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Otome game no heroine de Saikyou survival


Otome game no heroine de Saikyou survival

Japanese manga series are popular all around the world because they come up with several elements like fun, fantasy, romance, action, thrill, strong graphics, and wonderful portrayal of characters. In this article, I am going to tell you all about a Japanese manga novel named Otome Game No Heroine de Saikyou Survival. If you want to know about it then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to get useful information.

Otome game no heroine de Saikyou survival
Otome game no heroine de Saikyou survival

Otome game no heroine de Saikyou survival General Information

Otome Game no Heroine de Saikyou Survival, which is alternatively known as Strongest Survival with an Otome Game’s Heroin or Heroin Survival, is one of the most popular Japanese manga. It is globally ranked at 2958. It has 1.7K monthly views while its total views are 25.9k. Harunohi Biyori wrote this novel while Wakasa Kobato is the artist of this wonderful novel.

This novel is written in the Japanese language while it is translated into the English language for the ease of the readers. It was released in 2021 while the story is still ongoing. Otome game no hero de Saikyou survival began as a web novel on Shousetsuka Ni Narou on 9 March 2019. A revised version of the series has been released on 10 April 2021.

Otome game no heroine de Saikyou survival Synopsis

Alicia is a character who is lived as an orphan in Ciel, which is a world of swords and magic. One day, she comes to know that she was an “Otome Game’s Heroine.” Her parent's death is also the part of game’s scenario. She judged the heroin is setting as nonsense and decisively rejected it.

She gets the identity of Aria the adventurer and she gradually mastered the use of multiple weapons and magic techniques. She gradually grew to become the “Ash crowned princess of slaughters.” She accepts the request to save the “villainess” before she realized that she was dragged into the stage where nobles fight against each other.

She shouted:

“I am myself; I am not a game character”

The series is all about making weapons, training bodies, and survival by fighting against enemies. It is a wonderful novel with an exciting storyline.

The main character gets stronger

As the story progressed, the main character (MC) gets stronger and crueler to survive without following the main story. In the game system, MC goes from the modern world to the historical world. The story revolves around the conflict of nurturing one’s powers and capabilities to overcome obstacles. The story is fast-paced that can be very satisfying and entertaining for readers.

The main character reveals that she was reincarnated 

Alicia is a passionate musician. One day, she is employed to help a strange and mysterious man. Later in the story, the man turns out to be the prince while her fiance’s brother is fighting for the throne. The arrival of the mysterious man is a big surprise but it is only the first of many twists and turns in the story that await the MC and her friend.

MC’s connection with Alicia

Otome Game no hero de Saikyou Survival is a Japanese light novel series written by Harunohi Biyori. The story revolves around Alicia who is an orphan. She was sold to a cruel orphanage manager. Later in the story, Alicia encounters a woman who wants to kill her. Alicia fights with her with a rock and finishes her.

The main character has to deal with the reality that she does not remember her past life and her memories are in another form. This novel has many turning points and an adventurous story. 

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