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Gmail tips and tricks | Gmail tricks and secrets 2021



Gmail tips and tricks | Gmail tricks and secrets 2021

Gmail tips and tricks
Gmail tips and tricks 

If your email inbox is in complete chaos or you have so many messages that checking them is a nightmare, here are some tricks to make Gmail easier for you. Here are Gmail tips and tricks for you that will really help you. So these Gmail tricks and secrets 2021 will really give you a piece of great knowledge about the Gmail platform. 

Introduction Gmail tips and Tricks

Gmail has become over the years a very complete messaging service. Every year new smart functions are added that make it easy to use to all email accounts, but it has also become an impossible mission to know all the options and settings.

Gmail allows you to sort all the emails that come to you in many ways, stand out one above the other, and activate quick gestures to review incoming emails more fluently. Whether you use the desktop version or the mobile application more, the configuration options are immense.

We are going to give you some little tips so that checking your email every day is not crazy. Also, if in the rush of day-to-day work you make a mistake, we explain how to avoid it or cancel it so you don't get into trouble.


Recent very useful Gmail features that you probably don't use


Gmail is more complete every day, you may not know all the functions it already offers and you are missing the opportunity to work easier.


Gmail tips and tricks: Protect yourself against wrong actions


From the computer, Gmail offers the possibility of rectifying and reversing when we send an email by mistake. However, the mobile application is different, in it with a simple touch we can end displeasure. 

Don't worry, in the settings we can ask Gmail to consult us before carrying out important tasks to ensure that we are convinced of what we are going to do. So you can confirm that you want to send an email and that you have not written it in a moment of anger with your boss that you will later regret, or if you are going to delete a message that you are aware of what it implies.

Enter settings, then General Settings, and go down to the bottom of the list where you will see a section "Confirmation of actions". Check the boxes that you consider necessary and next time you will see that alert message that can save you from a lot of trouble.

Get more time with the computer using these Gmail tips and tricks

As we have said before, from the computer version it can be rectified after sending the wrong email. Even so, the function has a downside, it only gives us a few seconds. If you want to buy more time to react calmly and reject the shipment, you can change the settings.

From the horseshoe in the upper right corner you enter "See all settings". On the first page, you can see the "Undo submission" section. As you can see in the screenshot, you have up to 30 seconds to think about it. It is not much, but it is more than 5 seconds.

Highlight really important conversations

Within that same general settings section, there is another very useful function. With it, Gmail helps us to differentiate personal and direct emails from the mass of impersonal emails that reach us. With an arrow, the email will indicate that this email is addressed especially to you

Gmail tips and tricks Personal setting

Throughout the day, personal emails that another person sends us or emails with massive contact lists that may be important or simply an advertisement may arrive. As journalists, we receive a large number of press releases and emails from companies that can overwhelm and make it difficult to see the most important emails with some personal conversation. 

In the section "Personal level indicators” in general settings, you can activate this help. You will see the relevant emails sooner and then you will take time to review the rest.

Customize the quick actions of the mobile app

When it comes to checking your email from your mobile phone, you have the ability to quickly manage all the emails that have reached you that day so that with a simple movement of your finger you can decide whether to archive them, delete them, or save them for later. 

These actions can be customized in the application settings. Click on the main menu with three bars (upper left corner) and review the full menu until the end where you will see the Settings section. Inside, choose General Settings and find the Swipe Actions option. Here you can change the action that corresponds to each side: move to the left to archive and to the right to delete, for example, Gmail address tricks and much more. Gmail tips and tricks are really important in our life so that we can make effective conversations. 


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