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5 Programming Languages ​​To Learn To Program in 2021 | Code Guide



5 Programming Languages ​​To Learn To Program in 2021 | Code Guide

5 Programming Languages ​​To Learn To Program in 2021

5 Programming Languages ​​To Learn To Program in 2021

On this occasion, we will cite 5 programming languages, which I consider to be an excellent option if what you want is to learn to program. So you will learn about 5 Programming Languages ​​To Learn To Program in 2021 in this article with details.

While it is true that there are dozens of programming languages ​​that we can start with, it is not a very idea to just take one and learn with it, why? Because programming languages ​​are tools and are designed to solve certain problems, and of course, each language has a completely different learning curve. It would not be advisable to start with an extremely difficult language, this can discourage many, making them think that programming is not for them. So, from my point of view, it is better to start with a powerful language with an active syntax and community. These are the 5 Programming Languages ​​To Learn To Program.

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Okay, with that being said, let's get started. the journey of 5 Programming Languages ​​To Learn To Program: 

These are 5 Programming Languages ​​To Learn To Program


Python is undoubtedly one of the most popular programming languages ​​today. Much has been said about this language, with it we can develop practically any type of software, from video games, web applications, desktop applications to software where we can implement artificial intelligence.

If you wonder if it is possible to create applications for mobile devices, android or IOS using Python 🤔 let me tell you yes, there is currently a project called BeeWare that allows us to do this and much more.

With extremely simple syntax and a mantra that emphasizes good practice and code readability, Python's learning curve is extremely low.

A perfect option to start programming.


Something of the utmost importance when selecting our first programming language is its syntax. We need a language whose syntax easy to understand and be expressive, and yes that is Ruby is painted only Ruby is my favorite programming language in terms of syntax refers.

Ruby syntax is highly expressive, so much so that we can sometimes see ruby ​​code as pseudo-code. Reserved words such as unless, until, retry among others, as well as the syntactic sugar of being able to use question marks and exclamation marks mean that ruby ​​can teach other programming languages ​​a couple of things.

Currently Ruby is an excellent option if what you want to do is create your own web pages. Ruby has a web framework called Ruby on Rails, which once you use it let me tell you, you will no longer see other frameworks in the same way.


It is undeniable that currently, the mobile world has more and more weight in society. Every day more people are connected through the internet using a smartphone or tablet. That is why a very good idea is to learn a programming language which allows us to enter this great market of mobile applications.

In this case, I recommend learning Swift, a programming language developed by Apple engineers. Like the previously mentioned languages, Swift has a very low learning curve, its syntax is highly readable and the Apple ecosystem allows the development process to be agile.

If for some reason you don't want to develop mobile applications for Apple, don't worry Swift is not limited to just these types of applications, Swift can be implemented in many other areas.


Kotlin is another excellent option if you want to develop mobile applications, in this case for Android.

Although there is Java another option when developing Android applications, the code that we write Kotlin will be much more expressive and readable.

There is no point of comparison between how fast one can be when learning Java vs Kotlin.


And last but not least, a good option for learning programming is TypeScript. If you are a programmer, maybe you expected JavaScript, but no. 😉

TypeScript is a programming language developed by Microsft engineers. TypeScript converts previously written code to JavaScript code, an extremely popular programming language, which can be run on both server-side and client-side, even in robots.

So if you tell me that TypeScript converts everything to JavaScript, why not learn JavaScript? 🤔 The answer is simple, sometimes JavaScript does not shine much for its syntax. Although JavaScript is easy to learn, sometimes the same language forces us to write not so readable code, code that over time can become a small headache. To avoid this and start with TypeScript best practices.

Well, this would be my list of languages ​​to learn to program, what do you think? are you agree with the list? let us know in the comment section. " I hope you understand better about 5 Programming Languages ​​To Learn To Program. 

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