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What is artificial intelligence examples | 2021 Applications and uses of AI


What is artificial intelligence examples | 2021 Applications and uses of AI in our routine life 

What is artificial intelligence examples
What is artificial intelligence examples

Artificial Intelligence :

First of all, we have to understand what is meant by Artificial Intelligence? The answer is “The intelligence done by the specially designed computers and machines and there is no role played by humans it is based on machines is called Artificial Intelligence. So in this article, you will learn about What is artificial intelligence examples what they are and how they are used in our routine life.

Saves Time :

Artificial Intelligence saves our time and this technology is processing fast day by day. It reads the mind of humans and can do work as it is wished by human minds. As works fast because it is a machinery based process, therefore, it is very helpful in our daily life.

Remembers Human Way Of Work :

Artificial Intelligence Machines notes the behavior and work of humans and saves the process in their storage and remembers it to do the same for the future.

What is artificial intelligence examples: Here are 5 

Now here, we are discussing the main 5 examples of Artificial Intelligence in our routine life.

1.Navigation Of  Maps And Riding Services Applications :

Nowadays, several applications provide a facility to travel easily where you are traveling for the very first time. Such applications use Artificial Intelligence technology. It helps the user to reach their desired destination on a time. You don’t have to waste your time in finding the location.

Just easily locate the location on your phone and it starts navigating towards your destination. It has all information regarding your surroundings such as traffic signals, turns, and even barriers. Before this GPS was used for navigation but now artificial intelligence is more accurate and precise.

There are many riding applications such as Careem and Uber etc. Which allows you to enjoy the ride and you don’t have to wait for a Cab. It locates your position and tells the driver about your location and he reaches within time.

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2.Security Purposes In Mobile Phones  :

Artificial Intelligence is used in mobile phone lock screen systems. You can easily unlock your mobile without entering a password, pin code, or a lock pattern you can easily unlock it by face recognition technology.

This security system works very accurately and deeply. It provides a guarantee that it will unlock your phone on your face detection. As technology is growing fast day by day. Artificial intelligence saves the pattern or shape regarding your face such as your lips, eyes, or nose, etc.

Besides, they also store your face area and marks on your face. It is not very easy for anyone to unlock your phone when the Face ID unlock system is enabled. This is not only used in mobile phones it is also used for security purposes in airports or the army.

3.Web Surfing According To Your Interest :

May you have noticed whenever you use internet websites whether it is a website of online shopping whether it is a video surfing website. The suggestions of products on online websites or video suggestions on video surfing websites are given according to your interest.

How does this happen? Because Artificial Intelligence is working very deeply and observes your activity about what you are looking for on the internet and about what you are searching for. All information and data on internet websites mention your interest. It is very easy for users to find things according to their wished and required data.

As saving time is the property of Artificial Intelligence therefore it saves your time while surfing or browsing the internet as you don’t have to waste your time searching data. Aas Artificial Intelligence is known by your interest and shows data according to your wish.

4.Online Billing Or Payment :

Technology is growing day by day. And everything is coming in a distance of your hand. Many online applications offer you to pay your utility bills online with the help of applications, simply by tapping on your mobile phone. Now you don’t have to wait in a line on counters in the bank to pay your bill. Beyond no doubt, Artificial Intelligence technology made our lives easier.

Online Credits: as Artificial Intelligence examples

Carrying your wallet and money was much difficult and a headache. While you a large amount of money you are always worried about it. But, now with the help of online payment and artificial intelligence, it is made easy for their users.

You can Pay bill at any restaurant by giving them your debit card or ATM card. You just have to enter your secret PIN. And the amount of purchased product will be deducted from your account.

5.Voice Assisting Features In Mobile Phones: Artificial Intelligence examples

Here Artificial Intelligence is providing more easiness and facility to the users. While using mobile phones you can easily say anything to your device and it will give you output according to your voice commands. It can understand your commands invoice and give output to your demand.

For example, the coolest feature is a voice to text feature. You can easily record or say something to your mobile phone it will convert all voiced data into typed text. It saves time and provides comfort.

Such as you are driving a car and want to make a call just take your mobile phone out and say call ‘Home’ it will find in your contacts and match with the contact ‘Home’ that you just recently asked to make the call. It will make a call in just a few seconds.

Conclusion :

Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in our daily life. Some many applications and systems are currently working on Artificial Intelligence-based technology. As the above examples are discussed in detail. We can easily say that Artificial Intelligence makes easy everything while you have to reach any place you don’t know. And don’t want to ride a Cab, want any other luxury car just ride it using applications such as Uber, Careem, etc. So  I hope you understand better about what is artificial intelligence examples, I hope you understand better about this topic. 

As discussed above it is according to your interests and save your time and money as well. Because time is money. Artificial intelligence is very important in all electronic devices and machines. We can easily say that Machinery and electronic devices are incomplete without Artificial Intelligence.





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