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When writing a guest post for another website or blog, SEO is still important for a better impact on your website. 

Usually, there are specific reasons for guest blogging including the following:

·         To obtain a high-quality backlink from the guest post

·         To make your skills introduce to another community

·         To get better referral traffic to your website

Now, how all of these factors are possible from a single guest post?

Of course, with the help of a well-written article for guest blogging. If you are thinking that an SEO driven article won’t be giving the advantage to your website then you are thinking wrong.

This blog post is all about the tips for writing a well-written SEO optimized guest post which will help you in a different aspect.

Why SEO driven guest post is important?

Firstly, how will a user read your article when it’s not ranking at the top of the SERP?

If your article is entirely optimized with the SEO practices then there are more chances that your content at the top of the search engine result page.

You get the chance of getting huge traffic when your written article with a backlink is ranked in the top position of the search engine ranking.

How to write an SEO driven article? Here are the tips:

Tips for writing SEO driven article

1.   Know the audience of the blog for which you are writing

Guest posts will only be beneficial when you are writing the article by knowing the audience of another blog. This is because writing for the target audience always gives outcomes in a better way.

If you are writing the guest post by targeting a specific audience then the audience will engage more in the article by giving the chance of clicking your link placed in it.

This way, more and more traffic would come through redirecting from the link.

Now, how to know the audience of the blog for which you are writing the blog post?

Way of knowing the audience of guest posting sites:

Following are the ways of knowing the audience of the site for which you are writing the guest post:

·         Analyze manually the top pages and keywords of the page. For example, if the website is enriching in the “Tutorials” then you should write an article regarding this niche.

·         Use online tools like Ahrefs to analyze the top pages, keywords, and interest, of the audience. The below image shows the Ahrefs showing top traffic countries and top pages of a website.

how to write a blog post
how to write a blog post

The above pictures show that the top interesting topics for an audience of ProPakistani.pk are about “PSL” (Pakistan Superleague). If you write a guest post with the placed keywords of sports and especially PSL, then you get more chances of getting a reference set.

But this is only valid for sports because these keywords are about sports.

It is much easier to write an SEO-driven guest post when you write the guest post for the blog that is related to your blog or audience.

To find these types of guest posting sites, you can utilize the filtrated websites available on BuySellGuestPost.

how to write a blog post
how to write a blog post


2.   Focus on the heading of the guest post

Not only this is beneficial for the SEO but also the CTR (Click-through rate). If the topic of the guest post is not effective and interesting then this wouldn’t bring the traffic to read the article.

Remember, on the SERP, only heading along with the Meta Description will be displayed and the readers will only consider reading your article when they feel the topic is interesting and according to their query.

Your heading should have the following criteria to be effective:

·         It should be capable of explaining the whole of the article within the title

·         It should have the keyword adjusted for better ranking opportunity

·         It’s better to have a title with listicles, “tips”, “best”, etc.

·         The heading should be made after considering the common queries including the search intent

3.   Write high-quality content

This is one of the most important factors which should be considered seriously as well as in the first phase of writing a guest blog article.

If your content is amazing and optimized then Google and other search engines will let it rank over the top of the search engine.

However, to make it so, you should have a checklist to mark the quality of the content as written below:

Searchable: This is possible through optimization and ranking at the top of the search engine ranking. If the keyword placement is good, it will rank and easy to find for the users.

High Readability: It should be written in an easy-to-read language which is also known as conversational tone. According to SEOpressor, the readability score should be 60 or above using the Flesch-Kincaid score.

Shareable: The content you write should be based on understanding while it will be beneficial if you add some emotional value because it will let the users share on their social media accounts.

Adding reference: Your content should be authentic in a way that you proof the facts you explained in your writing. This is possible with the help of high-quality outbound links to the source.

Actionable: If your content is actionable, then there are more chances that your article on another blog will get a backlink as a reference from other bloggers.

You can easily check your content with online tools like SEMrush writing assistant as well as Expresso-app.

4.   Keyword research and Cluster

When talking about the ranking of the guest post on the top of the search engine, you should have good keyword research.

Now, how and why to research keywords?

First, we all know that the guest posting guidelines include the posting of the article on the relative website. In this sense, there are chances that your website’s keywords and the other blog’s keywords are common.

If it’s not, you should find the keywords for your article that are relevant to your website as well as for others.

For example, if the other website which is accepting your guest post is ranking on the mobile-related keywords then you should build relationships of mobile and your target keywords with the help of the keyword cluster.

Keyword cluster means to add some relative keywords and search queries/phrases in your content. To find the search intent there are different methods including online tools like keywords everywhere or through manual Google recommendations.

how to write a blog post
how to write a blog post
Adding the relative search queries will let your post ranks higher quickly as it gives a positive signal to the search engine.

5.   Add examples, reference, and images

If you are writing the guest posting about tips or tutorials then it is essential for adding the relative images and examples to your writing. This is because it will add value to the engagement of the customers through these elements.

How this is possible? We have added some of the ways of adding these elements into your content:

·         When you are explaining or introducing something, you should add real-time examples to it.

·         You can add the screenshot or copyright-free images to your writing regarding your content. For example, if you are explaining or introducing a tool or process then you should add a screenshot of the interface for easy understanding

·         Adding reference through citation is very beneficial to make trust in the readers. A citation is a reference to the original source from where you got the concept about a specific term.

how to write a blog post
how to write a blog post

Below is the example of how Backlinko, which is a popular SEO blog adds the screenshot of the email that is explained with the process in the article.

6.   Add helpful sub-headings

In SEO, sub-heading is important because it helps the search engine crawlers to understand the content and let it rank.

Moreover, this is becoming common that the readers don’t have the time to read the whole of the article instead they just read the sub-heading and understand the content.

In the guest post submission, the sub-heading holds the same importance as it has in the blog post. Sub-heading will help to rank over more search queries as well as increase the readability score of the post.

The sub-heading should also include the “conclusion” at the end because it will let the search engines know the summary of the whole article.
how to write a blog post
how to write a blog post

7.   Check Grammar and Plagiarism issues

When you complete your writing, this is necessary to check the writing issues in your content to avoid any rejection from the guest posting site.

Grammatical errors might become the reason for the lack of trust for your audience in your writing. If your writing is error-free then it would look professional and trustable.

There are different tools that can help you in removing the grammar checking like Grammarly, which gives suggestions for the errors to solve.

On the other side, plagiarism is another issue that needs to be solved because it is dishonest for the search engine as well as for the site on which your guest posting will be live.

With plagiarism in your article, your article won’t be published on the other blog and it will be rejected all the way.

To avoid this, the plagiarism checker can help you to know the originality of your writing.

how to write a blog post
how to write a blog post

8.   Analyze your writing

This step is just like proofreading where you have to finalize your post for submission. This step is important because you would have to read all the content and find mistakes.

This step also includes the SEO implications and quality of the content. If the quality of the content is not good, you should modify the weak sentences.

There are different tools for this person like Yoast, HubSpot that will give you a score as well as help to know the recommendation for improvement.


When you writing the guest post, it is compulsory for you to make it completely optimize the search engine because it will not only impact the ranking but also the relevant audience.

Besides the ranking and referral traffic, the SEO upon guest post will also help to increase the quality of the backlink you are obtaining from the guest post.

Most of the sites that offer guest posts usually go for having a rule for writing and you need to follow these rules. Now, this is common that the rules of these sites are about SEO factors which should be followed.

If you are writing for a high authoritative site then you need to write using SEO implications because they don’t accept any poor quality content.