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Is WordPress Free with GoDaddy?


Is WordPress Free with GoDaddy?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world powering over 40% of all websites on the internet. Its flexibility ease of use and powerful features make it a favorite among bloggers businesses and developers alike. When it comes to hosting a WordPress site many users turn to GoDaddy a well known domain registrar and web hosting provider. A common question among new users is: Is WordPress free with GoDaddy? This article explores this question in detail outlining what free really means in this context and what you can expect when using WordPress with GoDaddy.

Is WordPress Free with GoDaddy
Is WordPress Free with GoDaddy

Understanding WordPress and Its Costs

First let's clarify what we mean by WordPress. There are two versions of WordPress:

  1. WordPress.com: This is a hosted platform where WordPress handles everything for you including hosting security and updates. It offers a free plan but this comes with limitations such as displaying WordPress ads on your site and limited customization options.
  2. WordPress.org: This is the self hosted version of WordPress where you download the WordPress software for free and install it on your own web hosting server. This version is often referred to as the real WordPress because it offers full control over your site.

When people ask if WordPress is free with GoDaddy they are usually referring to the self hosted version WordPress.org.

Is WordPress Free?

Yes WordPress.org itself is free to download and use. This open source software is developed and maintained by a community of volunteers. You can download it from WordPress.org and use it to create any kind of website you like without paying a dime for the software itself.

What You Need to Pay For

While the WordPress software is free there are other costs associated with running a WordPress site. Here are the main expenses:

  1. Domain Name: To have a website you need a domain name which is the address people use to find your site. Domain names are not free and you will need to purchase one. GoDaddy often provides domain names at competitive prices and they frequently offer discounts for the first year of registration.
  2. Web Hosting: To make your WordPress site accessible on the internet you need a web hosting service. This is where GoDaddy comes into play. GoDaddy offers various hosting plans including shared hosting WordPress specific hosting and more. These plans come with different levels of resources and support which can affect the price.
  3. Themes and Plugins: While there are many free themes and plugins available premium themes and plugins often offer more features and better support. These can add additional costs to your WordPress site.
  4. SSL Certificate: An SSL certificate is essential for securing your website and enabling HTTPS. Some hosting plans include an SSL certificate while for others you may need to purchase it separately.

WordPress Hosting Plans on GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers specific WordPress hosting plans that are optimized for WordPress sites. These plans come with pre installed WordPress automatic updates and other features designed to make managing a WordPress site easier. Here are some key features of GoDaddy's WordPress hosting plans:

  • Automatic WordPress Core Software and Security Updates: GoDaddy handles updates for the WordPress core which helps keep your site secure.
  • Daily Backups: GoDaddy provides daily backups of your site so you can easily restore it if something goes wrong.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: GoDaddy offers round the clock support to help with any issues you might encounter.
  • Free Domain with Annual Plan: Many of GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting plans include a free domain name for the first year when you purchase an annual plan.
  • Free Business Email for the First Year: Some plans include free business email accounts for the first year.

Comparing Costs

Let’s break down the costs of using WordPress with GoDaddy:

  1. Domain Name: Typically ranges from $10 to $20 per year but GoDaddy often offers promotions for the first year.
  2. Web Hosting: GoDaddy's WordPress hosting plans start at around $6.99 per month for basic plans and can go up to $24.99 per month for more advanced options with additional resources and features.
  3. Themes and Plugins: Depending on your needs you might spend anywhere from $0 to several hundred dollars on premium themes and plugins.
  4. SSL Certificate: Some of GoDaddy’s plans include a free SSL certificate while others may charge around $70 per year.

The Benefits of Using GoDaddy for WordPress Hosting

Choosing GoDaddy for your WordPress hosting comes with several advantages:

  • Ease of Use: GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting plans are designed to be user friendly even for beginners. The one click WordPress installation and user friendly control panel make managing your site straightforward.
  • Performance: GoDaddy’s hosting infrastructure is optimized for WordPress which can lead to better site performance and faster load times.
  • Security: With automatic updates daily backups and robust security measures GoDaddy helps keep your WordPress site secure.
  • Support: Access to 24/7 customer support ensures that help is available whenever you need it.

Considerations and Alternatives

While GoDaddy offers many benefits it’s important to consider your specific needs and compare them with other hosting providers. Some alternatives to GoDaddy for WordPress hosting include:

  • Bluehost: Known for its excellent customer support and competitive pricing Bluehost is a popular choice for WordPress hosting.
  • SiteGround: Offers outstanding performance and customer service particularly noted for its advanced security features.
  • WP Engine: A premium managed WordPress hosting provider that offers top notch performance and support ideal for larger sites or businesses.


So is WordPress free with GoDaddy? The WordPress software itself is free but you will need to pay for hosting a domain name and potentially other features like premium themes plugins and SSL certificates. GoDaddy offers a range of WordPress hosting plans that include many of these services making it a convenient and reliable choice for hosting your WordPress site.

By understanding the costs and benefits associated with GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs. Whether you are a blogger a small business owner or an e commerce entrepreneur GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting plans provide a solid foundation to build and grow your online presence.


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