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9 Tools Developers Must Have in Their Toolkit


9 Tools Developers Must Have in Their Toolkit

In the fast-growing era of software development, having the right tools makes a real difference. The latest development tools feature advanced bug-tracking capabilities, core automation, seamless collaboration, and sprint management.

The article enlists some of the best software development tools that are going to be a significant addition to your team's technology stack.

9 Tools Developers Must Have in Their Toolkit
9 Tools Developers Must Have in Their Toolkit

Software Development Tools - An Overview

Software development tools are the programs that coding professionals use to create, debug, and manage software applications, systems, frameworks, and other programs. These tools are also called programming tools.

Some of the examples of coding software for Mac include code editors, linkers, performance analysis tools, compilers, GUI designers, and assemblers, among others.

Sometimes, one single tool hosts an array of features that offer multiple features. On the other hand, some operations often require using more than one tool. Let's now discuss the tools available to simplify software development tasks.


The developers' most preferred option when it comes to building and deploying web applications. Azure also comes with code management capabilities. The tool supports numerous programming languages, operating systems, and frameworks.

The cloud environment gives developers the capability to identify and eliminate risks in the development cycle. It integrates an extensive SDK library that includes popular tools such as Visual Studio, Vs Code, and Eclipse.


When it comes to software development tools, Jira secures a place in the list of most efficient tools. The tool includes a suite of features that enable DevOps to track project backlogs, agile release status, and bug resolution.

The tool facilitates excellent integration with CI/CD tools. With a drop-and-down Kanban, the tool simplifies project status updates. With a simple-to-use interface, the tool provides a ticket filtering system that quickly helps to find issues.


GitHub is a cloud-based application and one of the best tools for developers as it allows them to share, review, and manage code. The credit for the popularity of GitHub goes to its extensive community support. Seamless integration with version control functionality makes it unique.

The tool allows developers to save their software development projects as public or private. It allows developers to select documents from the repositories. Github gives you access to easy documentation even for the most complex software development projects.


Sendbird gives software development engineers access to unique features via chat, voice, and video APIs. The development teams can access native chat APIs, and SDKs, as well as managed chat platforms in the backend.

With an intuitive UI, the tool supports offline messaging, translation, chat analytics, and delivery receipts. Developers can access pre-built user interface components via UIkit. The tool includes excellent data exporting and reporting capabilities.


A low-code development tool that aims at helping businesses minimize development time and costs. It allows developers to develop and host APIs, integrations, and automation. Linx comes as a Cloud as well as an on-premise solution.

The drag-and-drop interface includes thousands of pre-built functions that simplify even the most complex tasks for developers. The automotive backend process and offline functionality make Linx one of the preferred choices of developers.


A programming platform that features robust drag-and-drop specifications and a comprehensive library of more than 5k graphics. Since the tool is owned and managed by Red Lion, it gives access to plenty of manufacturer's features.

Crimson integrates multilingual capabilities and is available as a free packaged addition with most Red Lion line of products. It includes built-in emulators and allows seamless integration with other products produced by the same manufacturer.


As a developer, if you often work with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, bootstrap is meant for you. Bootstrap toolkit is feature-packed with attributes that allow simplifying front-end development tasks.

Ready-to-use code blocks expedite the development cycle. The tool integrates powerful JavaScript plugins and an array of templates that are available for Free to developers. Bootstrap is widely used by developers in all corners of the world.


Microsoft Excel is not only a spreadsheet application, but an essential tool for web developers. The app allows web development professionals to do more complex tasks than you ever imagine. Plus, you don't have to pay anything to use the applications.

One major reason why you should learn Excel is that it is everywhere. Almost all professionals - whether business analysts, quality analysts, project managers, or bank executives, are using the tool in their daily lives.


Windows PowerShell, developed by Microsoft, is something you would like to use for configuration management and task automation. The Shell is based on the .NET framework and includes a programming language and command-line Shell that allows you to create scripts.

Administrators can use Powershell to deal with a wide range of complex processes. The tool can be used to extract information from a particular OS version or service pack. Developers can automate tasks using scripts that are a combination of logic and cmdlets.

As a programmer, you don't necessarily require learning all the programming languages or tools mentioned in this list. However, mastering any one skill will take your profession to the next level.

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