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Employment Performance Report | Monthly Management Report


Employment Performance Report | Monthly Management Report

Employment Performance Report | Monthly Management Report
Employment Performance Report | Monthly Management Report

Introduction to Employment Performance Report

Your Employment Performance Report really matters because it can affect your job. Your owner doesn’t see your work he sees your monthly report. He will see your performance in the report. This employment performance report is your audit.
This is a sample report to manage your work as an IT Manager or any other manager in a company gives details of the work to your owner. This employment performance report is a complete report. In this monthly management report, you can see all elements of the work done shows and briefly describe it in the report. And provide to your owner at the end of the month.

Employment Performance Report Basics

In this report, I will show you how you can put the day's wise work to show your owner because I divide your work into more thus one day as well as put your work into one-day performance to show to your employee. In this report, I will show you the monthly management report that is consists of 19 days 3 days are vacation days. Government holidays held for 3 days.

Employment Performance Report Details of the monthly working days and other days.

Total days in the month = 30 days
Holidays = days Saturday and Sunday.
4 weeks = 8 holidays
Government or other holidays = 3 days
Working days at office = 19 days

Employment Performance Report day by day

The following are the details of the work for the whole month.

Employment Performance Report for the first two days.

  1. Selecting the theme to send sir Ahsan. And then sir Ahsan sahib selects one theme out of 5 selected theme. These themes were very responsive and fast loading themes.

Employment Performance Report Working days the third day.

  1. Sir tells me to work on a selected theme and customize it to just like the urban sole website. I did the same and make website front end like urban sole and sir Ahsan sahib likes my work. This work did in just 1 day.

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 1

  1. Sir Ahsan tells me to upload company products instead of another download from Google images to the website. I was upload images because images were not available. I download the product images from the Facebook page after asking Ahsan, sahib. Somehow I remove the product images that were download from Google that images were Label for reuse from Google means that don’t give any copyright issue. This work was done in 1 day.

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 1

  1. Sir Ahsan sahib tells me to make a category for shoes as urban sole did. I did the same all website menu and header footer sub-menu and all categories were created and the layout of the website was changed in footer menu items according to requirements. This work did in just 1 day.

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 1

  1. Make Facebook page, Facebook group for excel shoes, Twitter, LinkedIn, recover YouTube channel, make tumbler account, LinkedIn official page, make twitter account, make a Reddit account, make a Pinterest official account. And upload on all these accounts posts. Posts were developed by my image posts and content posts. This work did in just 1 day.

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 1

  1. Chat with the blue host team to recover the password for blue host hosting. Make a call to Mr. Zahid from the personal number to recover the password. Make a call to Mr. Kashif Nisar for the sake of recovering the password for the blue host account. Visit Store to check the store products and decided the products which products should be on the website write product names and their numbers. Make a post for social media and share it with social media all platforms. This work did in just 1 day.

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 1

  1. Shot photos from the cameraman some from the selected articles. Meeting with Ali Bhai and note all requirements put into the website. Write product original categories and their menus to put on the website and all other requirements from Ali Bhai. This work did in just 1 day.

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 1

  1. Make changes in website all menus were created in the front end, make all categories in the backend too... And check to Ali Bhai he was satisfied with my work. He tells me more work about the website put size of product color of the product to near the product. The client can change the color of the product and their sizes. And tells about what should be in the footer section.  
  •  I make the changes in the footer section like men category women category and kid’s category what things should display on the website and what should not. I make changes according to instructions. Ali Bhai said me to make a career button on the website where applicants will apply online but make only a button, for now, make it functional in the future. I make it in the footer career button. 1Day.

Employment Performance Report Working days details =  1

  1. Attend a meeting with Ahsan sahib who said me to work on product size and color and price change when clicking on the product for example when a customer comes to the website. And click on a product and when the product page will open there should be display products with options of selecting the color of the product and the size of the product and also with price can also change.

Employment Performance Report Working days details =  2

  1. I make changes in the website according to the requirements and make this change according to requirements Customers can select product color product size available and price can be changed with the size of shoes. And make stock manage show how many products are in the stock to the client. Now we can make a change if the client can order whether it is a product out of stock and restrict the client to not order it's depending on us how we make an option when uploading a product.
  • The default setting is if out of stock then the client cannot make an order and the message will be a display that out of stock. I make a test with 6 products and make orders from different IP’s and check admin panel orders were successfully placed. I show this work to Mr. Ali. I come from home at 8 am to meet MR Kashif Nisar to get SIM from Jazz office but he doesn’t come when I reached the front of the office and I waited for 1 and more hours to open office and come to the office. 

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 1

  1. I make social media post and share on all social media. Make a stunning design for the Facebook page and also share it on twitter. Also, share Facebook page to my timeline and share will friends and ask them to like my Facebook page in results page gets more than 45 likes and I share Facebook page posts to Facebook group excel shoes also. And share this post with writing articles on other social platforms mentioned above. I go to Susan road meeting with Kashif Nisar Sim and the sim was not recovered I discus with Mr. Ali he asks me to go to jazz main office Satyana road branch. I have to go to Satyana road jazz main office then there I get the jazz sim where password we were able to change. 1 day.

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 1

  1. Call Mr. Safaris. Camera Man to ask for photos. He replied to me to send the next day. Therefore, I chat with blue host team to provide us a password they required some documents and they will send us the password when provide I request Mr. Usman to provide me documents he provides me and I make a detailed email putting old username password to send to blue host to send us a new password for the blue host.

Additional work

  1. The blue host replied to us to change our email from hr@company.com to a Google account where they will send a password reset link then I send them again email xyz@gmail.com to send reset password link they send me password link.  I make a file of user names and passwords in soft form and send you Mr. Ahsan. And I make a post on the Facebook page share it with to Facebook group and share it on the other 8 social media too. This work did in just 1 day.

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 2

  1. I write two articles on topic excel stores keyword more than 1000+ words SEO friendly that will make website ranks and will generate traffic to our website excelstores.com I send Mr. Ahsan a screenshot of Alexa traffic rank was (3405358) and it was not ranking in any country now its ranking is (1907600) it increased (1,497,758) ranks in global ranks and website is now ranking in Pakistan country and its ranking is (28,478 ). 2 days

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 1

  1. I recover the blue host password for domain and hosting change all passwords again and send a detailed soft copy to Mr. Ahsan. The name cheap domain was changed with the primary number to Mr. Ahsan's mobile number. And send all the details to Mr. Ahsan. Mr. Ali said me to put our shops Google maps to the website so I put it on contact us page as well as about us page. I send an invitation to the Facebook official page to those who liked our post on Facebook comments on Facebook our page. In this way, people liked our page too. I put website data from my own domain dfaho.com to official website excelstores.com for this process I make a backup of the entire website dfaho.com first then download this backup to the computer. And then put this backup to blue host server upload it manually. 2 days.

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 1

  1. Received 6 article photos from the cameraman and make their size accurate according to product images and make clean step by step and crop them manually take prices and their size and colors information from Mr. Jamshaid And put them on the website I put 86 different sizes and colors of product on the website.

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 1

  1. Ali said me to add to the wish list button that will add a product to the customer’s wish list I put add to wish list button on product now product can be added to wish list. And add 108 different sizes and colors of the products on the website with their pictures. Change all product pictures on the front end. And add all-new product pictures on the website. Change the small slider layout

Employment Performance Report Working days details = 1

  1. I add the product to the website with different colors and sizes of the products 192 colors and sizes products to the website. I share posts on social media by making different ranking tags that rank the most.
  2. Note: I have remembered the main work that I did remember most of the work I have forgotten what I did because it’s not what I should remember what I did, but for the future, I will write whatever. This work did in just 1 day.

Final Note:

Here I tried my best to show you how to make a performance report step by step. In this detailed report, you can see I make small steps in the report to divide work details. Because the work details are very long but it is good for you and your owner to show the things as detailed as you can show in your report. Your report is the main base of your job.

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