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How Can You Get Your FL Realtor’s License?


How Can You Get Your FL Realtor’s License?

How Can You Get Your FL Realtor’s License?
How Can You Get Your FL Realtor’s License?

Florida's dynamic realty market continues to attract aspiring professionals and homebuyers. The weather down there is excellent, while diverse communities and a wide range of properties make it the perfect place to work as a real estate agent. Whether you plan to manage vacation rentals or help retirees find a place to settle, the Sunshine State has it all.

But there are steps that you must accomplish to become a realtor in FL. Here is where we come in with this comprehensive guide covering all of the steps. Also included are requirements you must meet to work as a realtor in FL.

What Are the Prerequisites?

The requirements are not complicated. You must be an adult, over 18 years old, with high school-level education or above. Having a clean record with no previous encounters with the law will also put you in good standing.

Remember, the state will run a background check before approving your license application. If you have any felonies in your name, mention them. This is whether they happened in Florida or out of state.

This will prevent you from completing the course only for your license application to be rejected by the DBPR.

Finish the Pre-Licensing Program

Here, the 63-hour-long course awaits. The course covers different topics related to conducting real estate business. Your first step is finding an accredited college or online school like RealEstateU offering the program.

The course can set you back $100-400. Choosing the best school can be challenging, especially with the many options available. Read reviews and student testimonials to gain more insights about the tutors’ quality, student support, and pass rate.

It’s Time to Tackle the State Exam

It is normal to experience nervousness before exams, especially if you are trying to switch careers later in life. However, preparing for the test can help calm your nerves and boost your chances of crushing the test on your first attempt.

The pass mark is 75%, but you can retake the exam multiple times if you fail on your first take. The only downside is that you must pay the exam registration fee every time. Students are required to take the exam within two years after completing the pre-licensing program.

Let’s Get That License

You are closer than ever to achieving your dream of becoming a licensed realtor in FL. You must submit your fingerprints alongside copies of relevant documents to the DBPR. They will review your application and check if you present a risk to working with clients as a licensed realtor.

Upon approval, you'll receive your real estate license, allowing you to legally practice as a sales associate under the supervision of a licensed broker.

Launching Your Career

Learning doesn’t end after you receive your practicing license. You must invest in your career to ensure that you maintain a good professional standing. The first thing that awaits you is the post-licensing course to satisfy your first renewal requirement.

We also recommend attending networking events like real estate seminars and fairs. This will help you learn new things happening within the industry. You will also build a solid network with other professionals in the industry.

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