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Scam from 360-523-9052: Exposing the Fake Police Robocall from 360-523-9052


Scam from 360-523-9052: Exposing the Fake Police Robocall from 360-523-9052

Have you received an intimidating call from 360-523-9052, claiming to be the police with urgent legal matters and threats of arrest? You're not alone, and rest assured, it's likely a scam. Websites like Nomorobo.com confirm this number's association with fake police robocalls, aiming to frighten and manipulate you into revealing personal information or sending money.
Scam from 360 523 9052
Scam from 360-523-9052

TRANSCRIPT of the call from 360-523-9052

Hello? Hello. This is the police coalition of america. Pac, I'm sure you're aware in the last couple of years, the number of violence.

Confirmation of spam call from 3605239052 Report from RoboKiller users

RoboKiller users have reported receiving spam calls from this number

In the eon of technological advancements, scammers and fraudsters find new and inventive ways to exploit unsuspecting individuals. One such emerging threat is the deceptive 3605239052 police robocall. In this article, we'll uncover the sinister nature of this scam, as confirmed by the reliable source, nomorobo.com.

What is the 3605239052 Police Robocall?

Understanding the enemy is the first step in protecting oneself. The 3605239052 police robocall is a malicious attempt to deceive individuals by posing as law enforcement, creating a sense of urgency and fear.

How Nomorobo.com Exposed the Scam

Nomorobo.com, a trusted website specializing in identifying and blocking robocalls, has flagged 3605239052 as a confirmed scam. Explore the mechanisms used by nomorobo.com to unmask this fraudulent scheme.

Common Tactics Employed by the 3605239052 Scam

Delve into the tactics employed by scammers using the 3605239052 police robocall. From threatening messages to manipulating caller ID information, understand the strategies aimed at instilling panic.

The Impact on Victims

For those unfortunate enough to fall prey to the 3605239052 scam, the consequences can be dire. This section explores the emotional, financial, and personal toll it takes on victims.

Recognizing the Warning Signs

Arming yourself with knowledge is crucial in the fight against scams. Learn to recognize the red flags associated with the 3605239052 police robocall to avoid becoming a victim.

Reporting the Scam 3605239052

Empower yourself and others by understanding the importance of reporting scams. Discover the channels through which you can report the 3605239052 police robocall and contribute to the collective effort against fraud.

Legal Actions Taken Against 3605239052 Scammers

Explore any legal actions or initiatives taken against the perpetrators of the 3605239052 police robocall scam. Understanding the legal landscape can shed light on the authorities' commitment to combating such fraudulent activities.

Staying Safe: Tips and Best Practices

Arm yourself with proactive measures to stay safe in an environment rife with scams. From call-blocking apps to educating your loved ones, adopt strategies to shield yourself from deceptive robocalls.

Nomorobo.com's Recommendations

Drawing on nomorobo.com's expertise, this section provides actionable recommendations to safeguard yourself from the 3605239052 police robocall scam and similar threats.

Raising Awareness: Share Your Story

Encourage a collective response by sharing personal experiences or stories of individuals who have encountered the 3605239052 police robocall. Awareness is a powerful tool in the fight against scams.

Dissecting the Deception: 3605239052

These 3605239052 robocalls often exploit fear tactics by:

·       Impersonating law enforcement: Using official-sounding titles and warnings to create a sense of urgency and panic.

·       Fabricating legal charges: Alleging false warrants, missed court appearances, or even social security fraud to instill fear.

·       Demanding immediate action: Threatening arrest or legal repercussions if you don't comply with their instructions.

·       Requesting personal information: Attempting to steal your Social Security number, bank details, or other sensitive data.

·       Demanding financial payments: Pretending to require fines or bail to avoid fabricated legal consequences.

Protecting yourself from 3605239052 Police scam

If you receive a call from 360-523-9052 or any similar number exhibiting these red flags:

·       Do not panic or engage: Stay calm, don't answer the call, and don't respond to any messages or prompts.

·       Verify information: Contact your local police department directly using verified phone numbers to confirm any alleged legal issues. Legitimate law enforcement won't use robocalls for urgent matters.

·       Report the call: Inform the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) through their website (https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/) to help track and shut down these scammers.

·       Spread awareness: Warn your family, friends, and community about this scam to protect others from falling victim.

Remember after receive call from 3605239052

·       Real police officers won't make urgent threats or solicit payments over the phone. They'll always strive to identify themselves clearly and offer opportunities for clarification.

·       Never share personal information or send money based on unsolicited calls or threats. Legitimate authorities follow established procedures and provide due process.

·       Stay informed about common scams targeting your area and demographic to remain vigilant.

Empowering Action about 3605239052

By sharing this information and being cautious, we can collectively combat these deceitful attempts. Remember, knowledge is power. Equip yourself and your loved ones with the tools to recognize and avoid fake police robocalls, leaving the scammers isolated and powerless.

Additional Tips when you have received call from 3605239052

·       Consider using call-blocking apps or registering your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry (https://www.donotcall.gov/https://www.donotcall.gov/) to reduce unwanted calls.

·       Don't hesitate to contact your local authorities if you experience any harassment or feel genuinely threatened.

Together, let's build a safer communication landscape free from the fear and harm these fake police robocalls aim to inflict.

How can I report the 3605239052 police robocall if I receive it?

·        If you receive the 3605239052 police robocall, report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at ftc.gov/complaint.

What should I do if I've already fallen victim to the 3605239052 scam?

·        If you've fallen victim to the 3605239052 scam, contact your local law enforcement agency and report the incident to the FTC. Additionally, monitor your accounts for any suspicious activity.

Are there specific demographics targeted by the 3605239052 police robocall scam?

·        The scam can target individuals of all demographics. Scammers often exploit fear and urgency, making it important for everyone to stay vigilant.

How can I protect elderly family members from falling victim to such scams?

·        Educate elderly family members about common scams and encourage them to use call-blocking apps. Emphasize the importance of verifying calls before taking any action.

Where can I find updates on new scams and how to stay protected?

·        Stay informed by regularly checking trusted sources like nomorobo.com and the FTC's website for updates on new scams and protective measures.


The 3605239052 police robocall is a menace that requires collective vigilance. By staying informed, reporting incidents, and adopting preventative measures, we can collectively thwart these malicious attempts to exploit unsuspecting individuals.


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