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Boost Productivity with the Best Summary Tools



Boost Productivity with the Best Summary Tools

Are you busy in a meeting? Are your exams coming up? Or what to do when you don't have time to read lengthy pdfs or books? Wouldn’t it be great if you have something which would shorten your reading time, save your time before your exams or before an office meeting?

Well, all your prayers have been heard! Today, there are various types of summary generators available in the market that minimize your time. A summarizer is an AI tool that combines lengthy sentences into a meaningful text for the users. Thus, it’s a time saver for those who want to be productive.

However, there are various summarizer tools emerging in the online world and it has become difficult to choose from dozens of options. But don’t worry, we have solved your problem. We have researched, analyzed, and found the best four summarizer tools just for you. 

We are sure that by the end of this article, you will definitely find the suitable candidate summary tool that suits your needs!

So let’s have a look at our curated list of top 4 summarizer tools below:

1. Jasper.ai

The first entry in our list of summarizer tools is Jasper.ai. This summary generator tool analyzes unstructured texts that you input into short readable summaries. This innovative AI tool has a lot of features and some of them are mentioned below:

       This AI summary tool’s system has 30+ languages.

       It has more than 50 summary templates.

       It creates content in minimum time.

       You can easily interact with this summary tool through any language.

       You can send voice commands to the AI tool.

       You can change the tone of your sentences by instructing the summary too. For example, informal, professional, technical, etc.

       It has a user-friendly interface.

       You can easily optimize your texts with the help of in-built surfer SEO integrations.

       Summaries are grammatically correct.

2. QuillBot AI summarizing tool

Many users are loving this summarize tool because it delivers high-quality summaries, best algorithms, consumes a major chunk of texts and converts into short readable summaries, and much more. One feature some users don’t know about QuillBot is that users can create a summary in any two forms, paragraph form or bullet list form.

The users just need to paste the paragraphs to the input section of this summary tool. Then, you can pick any format like bullet point or paragraph form you want. You can also minimize the length of the summary per your needs. Lastly, you need to click on “Summarize”. Then let this summarizing tool do its magic.

Let’s have a quick look at some of its interesting features:

       This summary tool has two summary formats- paragraphs and bullet points.

       It generates high accuracy content.

       It works at high speed and delivers high-quality summary in less time.

       It has an inbuilt grammar checker.

       It has its own plagiarism detector.

       Users can change the length of their sentences.

3. Frase.io

We would not dare to miss Frase.io in our top summarizer tools. If you are looking for a free summary tool, then you might like this one. It condenses 600-700 words into short summaries in just one click. All you need to do is, paste the text in the Article section. Then click on the button that says Generate. Within a few seconds, your summary will be ready!

       We have listed some of its features below:

       It is extremely easy to use for a first time user.

       It has an ad-free dashboard.

       It produces SEO-optimized and full-lenght content within seconds.

       It also has more free generator tools like meta description generator, slogan generator, as well as a blog title generator.

       It comes with an AI writer that guides the user to autocomplete sentences.

       The AI writer generates SEO-optimized content in just a click.

4. Website Summary AI

This summary tool combines lengthy content into short sentences. You need to paste the texts to the WEbsite URL text bar, type the prompt, and tap Ask AI. check out its features below:

       Creates a summary in a few seconds.

       Answers and responses quickly.

       Easily customizes summary in any format.

       Answers my questions related to the website.

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