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YouTube monetization requirements 2023 : Complete details



YouTube monetization requirements 2023

Youtube is considered a big source to make money these days. It allows users to make useful content, reach audience that like their content, and earn money through channels. Youtube sets some requirements for people who want to monetize their channels at platform. People need to fulfill the requirements if they want to monetize their channel at platform.   

Requirements to monetize YouTube channel in 2023

If you want to monetize your YouTube channel videos then you need to follow the requirements mentioned below:

·        500 Subscribers, 3 authentic public upload with 90 days and 3000 watch hour on your videos

·        If you want to get monetized your shorts, you need 3 million valid public views in 90 days at shorts

When you will meet all these requirements, you can easily monetize your YouTube channels. You can make a good income by monetizing your YouTube channel.

YouTube monetization requirements 2023
YouTube monetization requirements 2023

What is the best practice to quickly monetize YouTube channel?

If you want to quickly monetize your YouTube channel then you should follow the ways mentioned below:

Create unique content

First, you need to determine that what type of audience you want to attract. You can make education content or any other type of content such as technology, products or anything else. To get quickly monetize on YouTube, you need audience and views that you can only get with unique content.

Avoid copyright claim

If you want to get quickly monetized on YouTube, you need to follow YouTube community guidelines. You should avoid copyright claim. When you use someone’s content on your channel, they can claim for copyright.

How Youtube channel monetization is useful?

Youtube channel monetization is a useful source to adopt this platform as a full-time job. People can generate income on Youtube for the video content that they make and upload on their YouTube channel. It benefits those who like to create videos and want to share their moments with the world.

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