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UARK blackboard: UARK Complete details


UARK blackboard: UARK Complete details

UARK blackboard is the learning management system of The University of Arkansas (UARK). Using this platform, students at UARK can access their course, related material, and several other features that help them in their studies. If you want to get all information about the “UARK blackboard” then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to get useful information.

UARK blackboard
UARK blackboard

What is the UARK blackboard?

UARK blackboard is a web-based Learning management platform designed by the University of Arkansas. An online platform gives a centralized place to students for online education. It helps students and instructors to access all the learning resources provided by the university including assignments, course content, information, and other necessary tools to give them an efficient and tech-based learning experience.


Using this blackboard, students can do their homework, assignments can take online classes, and exams, can record and watch video lectures, and can access all the features that the university offers them to give them a personalized self-learning experience.

They can take video Tutorials and can complete their educational activities and submit them with a single click.

This blackboard provides a virtual mode of connection for students to perform everything that they can perform in a physical class. This blackboard gives them a virtual experience of their physics classes. You can run this platform on several browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and opera mini.

How to login to UARK blackboard

To access all the tools and features of the blackboard, students need to log in to the blackboard. Follow the steps are given below to log in to the blackboard:

·       Open your browser and go to the site by using the link https://learn.uark.edu/

·       When you use the link, you will be directed toward the official website of UARK

·       On the website, you will get the “Login to Blackboard Learn” option

·       When you hit that option, you will be redirected to a new tab named “Microsoft Online”

·       On that page, you will be asked for your registered email ID

·       After giving your registered email ID, you need to click on the “Next” key

·       Then enter your Password and hit at “Submit” key

·       When you submit your form, you will be redirected toward UARK blackboard’s home

How to reset the UARK blackboard password

In case you forgot your password, you can reset it using the steps are given below:

·       Open your browser and go to the official website of UARK university using the link https://learn.uark.edu/

·       You will get the “Login to Blackboard learn” option there Click the login option then you will be redirected to the sign-in interface

·       You need to find and click on the “Can’t access your account” option, which is located below the sign-in box

·       When you click on that option, a new page will appear which gives you two options “Work or school account and personal account”

·       You need to click on “Work or school account” Then a new interface will open which gives you information about password reset

·       The page will ask you for the username or email when you enter asked information fill in the captcha to verify you are human

·       Then, click on the “next” key to submit

·       Now, you can reset the password

·       Select a strong password

How to renew an expired UARK Blackboard password

If you want to renew your expired password, then you should follow the steps given below:

·       Go to the http://password.uark.edu/

·       Log in with your current UARK blackboard credentials

·       You will get a section on the “Support checklist”

·       The support checklist will suggest you clear the browser’s cache

·       After following the given instructions, again login to account

·       If you will unable to login to your blackboard account then you can contact the IT help desk of the university at the number 457-575-2905

·       They will assist you to renew your password

How can you enroll in the UARK blackboard course by yourself?

If you want to self-enroll in the blackboard course then you should follow the steps below:

·       Login to your blackboard learn account

·       Hit the “Course” tab which is located on the left menu

·       Hit the “Course catalog” option in the top right side

·       Hit “browse categories” to see the course belonging to that category

·       If you want to sign up for “OUCH training” then select “OUCH! That stereotype hurt” from the list of categories

·       If you want to sign up for “Blackboard Training” then you should select this option from the category list

·       Enter the name in the ID column and hit on the button that appears there

·       Then, click on the “Enroll” key

·       Hit “Submit” on the page and then “OK”

·       When you log in to your blackboard then your courses will appear there in the “Course” tab

How can you watch your grades on the UARK blackboard?

UARK blackboard enables students to watch their grades. If you want to view your grades on blackboard then you should follow the steps given below:

·       Login to your UARK blackboard account

·       Go to the login page and enter your credentials then

·       Click on the “Login” key to log in to blackboard

·       Hit the “Courses” tab located on the left menu

·       After that click on “Course name”

·       Select the “My Grades” option from the menu bar on the left side

·       Your grades will show on the page located to the right of the assignment

·       If you do not find the “MY Grades” link from the menu bar then you can access all the course-related tools from the grades are given on the institution panel

How can you submit your assignments on the UARK blackboard?

If you want to submit your assignment using the UARK blackboard then it is advised you always submit a saved file instead of using the given text box to submit the assignment.

Follow the given steps to submit your assignments using UARK blackboard:

·       Login to your blackboard account

·       Hit the “Course” section in the left menu

·       Click on “Course Name”

·       Explore the location of your assignments

·       Select “Assignments”

·       Click on the “name” of the particular assignments

·       Select any method below to complete the steps

Method 1

·       Select “Browse Local Files” under the “Assignment

·       Submission” section to upload the saved file

·       Select the file you need to upload

·       Click on the “Open” key

·       Hit at “Submit” key

·       After submitting your assignments, verify that you’re the assignment is submitted correctly by checking on the top of the screen

Method 2

·       Hit at “write submission” key under the “Assignment submission”

·       Type of assignment in the given text box

·       After typing the assignment, click on the “Submit” key

·       Check on the top of the screen to verify that your assignment is submitted correctly. You will get confirmation email or notification when you submit your assignment.

What are the benefits of UARK Blackboard?

Following are some of the major benefits of UARK blackboard:

Central place to access course content

Blackboard provides a central place for the students where they can access course content and all the related documents provided by the university and instructor

Submit assignments

Blackboard enables students to type and submit their assignment using the given text box or uploading files of their assignments

Course assessments

Blackboard enables students to take course assessments like quizzes and tests

Grade book

Students can track their grades and performance using the grade book







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