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Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Portfolio | 3 Main reasons



Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Portfolio | 3 Main reasons 

Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Portfolio
Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Portfolio

You are about to create your website, and you are still hesitating between several platforms? You've already chosen a platform but you're starting to see the limits and you're thinking about switching to WordPress? In this article, we will review the reasons to choose WordPress to create your portfolio and/or blog, eCommerce platform. So what are the Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Portfolio.

As creative people, we have all at least once wondered which platform to use to create a website. As far as we’re concerned, the website has always been the priority of many business people and professionals and since the inception of the Internet, most people make sure that all the traffic generated on other platforms converge towards their main website, as they have full control over it.

And now, here are reasons to choose WordPress to create your website. It is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, so make sure you do enough research.

#1 It is Free

If there was only one good reason to remember, it would be this one! For a few years now, our expenses have been more and more on the Internet and our subscriptions (whether for leisure or work) are multiplying (ex: Netflix, the Adobe suite, phone rental and subscription, newsletter sending tool, etc.).

And this same trend is holding for web platforms as well. Some CMS (or content management systems) such as Squarespace or Wix are no exception to the rule; they offer a monthly subscription. However, unlike these platforms, WordPress one of the few professional options that offer a completely free solution.

With WordPress, you don't need to commit to months of subscription, you just need to install WordPress on your domain to put your site online. And if you're like us and technical knowledge is not necessarily your forte, you should know that some hosting providers like OVH offer to install WordPress with 1 click on your hosting server.

#2 WordPress’s Flexibility

The problem with a site created using Wix or Squarespace is that you don't have control over all the features. You’ll hate to realize that a feature is not modifiable after spending hours working on a website, don't you?

Unlike Squarespace where the design of the pages is fixed, with WordPress, you never get stuck at any stage of customization. All the codes are accessible or almost all of them, which leaves you free to change color, import a type that is not supported by your theme, change the size of the titles, and pretty much everything else you can imagine. And if you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can easily get help from agencies like Acclaim

#3 WordPress’s Community Aspects

Unlike most online web design systems, WordPress is an open-source solution with a large community of designers and webmasters who actively participate in the evolution of the platform. This ever-growing community offers daily new improvements, tutorials, and a multitude of new extensions to use to optimize your website.

It is precisely this reactivity to new technologies and this abundance of extensions that convinced many people to switch to WordPress. You know that if you discover an interesting feature on a site, there is a good chance that WordPress will offer an equivalent.



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