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UIC Blackboard: UIC Complete details


UIC Blackboard: UIC Complete details

UIC Blackboard is the learning management system or website portal for students and employees provided by the University of Illinois, Chicago. It is the same as most other universities in the United States offering a learning management system (LMS) to facilitate the online education of students.

This blackboard is doing a good job for several years by helping students in their education and by providing them easy access to other things that are necessary for their education like their course-related material.

In this article, I am going to tell you all about “UIC Blackboard.” Therefore, if you want to get useful information about it then you are at the right place. 

UIC Blackboard
UIC Blackboard

UIC Blackboard ---  UIC Overview

UIC Blackboard is an online learning platform that offers mobile education to students learning at the University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC). It is designed to facilitate students for their courses and the instructors to provide quality education to their students using the resources and tools provided by this blackboard.

Within this blackboard, students of UIC can easily access their courses, and course-related material, view and track their grades and performance, take tests and assignments, take other study-related assessments, and can take complete online education if they want to get the advantage of this blackboard.

What are the requirements to easily access the UIC Blackboard?

This blackboard UIC is not only designed for students, faculty can also use this tool to carry out their duties or the tasks that they have to perform to offer quality education to their students. As I mentioned earlier, the students and faculty members also need passwords and NetID to access their accounts and log in to this blackboard. They need a strong internet connection because they need to run this platform on the browser to get access to all the functions and tools offered by this blackboard. They can access this platform using chrome and firefox. It works the same as a physical classroom, providing an e-learning classroom to the student by which they can get a personalized learning experience. This gives an online interaction with other students and teachers and provides additional features to students, which help them in their studies.

How to login to UIC Blackboard

If you want to use this blackboard then you need to log in to it. Follow the steps given below to log in to the UIC Blackboard:

·       Open your browser and navigate to the UIC learning portal using the link https://uic.blackboard.com/

·       When you open the UIC web portal then you will get the

·       The “Login” option there in the upper right corner

·       When you hit the “Login” key, you will be redirected toward the UIC blackboard login page

·       You need to enter your username and password in the given text boxes

·       After entering your credentials, you need to hit the “Login” key

·       You can easily access the UIC blackboard by logging in to it using the above steps

How to access your courses in UIC blackboard

If you want to easily access the courses you are learning, then you should follow the steps given below:

·       Go to the login page of UIC blackboard

·       Enter your credential like username and password

·       Hit the login button then you will be redirected to the UIC blackboard home page

·       Find and click on the “Courses” tab, which is located at the upper right corner of the screen

·       When you hit the “Courses” tab, all of the courses that you are learning will display on your screen

·       Click on the course link, which appears under the “My Course” option

·       Now, you can explore course-related material by using the menu bar, which is located on the left side of the screen

·       You may review the syllabus and then continue by clicking the course content

UIC blackboard learning app

If you do not want to use a browser then you can use the UIC blackboard learning app. UIC offers two types of apps, one is for students, and the other is for instructors.

Blackboard student mobile app

The blackboard student mobile app is for students where they can access their courses, and course-related material can track their grades, get course content, and much more.

To use this app, students need to

·       Download it using the way given below:

·       Go to the Google play store or Apple store

·       Search the UIC student app

·       When they find the app, then they need to hit the install option

·       After installation, click on open and start using the app

Blackboard instructor mobile app

The instructor app is designed for instructors at UIC, which enables them to view course content and launch blackboard collaboration session. The instructor can only access courses when they are teaching in the blackboard instructor app.

How to login to the UIC blackboard app

If you want to log in to the UIC blackboard app, then follow the steps given below:

·       Install the app whether it is a student app or an instructor app

·       Tap the “Type your school name” in the text field and then enter UIC

·       When the list of UIC campuses will show on your screen hit the “UIC” Then click the “web Login”
On the next page, hit the “Click here to login”

·       Now, enter your UIC credentials like username and password

·       Click on “Login”

How to reset the UIC blackboard password

If you forgot your UIC blackboard password then you can reset it using the steps mentioned below:

·       Go to the UIC blackboard login page

·       You need to click the “Forgot Password” option below the password text field or you may also visit http://password.uic.edu where you will get information to reset your password 

·       Enter the asked information at the password reset page and then click on Submit  

What are the advantages of the UIC blackboard? 

UIC blackboard gives a centralized platform for students and instructors where they collaborate to get online education. The following are the major advantages of UIC blackboard: 

·       It gives a central location for course content 

·       Access all course-related material 

·       Interact and communicate with other students and the instructor 

·       Give an electronic grade book to track grades and performance 

·       Give other necessary tools like a Notification bar, which keeps students updated with news and situations of the university 

·       Submit the assignment with a single click 

·       Take tests and quizzes online 

·       Take online classes 

·       Participate in the discussion board  

·       Access to submitted bills and financial information 

What is my NetID at UIC? 

NetID means network ID, which is assigned to the students by the university. The NetID of every student is unique across all the campuses of the University of Illinois. It serves as your login key to the university is computing and networking services. 

It is needed for following purposes: 

·       Using tech solutions provides by the university to students like UIC mail, UIC WiFi, UIC blackboard, and personal computer labs 

·       Accessing the UIC education web portal 

·       Login too many computing and networking services of the university, which is provided to students to gain quality education on how to activate UIC NetID you cannot use your NetID without activating it.

If you want to activate your UIC NetID then you should follow the steps given below: 

·       Go to the activatenetid.accc.uic.edu enter your University ID Number (UIN) 

·       Agree on the terms and hit the “Continue” key to get further assistance 

·       Follow the given instructions 



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