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Top Apps to Boost Your College Progress


Maximize Your College Effectiveness with Educational Apps

It’s really hard to be a successful learner in college. Compared to high school, the rules and demands are tougher. Many former high schoolers cannot withstand the pressure and drop out. Not all of them tried technology to solve their academic issues. We are sure of that, so we have dedicated this guest post to the theme of educational apps for college students.

The resourcefulness of special learning tools is huge, and it’s hard to name all the benefits they let reap. Nonetheless, we will do our best to mention the most significant ones. We will not name definite brands or a list of concrete apps. We will focus on the different types that fulfill definite functions. Read on to learn what can help you to cope with your academic challenges properly.

Top Apps to Boost Your College Progress
Top Apps to Boost Your College Progress

Grammar Checkers

We will begin our review of the most popular and important apps for student. These are grammar checkers because millions of students have serious problems with grammar. If you find the right tool, it will help to detect all the mistakes, know the correct options for them, and improve your knowledge of grammar. Here are the main mistakes spotted by grammar checkers:




      Word choice


All the mistakes are underlined for your convenience. When you click on them, you will see the correction. Click on it again if you agree with it to let the app correct everything instead of you. Quite soon, you will be aware of all the mistakes you commonly miss. You will memorize them automatically to avoid them in future projects. Mind that good checkers scan even very long texts in some 10-30 seconds!


Time and proper planning are two things that help students enjoy success. If they are disorganized, other skills don’t matter a lot. In case you have problems with organizing your working process, it makes sense to use one of those amazing organization apps for students. What functions and conveniences do they provide? By using a good digital organizer, you can:

      Plan for days, weeks, and months ahead.

      Set short- and long-term goals.

      Outline academic and non-academic duties.

      Set reminders and deadlines.

      Add headers and descriptions.

One app can become your smart personal assistant. It will help to optimize your planning, and you will never forget about your tasks, duties, or vital events.

Topic Generators

Many youngsters have problems with the selection of good topics. They may spend several hours selecting at least one, and it doesn’t guarantee that their choice will be perfect. If you face this issue too often, use at least one good topic generator. It is very helpful. All you need to do is to specify 2-3 words that are related to a topic you want to disclose. The smart machine will provide you with 10-20 relevant ideas at the least.


The experts of Advanced Writers know a lot about how hard it is to write readable, informative, and catchy text. If you cannot reach these effects in the texts you write, give heed to one of the digital editors. They work similarly to grammar checkers. They also detect mistakes and provide their own corrections. The main difference is the type of mistakes. These are the ones that impact the flow of your texts and how they should look like. The drawbacks you can spot via a good digital editor are as follows:

      Overuse of adverbs and adjectives.

      Overuse of the passive voice.

      Too long sentences.

      Sentences that are hard to read.

      The wrong word choice.

Many digital editors likewise offer interesting editing tips to elevate the flow of any text you write.

Plagiarism Checkers

A plagiarism checker is an app for students, which is of huge importance. Why is it so? Every scientifically based paper must be formatted according to a concrete style. Besides, one is obliged to write only 100% authentic texts with no sign of plagiarism. Not all students realize they plagiarize other authors or simply use overused phrases. This is when a plagiarism checker will help them!

This intelligent tool compares your text with other ones available on the Internet. If any matches are spotted, it will show them. They are commonly shown in a definite color, and you can even check where they appear. This is a good chance to detect all of them and purify your text. Simply rewrite them uniquely to make your text 100% authentic to reach the desired effect.

Citation Generators

Many students have problems with citing. As we have mentioned just above, every text must be formatted according to a definite academic writing style. This is one of the weakest aspects of completing academic papers. Many youngsters mess up academic writing styles because there are many of them, and the differences can be slightly detected. If you face this issue, use a good citation generator. Just insert the citation, name the author, book (journal, newspaper, etc.), year of publication, etc., and select the required style to see if everything is correct.

Summing Up

The process of learning will be hard regardless of your abilities. If you want to overcome your obstacles properly, apply some of the apps we have mentioned in our guest post. You can obtain a google educator certificate and the official diploma on graduation from your college without major complications. Just find what tools work for your case to enjoy the desired success!

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