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The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers



The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers

Reading manhwa gives ultimate fun to the people. People like manga and manhwa because they have wonderful graphics and strong storylines. If you are a manhwa lover then you might be interested to know about the best manhwa or manga “The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers.” In this article, I am going to give you information about it so, read this article from start to end to get useful information.

The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers
The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers

The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers Introduction

Manhwa novels give a wonderful reading experience to the readers with a great storyline, graphics, and the best character portrayal. The adopted daughter-in-law who wants to leave spoilers is also a popular manhwa that gives endless fun to the people. It is popular among manhwa lovers all around the world.

This novel was released for manhwa lovers in 2022 and this novel is still ongoing. Therefore, the exact number of chapters is unknown because chapters are released gradually.

Chae Yuhwa and Sunmoon wrote this novel. Read this article to know further about this novel.

The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave Spoiler

This novel has an exciting storyline that wonders readers. This novel is about an orphan girl named Ellie and a boy named Damian Clider. Royal family adopted them. Damian belongs to the royal family and his father died by falling from a cliff while Ellie’s mother was a popular thief whose mother was hanged to the death because she was found stealing some things from a popular person named “Earl’s Mansion”

In the story, a person named Duke Schuetz adopted the boy as his son while the girl was his daughter-in-law. As the story revolves around the adoption of both boy and girl that is why the name of this novel is the adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers.

The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers

As I give an overview of the novel and tell you the summary of this novel so, we will go toward the spoiler. Now, I will tell you some interesting facts about this novel. So, read below to know further about it:

Families of girl and boy

As I mentioned earlier, the story revolves around the adoption and the life of a girl “Ellie” and a boy “Damian” so, here you will get information about their families. The girl whose name is Ellie is the main character of this novel. She is the daughter of the famous thief of her time. Her mother was a famous thief who was hanged due to her thieving activities.

The boy whose name is Damian Clider is the male leading character in the story that belongs to a royal family. His father Duke Clider was the owner of the largest trading unit of the empire. Her father fell from the cliff and died as a result. The person named Schuetz as the story progresses adopts Damian.

Damian’s Father has not died he was killed

In the initial stages of the story, readers are told that Damian’s father Duke Clider died after falling from the cliff but later in the story, readers get a twist that Duke did not die, he was killed.

As I mentioned earlier that the Duke was the owner of the biggest trading unit of the empire, the emperor was jealous of him because he is richer than the emperor is. That is why the emperor secretly murdered him.

Duke Clider’s will

After the death of Duke Clider, his will was revealed. According to his will, all the wealth of Duke Clider was given to his friend named Duke Erhad Schuetz who is also popular as a slayer and battlefield. He is the ruler of Barren North full of beasts.

Damian as a slave

After the death of Damian’s father, he was a slave. He hunted the monsters in dark places and he must follow all the orders of his master for his survival. His master lost him in gambling and gave him to the director of an orphanage.

Damian protect Ellie

Ellie was very kind to Damian and she protects him from being terrorized by the boys in the orphanage. She talked to him kindly and helped him when he needed it. Damian wants to protect Ellie at any cost and he started to feel a love for her.

The age gap between Damian and Ellie

Damian was younger than Ellie. Ellie was thirteen years old while Damian was only eleven years old. At the start of the story, Ellie considered Damian her brother but gradually, she denied him being her brother and felt the feeling of love for Damian. They both felt love for each other.

Ashabel ------ A mystery 

Ellie has a book that contains the same story that was written about Damian. She knows everything that will happen in Damian’s life in the future. The book stated that the female lead of Damian is “Ashabel” while in reality, Duke wanted to adopt Damian as the son while Ellie was his daughter-in-law, which means that Ellie will become Damian’s wife.

Mana Stone ---- Duke Find Damian

Duke never met Damian but he wants to adopt him because his father is his friend. After reaching an orphanage, he was searching for a boy with blue eyes and black hair named Damian. Duke has a stone named mana stone, which was the stone of Damian. Duke knows that when he brings the stone near Damian, it will start shining.

First, he goes to the director’s office where he finds some boys with blue eyes and black hair but when he brings the stone nearer to them, it does not shine. When the stone goes near Damian, it stared shine. In this way, Duke recognizes Damian.

Facts about Mana Stone

A treasurable stone is mentioned in this story, which is named Mana. This stone is a mineral that condenses mana. People use it for magic. However, mana stone is very valuable. In the production of this stone, a magician is required. The director of the orphanage first mentioned the stone and she has some parts of it.

Ellie steal stone

Ellie needed something warmth to cure Damian’s fever. Therefore, she steals a mana stone and uses its warmth to cure. However, when she stole the mana stone, the orphanage director caught her.

Ellie imposed conditions to go with Duke

Duke wants to adopt Damian as his son while Ellie as his daughter-in-law means Damian’s wife. Duke asked Ellie to come with him but she imposed some conditions that Duke must fulfill. Her condition was that all the orphanage teachers must be removed and the condition of the orphanage must be improved. She makes the life of orphans better and wants to make orphanages a better place to live for orphans.

Viscount Corbino Tricks against Ellie

Viscount did not want Ellie to be Damian’s wife and Duke’s daughter-in-law because he had greedy eyes on the trade union. He planned against Ellie with a blue hope mineral, which is a mana stone. With the stone, he knew that Ellie is the daughter of a thief and he want to use this reality against her and wanted to show her reality to everyone.

He ordered the house cleaner to put the mana stone in Ellie’s pocket. He wanted to show Ellie as a thief same like her mother.





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