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Watch Digimon Ghost game episode 64


Watch Digimon Ghost game episode 64

In this article, I am going to tell you all about “Digimon ghost game episode 64.” Therefore, if you want to get useful information then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to know further about it.

Digimon ghost game Introduction

Digimon ghost game is one of the most popular Japanese anime series. Digimon Ghost Game is the ninth anime series in the “Digimon Franchise” This series was aired on Fuji TV from October 2021 to March 2023.

Watch Digimon Ghost game episode 64
Watch Digimon Ghost game episode 64

Digimon ghost game episode 64 “The Call” Synopsis

In this episode, the boat captain is becoming the victim of some mons of the week while the passengers and crew of the ship return after fog and they are terrifying. At the same time, Hiro and his two friends are going on a fishing trip with Gammamon.

Ruli and Koyoshiro are the characters who are investigating Mon of the week. Ruli wonders if it has the calling, voice is the one that Kuzahamon mentioned. Hiro and his friends get on the haunted boat to return to help others but his friends be grabbed and hiro hears the chanting. However, he can use his digivice to make a barrier around him so the call cannot hurt him.

The chanting that Hiro listened to is terrifying. The fog reaches the land and Kiyoshiro uses the digivice bubbles to escape the called humans. Airdramon then saves him. Humans are the being called to the ocean barefoot. The humans start to grow gills and their body looks horrified. Dagomon appears in the episode. Gammamon evolves to CanonWeismon off-screen to protect Hiro.

Espimon evolves to HoverEspimon to save Hiro without any animation and Thetismon and Lamortmon show up without an animation.

The other mons in this game is fighting hallucination, which HoverEspimon wakes them up from. The upper levels then revert to a child except for CanonWeismon who gets to evolve into Siriusmon.

Siriusmon and Dagomon fight but at the same time, a gate appears. Cthyllamon ferried Black Tailmon to them and then Hiro’s Dad appears with Professor Terriermon. All the electronics around the world stop working.

We then see several mons of week shuddering and crying. The digital world has disappeared.

Digimon Ghost Game Plot

Innovative technology has appeared in the future. Rumors are circulating about a strange process on social media whose authenticity is unknown. In the story, Hiro Amanokawa is a middle school freshman learning at Hazakura Academy. His father left him behind because he activated a strange device called “Digivice – V.” this device is capable of making strange creatures that ordinary people cannot see. The Digimon is visible to his eyes.

His father commends a mischievous Digimon to him since the day when he met Gammamon. After that Hiro is caught up in several strange phenomena such as a man with sewn mouth stealing time from humans, a mummy wanders around every night and kidnaps humans, and the hologram ghosts all around them and targeting them.

The story is about the other unknown world. Then Hiro and his friends like Ruli Tsukiyono and Angoramon, and later Kiyoshiro and Jellymon dive into a mysterious world where these strange creatures live.

How many episodes will the Digimon Ghost game have?

Digimon game fans anxiously want to know the total number of episodes that this anime features. According to my research, this anime has 68 episodes but they can increase.

Is the Digimon ghost game dark?

In 13 episodes, the Ghost game proves itself the darkest Digimon anime as compared to others. It is horrifying and has a great storyline to give endless fun to viewers.

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