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The Villains Precious Daughter Spoilers



The Villains Precious Daughter Spoilers

Manhwa lovers are always looking for something new. If you are a manhwa lover then you should try “The Villains Precious Daughter Spoiler.” It is one of the most loved and popular manhwas. The people who newly read the manhwa need spoilers that contain all types of information about the manhwa. In this article, I am going to give you The Villains Precious Daughter Spoilers so, read this article from start to end to know further about this manhwa. 

The Villains Precious Daughter Spoilers
The Villains Precious Daughter Spoilers

The Villains Precious Daughter ----- General Information 

The Villains Precious Daughter is one of the most popular manhwa novels, which has an exciting storyline and wonderful character portrayal with incredible graphics. This novel is alternatively known as TVPD. This novel was released in 2020. This novel has 116 chapters. 

The Villains Precious Daughter ---- Summary 

The storyline of this novel is wonderful. Read below to get an idea of the synopsis. 

The main character resembled the Saintess that is why she suffered greatly. She thought that it is unfair that she is suffering a lot. Additionally, the villain wanted to kill the main character (MC). The villain is ruthless and wanted to kill the MC without any mercy. Then she gets to know that she was bound to die. She thought that her life was already ruined. She thought that why do she have to be the one to die a silly death? She still hoped but she has not met any character so, she decided to run away.

However, the villain collapsed with the Main character and she thought that why did the villain collapse in front of me? 

When she finds that, the villain is on the brink of death. She saved the life of the villain with a lot of effort. By watching the kindness of the MC, the villain wanted to adopt the MC as his daughter but he wanted her to rise as a Saintess. She decided to be his daughter for some days then she wanted to leave quietly. 

Her dad said that her daughter is a genius and no child is more angelic in the world other than his daughter. She thought that she has tempted my dad too well. Even the people who originally followed the real Saintess started to pay attention to me. She thought that something went wrong. Why are these people not supposed to hate her? 

The Mystery of Four Knights and the Origin of Four Ducal Families 

The four knights of Apocalypse contain the white knight of conquest which is also known as the Red Knight of War and the red knight of war which is also known as the Black Knight of famine and the Blue Knight of Death. 

The Apocalypse told the story of the end of the world. When the time arrived, four knights will be disclosed. God sent two saints but it is not known if more than one god is involved since the MTL might say sometimes god or gods. 

A saint or saintess, they select to help one human, which is the first emperor. The first emperor then united the four heroes who defeated the four knights as the story progressed. They won but the land was left deserted. Additionally, heroes and four emperors were cursed. Each of the four knights cursed each one of the four heroes. All four knights were closed by the power of the Saint and Saintess in the bodies. The heroes cannot be cured by the Saints and they have to live with the curse forever. 

They get the ability to resist it as it was like fighting off another poison. The first emperor gets a church, which helped him to build the emperor. 

The names of the four dukes of the emperor were named as: 

·       Oricsa, the white knight of Conquest from the East 

·       Petrose from West the red knight of War 

·       Lampeige 

·       Valenciathe blue knight of Death from the North 

The saint lost his powers and remains in the empire. However, the key, which enables him to enter the library of gods, was not ruined. This key will give him access to the Library of Gods again. The library of god has all the knowledge of the world, present, past, and future. The saintess said that she would return with the key to access the library of god once again when the apocalypse comes again. 

Although it is predicted that the Saintess would return, Saintess (Rosaline) disappeared.  

 Rosaline -------- A Rapid Introduction 

It was shown in the story that Duke Valencia had a deep hatred for the Oricsa family. Simon explained the reasons for this hate to Rosalia when they were traveling to the capital to meet the emperor. 

The Oricsa family claimed that Christian was located and that Duke Valencia was Christian’s biological daughter. Rosalia informed Simon that the dispute between the two families started a long while ago. He said to Rosalia that the Oricsa had ruled the eastern territory. The northern lands were deserted after the fight between the knights. In the northern areas, it was hard to farm and grow fields there. It was hard to live and survive. 

The development in science, technology, and magic makes it possible to live in that area with enhanced quality. 

The Oricsa’s hero did not want northern lands. Valencia knows that the east would go to the Valencia so Oricsa fooled Valencia. This was the day when the land is officially split. Oricsa had put something in her drink of Valencia and he makes him unable to attend the meeting. 

It was unclear in the story whether the poison was a sleeping potion or it contains any poison. Since then both families have disputes with each other. 

The dispute between the Duke of Valencia and Oricsa is also due to Rosaline. Rosaline is the descendant of the fallen noble family. She was granted divine power later in her life. The Christian, the Duke of Valencia, and the Christian, who was the second son from Oricsa proposed to Rosaline. The Duke of Valencia thought that the Christian was abandoned and cursed like his father so, she believed him incompetent.

Christian’s father described him as very introverted. He hardly appeared in public and not many people knew how he looked. When Rosaline selected Christian to replace the Duke of Valencia then everyone was shocked. He did not understand why she selected Christianity but he had believed that it was different from him and his beliefs. 

As the Saintess has been reborn in the human body so, the color of the eyes of the newborn is unique and takes some time to be normal. Additionally, the child also needs some time to develop consciousness. 

In simple words, the Saintess was adapting her body. It was believed that Rosalina’s daughter was likely to be the next saintess. Her baby had not woken up since she was 2 or 3 years old. The baby was taken after Rosaline and her family was attacked. The father and mother were missing shortly.

Duke promises her to find her child before she died. When the story progressed, Rosalia claimed that Saint Cordelia looked similar to Rosaline except for her god-like eyes and silver hair. 

Final Words 

The villain's Precious Daughter is a wonderful manhwa that has a lot of turning points and suspense. It has a strong storyline and great graphics that encourage readers to read it from start to end.            


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