared to other variables.

In other words, beyond a well-designed page with comprehensive information about a certain business, it is the user experience (UX) that the customer values ​​the most.

The page ww.sagipl.com states that 62% of companies increased their sales by designing responsive websites. Meanwhile, "Airbnb attributes to its optimization of the UX the key to go from being a near failure to being a company of a billion dollars"

What can I achieve with a responsive and optimized website?

In web design, the term responsive refers to the technique that prioritizes the correct display of the same page on different devices.

A correct design of your page, optimized for different platforms. Can make a big difference in the increasingly competitive world of e-commerce. Some of the most important benefits you can achieve are:

Make you known

On your website, you can publish all the relevant information about what you offer to the public. And in different formats: photographs, videos, articles, infographics, etc.

If the content about your products or services is attractive. You can significantly increase traffic to your website and generate greater sales opportunities.

Interact with your audiences with an Online marketing agency

By publishing valuable content on your website, you will be able to attract numerous visitors. And interact with them to obtain information about their preferences. Tastes, and needs, thereby initiating a non-invasive sales process to attract future customers.

Automate processes with an Online marketing agency

With an optimized website, also focused on analysis and user experience. You can sell and offer services or products at all times. Automating processes without the need to have personnel dedicated to these tasks all the time.

For all these reasons, it is important to implement e-commerce as an alternative for your company or business. In these difficult times, of social distancing due to a pandemic whose end is still uncertain, e-commerce is the safest way to sell


I hope you understand better about online marketing agency, digital marketing as a service, digital agencies. So if you have any questions related to an online marketing agency or digital marketing as a service feel free to ask me in the comment section. 

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