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6 Best Knives Worth Your Investment



6 Best Knives Worth Your Investment


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Knives have been a part of human civilization since prehistoric times. They have been used as a weapon, utility tools, and utensils. Even today after the emergence of great technological advancements, knives have cemented their place in our lives.

A versatile and trusty knife is a must, especially when wandering in the great wild. However, the market is filled with knives of cheap quality and poor craftsmanship that can quickly turn your wilderness vacation troublesome.

This comprehensive guide is going to provide you with six mystery knives that are worth your investment and should be added to your arsenal.

1. Lord & Field Frontiersman Survival Knife, 1095 Carbon Steel

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The most versatile and unique knife in the market, the Lord and Field Frontiersman Survival Knife is the epitome of survival knives. Due to its popularity, this knife has made its place in the best-selling mystery knife box.

Lord & Field Frontiersman knife is forged with a reliable, tough 1095HC steel blade featuring the 4.5” blade with modified Scandi grind and 90o spine. This knife is created especially for survival and bushcraft and can easily handle rugged tasks due to its incredible cutting performance.

Apart from the cutting prowess of this knife, it also comes fitted with a 4.75” removable green canvas Micarta handle that has a Ferrocerium rod and striker. The handle also stores concealed an Allen key, bow drill divot, 2 arrowheads, cotton tinder and 2 fishhooks.

Moreover, the knife is also accompanied by a right-handed draw leather scout carrying sheath for secure travel.

2. Fox Knives Folding Karambit 479



Originating from Indonesia as an agricultural tool, Karambit quickly gained attention as a fierce weapon known for its mobility and effectiveness. Even today, Karambit holds a special place in the hearts of survival seekers around the globe.

The Fox Knives Folding Karambit 479 combines the age-old tradition of Karambit with modern innovation to create the ultimate tactical knife. Forged with N690Co stainless steel of HRC 58-60 hardness rating and black Idroglider coating, this 7.48” knife is fitted with T6-6082 aircraft aluminum for swift deployment.

The Emerson Wave opener and optimal weight of 4.59 oz make this knife ideal for use from both dominant and non-dominant hands.

3. Holtzman “The Silverback” Survival Knife

Any list of tactical knives is incomplete without the mention of Holtzman’s “The Silverback” Survival Knife.

This 8.6” fixed blade design outdoor knife is constructed with a razor-sharp 4.0” anti-rust D2 steel blade of 58-60 HRC hardness and 0.136” thickness. The knife features a G10 1.4” wide handle that provides a secure, anti-slip grip for complete control and improved agility. 

The supreme quality, durability and effortless cutting ability of the blade make it the perfect accessory for outdoor adventures. Apart from its incredible features, The Silverback comes fitted in a K-Sheath with a lanyard hole that enhances its attachment capability.


4. Dedfish German Kiritsuke Duo

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Specially constructed to make your outdoor cooking experience more pleasant, the Dedfish German Kiritsuke Duo is the ultimate cooking accessory you require in the wilderness. The chef-grade certified 7” German steel knife is fitted with an ergonomic wooden handle made with ethically sourced materials.

The razor-sharp knife can easily withstand rugged usage and is accompanied by a full-size cutting board that can be folded and used as a storage box for the knife. Along with being extremely practical and durable, the whole set is constructed using sustainable and biodegradable components.

5. TOPS El Chete with Spring Steel Clip

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The company TOPS defines “El Chete” as the destruction, which is evident by its massive 17.50” length. El Chete sports a 12.00” blade of 0.250” thickness, which is constructed with 1095 RC 56-58 steel and midnight bronze finish.

The 29.5 oz weight of the knife is perfectly distributed, and the thickness of the blade makes it excellent for clearing bushes and hacking firewood.

Moreover, the handle of the knife is made with a combination of black and green canvas micarta for added comfort and aesthetics. In addition, the knife is accompanied by a black Kydex sheath with an out-the-front design and a strap for secure retention.

El Chete is also available with a rotating spring steel clip and leather dangler attachment that can be custom-tailored to specific users’ needs.

6. Tactica K100 Pocket Knife

A staple in the pocket knife world, the Tactica K100 pocket knife is one of the most reliable and innovative blades in the market. K100 is constructed using high-quality D2 reverse-tanto blade and rugged G10 scales.

This 7.4” knife comes with an all-rounder liner lock design that promises long-term durability and reliability. It is also fitted with a machined G10 handle, ball-bearing pivots and ambidextrous thumb studs that give it the signature quick opening experience. Moreover, it also offers additional carrying options due to its integrated lanyard hole.

K100 also boasts a sleek and smooth design for a satisfying aesthetic appeal and tactical experience while ensuring high-quality operation and rugged durability due to its superior craftsmanship.

These innovative features of Tactica K100 make it the perfect accessory for everyday use.


The abundance of readily available quality knives has saturated the market, and due to this saturation, the appeal for a sturdy and reliable tactical knife is ever-growing. An ideal knife is as good as the blade’s material and high-quality craftsmanship.

A high-quality knife is going to aid in your wilderness adventure, functioning as versatile equipment while combating tough and rugged usage.


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