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The kind older sister is no more novel spoilers



The kind older sister is no more novel spoilers

If you are looking for a fantasy romance manhwa with an interesting story than the kind, older sister is no more novel spoilers can be your choice. In this article, you will get all information about this novel. Therefore, if you are looking for information about it then you should read this article from start to end.

The kind older sister is no more novel spoilers
The kind older sister is no more novel spoilers

The kind older sister is no more novels General Information

The kind older sister is no more is a Korean novel, which is written by Jugi, Selim, and Yun Yeo-eum. It is a full-color fantasy. It was released in 2022.

Read the article to know further about the story.

The kind older sister is no more Synopsis

Irena is the character who has always been living in the shadow of an ill sister named Riel. She thinks that she could and had done anything for her family then she realized she stole everything from her. When Irena realized that she lost her place in her home and no one from her family loved her, she decided to do her best to be independent. To do so, she crosses paths with a male lead Noel Kristen who is a man with the same fate. They both think that they can be able to save each other.

The kind older sister is no more novel spoilers

As you know the main story, we will go towards the spoiler now. This spoiler will cover everything about it.

The relationship between Irena and Noel

Noel is the person who has the same fate as Irena. He asked her to paint their portrait. He was jealous of her fangirling over the painter. She thanked Noel for finding her favorite painter but Noel regrets his decision. Irena was surprised to see his expressionless face.

She rapidly calmed him and thanked him to find the painter. The painter is mysterious and a loner. Noel felt happy and proud.

It was clear that they both were full of a lover. Irena watch the warm expression on Noel’s face but she does not know he looked at her like the painter. When Irena was stressed or angry, she would clench her fist, which hurts her sometimes.

Noel brings a letter for Irena from her aunt and he told her that she could clench her fist or hold onto his hand the next time. Although, their journey could be long Irena feels comfortable in Noel’s company. Noel feels happy when Irena introduced him as her “Husband” in front of people.

Carr | the Painter

Carr is the painter who makes Irena and Noel’s portraits. He remembers them as he had drawn them. He found both of them beautiful because they both loved so much.

When Carr saw Irena, he thought that she was the same as the couple he remembered. When the couple died, he said that it was impossible. His blonde hair and eyes reminded him of the late couple. He also noticed that they were very similar to the previous couple as they just look in love. He left surprised why Irena looked like the previous couple. He thinks if there was a connection between them.

Irena and her Aunt

When Carr returned home, Irena got a letter from her aunt. Her aunt's name is Friedan. Irena had a strong relationship with her Aunt because she took care of her until she turned three. Noel knew the aunt because he investigates Irena. Irena’s aunt wants to visit her because she was not feeling well. Irena was unsure about her Aunt’s request and Noel asked her what she wants to do.

Later in the story, we were being able to get a small memory from Irena who memorizes being called “Dear Princess” by her aunt when she lived with her.

After thinking a lot, Irena went to see her Aunt. Chase also had any connection with her. Chase is a divorced woman. Her husband in the story is unknown.

When Irena arrived at her Aunt’s home, she discovered that her aunt had been sending the letter for years but she does not receive them. Noel started to reflect on all the reality that he knew and saw about Irena and Chase family. He said that every action of the Chase family is conflicting.

Irena find that her aunt was very sick that is why she did not travel to the capital. The Butler told her that the Chase family left to support her aunt. They left supporting their aunt for 10 years because they do not have resources.

Irena Memorizes Childhood

When Irena found that the Chase family left supporting her aunt, she was shocked. Noel has been wondering and thinking if something is wrong with the Chase family since he heard the story from the butler. He asked Irena about her childhood and shared what she remembered.

Irena does not remember much about her childhood. She thought she was sent to her aunt’s home because her parents want to focus on her sister Riel. She doubts this and does not remember much about her past.

Noel said her that only Count Chase is the only person who can tell them about the story. Irena said him that she would see Count Chase when the return to capital. 

Noel asked to go with Irena to meet the count but she said that she was fine and went along with the butler.

Count Chase | Chase Family

Count blames his sister (Aunt) for everything worst that happened in his life. He also blames her for letting the northerners starve to death. He stated that she was the reason for his broken heart. He then continues to ask her something. The butler continues to blackmail her but the aunt held her breath and the room started to hum.

Noel meets the count. He started to question him about Irena’s treatment. The court said that everything he did was shown that he was trying to hide the identity of Irena from the world. Count was surprised after listening to this and told him it was bullshit. Noel saw that the Count’s eyes were bendy.

The count agreed that he tried to keep Irena away from the world but she ran.   


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