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The Web Development job Scam: Safeguarding Your Skills and Funds


The Web Development job Scam: Safeguarding Your Skills and Funds
03259373454 or 44 7520 606611
03259373454 or 44 7520 606611 fake web development jobs scammers

Have you received a message from 03159373454 or +44 7520 606611 promising web development work through a vague connection to a Whatsapp group? Beware, it's likely a scam. This article exposes this deceitful ploy and equips you with the knowledge to protect yourself and fellow web developers from falling victim.  First off all you will receive message from a Pakistani number 03159373454

Message of website development on your mobile from this 03159373454

This is just a confirmation message to inform that I got your contact information through one of Whatsapp group related to web development. If you are a web developer & looking for some work then please contact here.
WhatsApp: +44 7520 606611
Kind Regards:
Smart Messaging Marketing


03159373454 website development scam number 

Their Different messages on WhatsApp in Pakistan from this number +44 7520 606611

Job details message from +44 7520 606611

1) Need Web Developers for project based schedule.

2) You Will get under 6 Pages Each Website Non Ecommerce for the first Month.

3) You will get 2 days time for Each Project.

4) First of all you have to Develop the website on Localhost Like Wordpress, 000Webhost, Odoo or any other PLatform & you Can also use your own personal hosting or subdomain.

5) After this we will send the same Website Link/Video to the customer to decide further Changes & Approval.

6) Customers can suggest Changes in the project but your Customers cannot reject the project without any solid reason.

7) If a customer Approves the project then at the same time you'll get paid domain & hosting & same time you'll get paid before migrating each project.

8) If there is any issue from our side regarding payment etc then don't allow us to migrate the website.

9) You'll Get paid through your PayPal Account.

10) For Each Project you will get £150 Pounds.

11) After Payment & Migration you'll get second project Details Immediately.

12) You will get 2 Projects In a Week time & 8 Projects in a Month.

13) You'll get a sample website link attached with each project details so you need to follow that. Also you can make changes in the project but make sure the project looks professional.

14) You'll get each project details through email So you can communicate with us through this Whatsapp & for further queries you can contact at info@britishdevelopers.co.uk


Thank You !!!

Regards: Samm

+44 7520 606611

+44 7520 606611
+44 7520 606611 scam number for website developer fake job
And then share a details about website development and at the end they don't send amount of the development they asks to share a few dollars to confirm your PayPal account you will share few dollars then they will ask to send again they don't receive any amount from your side again and again they will continue this scam
+44 7520 606611 is a scammer number
+44 7520 606611 is a scammer number 

The Deceptive Dance: +44 7520 606611 is a scammer number

The scammer's strategy follows a predictable pattern:

·       Unsolicited Contact: They reach out without your consent, often mentioning a Whatsapp group you might be in, creating a false sense of familiarity.

·       Vague Job Offer: The "opportunity" lacks details about the project, your role, or compensation, raising red flags from the outset.

·       Pressure to Engage: They urge immediate contact while providing minimal information, manipulating your desire for work.

·       PayPal "Confirmation" Scheme: Once hooked, they request small sums to "confirm" your PayPal account, a classic tactic to steal money.

·       Repeated Demands: If you don't comply, they'll persist, inventing excuses for incomplete transactions, keeping the scam going.

Shielding yourself and others from website development jobs scam

Don't let their deceptive charade succeed. Here's how to stay safe:

·       Ignore and Block: Resisting the urge to respond is the best defense. Engaging can validate their tactics and encourage further attempts. Blocking prevents future messages.

·       Report Them: Flag the number as spam within Whatsapp and inform the group admins about the scam, protecting fellow developers.

·       Never Send Money: Legitimate offers involve clear contracts and discussions about payment terms before any work starts.

·       Verify Information: Investigate the mentioned Whatsapp group, "Smart Messaging Marketing," and seek online reviews to confirm their legitimacy.

·       Use Secure Platforms: Consider reputable job boards or freelance platforms with established security measures for authentic opportunities.

Sharing the knowledge:

Spread awareness amongst your network of web developers and online communities. Sharing this article or similar resources can empower others to recognize and avoid such scams.

Remember: Scammers often exploit your eagerness for work. Be cautious, verify information thoroughly, and never compromise your financial security by sending money upfront. By acting proactively and sharing knowledge, we can collectively dismantle these deceitful schemes and protect the integrity of the web development community.

Red flags in the first message:

·       Unrealistic workload: Delivering 6 non-e-commerce websites in a month with only 2 days per project is highly unrealistic and puts immense pressure on developers.

·       Unprofessional platform choices: Suggesting free platforms like WordPress or 000Webhost for professional website development is a red flag.

·       Vague payment terms: While mentioning payment before migration, the details about payment timing and guarantees are unclear.

·       PayPal preference: While not inherently bad, scammers often favor PayPal due to its easier chargeback process for victims.

·       Low pay: £150 per website is significantly below the average freelance rate for professional web development.

Second message confirms the scam:

·        Contacting from a different number: Switching numbers between messages is a common tactic to avoid being blocked.

·        Repeating the same job offer: This is to lure you back in if you didn't respond to the first message.

·        PayPal confirmation scam: Requesting small amounts to "confirm" your account is a classic method to steal money.

Protecting yourself from these type of job scams

·       Do not respond: Engaging with the scammers will only validate their tactics and encourage further attempts.

·       Report them: Flag the numbers and websites associated with the scam on WhatsApp and other platforms.

·       Never send money: Legitimate job offers involve clear contracts and payment terms before any work starts.

·       Verify information: Check the legitimacy of "British Developers" and "Smart Messaging Marketing" through online reviews and domain registration information.

·       Use secure platforms: Seek opportunities on reputable job boards or freelance platforms with established security measures.

Remember: Scammers often exploit your desire for work. Be cautious, verify information thoroughly, and never compromise your financial security by sending money upfront. By sharing this information, we can raise awareness and protect others from falling victim to similar scams.

If you also faced this from any number then contact us in email and share the number who has scammed with you. I will also mention that number. Thanks for reading J

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