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Website speed optimization | Increase WordPress speed


Website speed optimization | Increase WordPress website speed

Website speed optimization
Website speed optimization 

Website Speed Optimization A to Z process to increase WordPress speed of your website step by step.

What is Website Speed Optimization?

Website speed optimization is the fast speed of a website that takes to load when someone visits a website. The total loading time that a user when clicking on the link to load pages of a website is called the fully loaded time. How much time takes to load a website is called website loading time, and if a website is fast in loading then it is called website speed optimization. In this short tutorial, I will discuss with details the Increase WordPress speed process.

Which tools are used to check your web speed

These are the tools used to check website speed
  1. GTmetrix 
  2. Page Speed Insights - Google Developers
  3. Pingdom
  4. uptrends
  5. KeyCDN
  6. Many others.
  • GTmetrix

This is one of the best tools for WordPress website speed checking online. Its free tool to check your website speed this also provides more information about where your website section or what are the things that slow down your website? For example which images are making your website slow? And CSS files or JavaScript files in which loading time is high and making your website slow. It also provides optimized versions of the serve scaled images and heavy images that take time to load, and CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Page Speed Insights - Google Developers

This website speed checking tool is provided by Google developers. A page speed insight by Google developers provides you the facility to check the website speed on Desktops and mobile versions too. Page Speed Insights provide you data to analyses your complete website where it is slowing down and many more. It is the best tool for checking your website mobile compatibility and Desktop speeds as well.
  • Pingdom
  • uptrends
  • KeyCDN
  • and many others.

Which plugins use to optimize images on your WordPress website to Increase WordPress speed?

These are some famous Plugins to optimize images on your WordPress website to Increase WordPress speed

One of the best things is to optimize your website manually, I mean to optimize your images manually and then upload to your website. If you have a short time then tries to optimize your website images by using plugins. Most of these plugins are free of cost and give you free access even some are paid but you can try their free trial versions to boost your website speed.

Followings are the list of plugins to optimize your website images to boost your website speed.

  • Optimole
  • Imagify
  • Smush Image Compression and Optimization
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Short Pixel Image Optimizer
  • Compress JPEG & PNG images by Tiny PNG

The Question is this why we need speed optimization of the website?

why Website speed Optimization
Why Website Speed Optimization

We need to Increase WordPress speed on our website for these factors.

  • To rank high in Google
  • Outstanding user experience
  • Competitor advantage
  • Business Growth.
  • Other factors

Here I am going to discuss these factors with details Website speed optimization

  • To rank high in Google with website speed optimization

If you want to rank your website in Google then your website loading speed must be very low. Google recommends maintaining your fully loaded time of the website around 3 seconds or less. The Google is making the best user experience for its users, and Google shows only the best websites to its users. Google will plenty of your website if it takes time to load more than Google will rank other fast websites and drank your website.
  • Outstanding user experience with Website speed optimization

If your website is loading speed is very fast then the user experience will be best and the user will visit your website again if they find the desired material on your website. Users will not visit a website that takes time to load; no one will wait to visit a website that takes a lot of time to load.
  • Competitor advantage with Website speed optimization

If your website is loading very fast as compare to your competitors then you have the advantage to boost your sales and your business. A fast loading website will rank early and high with low costs and search engines will promote your content, as a result, you will win as compared to your competitors who have a website with loading time high.
  • Business Growth with Website speed optimization

If you want to grow your business then loading fast of your website will help your business to grow. It will take less time to boost search engines as well as becomes more popular in the eye of people.
Just assume you are the owner of a business you build a good reputation, you invest high in the marketing of your website, you even invest to get traffic from Google ads but what will happened when people click on your website but close the tab without seeing anything on your website while it is taking time to load. You are paying for nothing so be wise and make first your website so fast in loading time.
  • Other Factors

With every aspect, your website loading time matters if you want to earn from your website to display Google Ads by Google AdSense or you have planned to earn from affiliate marketing from amazon affiliates or anything else website speed is a very serious matter.

If the website does not optimize then what will happen?

What will happen if not Increase Website Speed
What will happen if not Increase Website Speed

If your website is not speed optimized then the following things you can be faced in the future time.
  • Will not ranks in Google or any search engines
  • No one likes to wait for a few seconds to stay for your website to check to load no one likes to waste time.
  • Your business will be a flop in the results.

How to Website speed optimization or Increase WordPress speed?

Here are some steps to make your website speed very fast Website speed optimization:
  1. Choose your website theme wisely when you are going to develop your website. Take a very fast theme.
  2. Boost your website speed by manually optimizing your website
  3. Use plugins to boost WordPress website speed
  • Choose a WordPress theme wisely to Website speed optimization or Increase WordPress speed?

    • Choose fast and speed optimized theme
    • Read the complete description of the theme when you want to install it on your website.
    • Use speed optimized SEO friendly and lightweight themes.
  • Boost your website speed by manually optimizing your website
  • Optimizing your website images and upload the optimized version of images to the website.
  • Optimize your website CSS files.
  • Optimize your website JavaScript files and other coding
Use plugins to Increase WordPress speed
  • There are a lot of plugins that every plugin has different functionality and used for different purposes.
  • Check plugins by installing on your website and test your website speed.

Here are the lists of Some Important plugins to optimize your WordPress website speed/ Increase WordPress speed

  • WP Rocket
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP-Optimize
  • Speed Booster Pack
  •  Imagify
  • Specify Image Dimensions
  • WP YouTube Lyte
  • WP Disable
  • CAOS for web fonts
  • CAOS | Host Google Analytics Locally
  •  AMP for WP
  • Plugin Organizer
  • CDN Enabler
  • Query Monitor
  • Display PHP Version
  • PHP Compatibility Checker
  • Better Search Replace

Final words:

If you find this article helpful then please let me know with the comment I will love to receive your feedback on this article. What should be improved in this article you can suggest to me I will improve the points.

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