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I tried to be her loyal sword spoilers


I tried to be her loyal sword spoilers

Manhwa lovers are always looking for something new. In this article, I am going to give you information about I tried to be her loyal sword spoiler. If you are a manhwa lover then you might interested to know about this wonderful manhwa. This novel gets too much popularity among manhwa lovers on different platforms on the internet but they cannot find information about it. If you are also looking for information about it then you are at the right place.

I tried to be her loyal sword spoilers
I tried to be her loyal sword spoilers

I tried to be her loyal sword Synopsis

One day, I fell down that led me to remember my past. The world is a reverse harem novel in which my sister is the main character while I was the daughter of the mad bloody devil Duke Chrysis, but my sister’s illness deteriorated quickly and I insisted to visit him as his daughter.

I do not intend to get engage to Duke Chrysis but I need to meet him due to my sister’s illness.

She pardoned her sister’s life from Duke Chrysis. Duke Chrysis stated that his daughter does not need to stoop for anyone. He stated to her that you are not needed to kneel before the Imperia Emperor.

If you cry before my sister’s eyes, you will die. My angel-like sister, Aria was dimmed due to an unknown reason. I have admired you for a long time. Cannot you give me a part of you?

If you don’t want to be the queen then you can be king. I will be your partner. People think I am the pope, who serves and worshiped the sun God but you do not realize that God is you for me.

Then one day, I memorized my old past. I am stuck in a story where my little sister is the main character and I am the daughter of an unkind demon named Duke Chrysis.

I had no intention to meet Duke Chrissy but my sister’s illness caused me to meet him. The Demon Duke stated that his sister (me) must not bend down to anyone. I will never be able to bend my knees down again even if he is the emperor of the empire.

Who wrote I tried to be her loyal sword?

I tried to be her loyal sword is an interesting novel that has fantasy, love, thrill, and affection between two characters who are siblings. 시이온 is the writer of this fantastic novel. You will love this novel when you read it.

When did I try to be her loyal sword released?

This manhwa is released in 2020. The story is ongoing. The released chapters showed that the story is interesting and they get popularity among people. The fans of this story are anxiously waiting for the upcoming chapters.

Where to read I tried to be her loyal sword?

The story of this manhwa is ongoing, which means that not the complete novel is released. You can read the few released chapters online on different platforms. The story is fascinating and wonderful.     

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