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26 tips for using instagram for business | Instagram tips



26 tips for using Instagram for business | Instagram tips 

26 tips for using Instagram for business

26 tips for using Instagram for business

Some time ago I was talking with a colleague about which social networks we considered had the most future potential for businesses. We both agree that in addition to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin,   Instagram will play a relevant role in retail marketing in the short term. So here in this article, I will discuss 26 tips for using Instagram for business tips these Instagram tips will surely 

What is Instagram? "Instagram is a program or application to share photos with which users can apply photographic effects such as filters, frames, retro and vintage colors, then they can share the photos on different social networks such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr." Definition from Wikipedia.

Instagram allows marketers to offer their target audience a visual experience in which photos tell stories, show trends, and express style.

I translate and summarize for you the article " 26 tips for using Instagram for business" which I hope will be very useful to start your journey in this social network.

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26 tricks to use Instagram in your business: 26 tips for using Instagram for business

1. Get familiar with how to use Instagram in your business:

Instagram has launched a blog ( Instagram for Business ) with tips, news, app updates, etc. for entrepreneurs to discover how businesses are using Instagram.

2. Create a balance between funny images and your business images:

Tell a story with pictures.

3. Get followers:

Useful tricks to get followers on Instagram:

  • - Connect with your Facebook account.
  • - Use popular and relevant hashtags.
  • - Earn loyalty by following others and interacting with them.

4. Videos

Recently Instagram has launched its video option to compete with Vine. The main characteristics of Instagram videos are their duration (15 seconds), filters, and editing functionality.

5. Embed Instagram videos on your blog or website

6. Follow your followers

7. Create a flexible posting schedule: 

You don't have to update your Instagram account every day. The rate of posts is still slow and you run the risk of saturating your followers.

8. Take advantage of the power of applications (Apps)

There are applications that allow users to print images, search for keywords, subscribe to Instagram profiles via email, download all images in a single file, and many more.

9. Inspire your potential buyers

Post photos that are relevant to your business/brand and to your potential buyers.

Engage your target audience with images that tell a compelling and inspiring story.

10. Use filters on your images

Instagram has a series of filters to change the appearance of your photos.

Filters are more than a matter of aesthetics, they can say a lot about you.

Try new filters or photos without filters to surprise your followers.

The filters most used by companies are Lo-fi, Valencia, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Sierra, X-Pro II, and Hefe.

11. Change your perspective

To be successful on Instagram, you must put aside your innate interest in selling and instead:

  • - Share a different vision of the world.
  • - Find a unique visual sense.
  • - Capture images that are interesting for your business/brand and for your target audience.
  • - Train your eye to find a great provocative and attractive image.

12. Take advantage of Instagram photo contests with Facebook

You can organize a photo contest using hashtags to organize them and an RSS feed to receive notifications when a new photo is added.

Use your company's Facebook page to encourage participation in your Instagram photo contest.

13. Market your business using trends

Find a hashtag that is trending for your marketing strategy and participate with images of your business.

14. Connect on Instagram (network)

Instagram connects people through images.

Ways to create relationships:

  • - Engage: mark "I like" in the photos of others and leave comments.
  • - Follow your followers from other social networks.
  • - Include your hashtags: if your brand uses specific hashtags on Google+ or Twitter, use them on Instagram as well.

15. Optimize your profile

Instagram profiles, as in Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks, must include company information in the permitted way (maximum characters, specific image sizes, etc.).

Complete your profile with all the information buyers needs to find you and do business with you.

16. Promote your business both on Facebook and Instagram

Create videos on Instagram and share them on Facebook.

17. Quantify and qualify

Use analytics to identify the images and videos that have the most impact among your followers.

BlitzMetrics and Curalate are two very useful image statistics tools.

18. Reward your followers

You can reward your followers with discounts and promotions from your business.

19. Show photos of your employees

Showing your employees in their workplace not only gives an inside view of the company as well, but you also entertain the staff and show how valuable they are.

Recognize your staff's skills, successes, and milestones on Instagram.

20. Invite your followers to a visual experience

Find a creative way to show the use of your products and/or services.

21. Use hashtags related to the sector

Measure the relevance of your Instagram hashtags with Nitrogram.

22. Record on video the important moments of your company

Record the important moments of your company in 15-second videos and share them with your followers to make them participate.

23. Expand your presence to other brands/companies

Statigram is an excellent tool that allows you to find profiles and hashtags related to your company. Use Statigram to find, track, and research your competition.

24. Teach something new

Use Instagram to share with your followers a preview of an event, product, or news.

25. Be fun

All work and no fun will make your business invisible on Instagram. Show your human side to create a stronger relationship with your followers.

26. Use the photos of your followers and edit them to create a video

Transform images into a unique video that shows the creativity of your followers.


I hope you will be happy to see my blog post 26 tips for using Instagram for business and get benefit from this post :) 

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