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How to remove taboola news from Android phone


How to remove taboola news from Android phone

If you are tired of watching irritating Taboola news and ads on your Android and want to remove them then you are landed at the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to remove taboola news from Android phones. Therefore, if you want to know about it then you should read this article from start to end.

What is Taboola?

Taboola is a sort of advertising service that many web publishers and owners may use to make money on their websites. Unluckily, this Taboola news and ads are paired with malicious programs and third-party apps so, when users install those apps and software, the Taboola app automatically and unintentionally install in their Android.

Users only know that Taboola is installed on their mobile when they get limitless news and ads due to Taboola.

When users encounter any malicious program during browsing on the internet and when they click them, they are redirected towards these Taboola ads without the permission of publishers to make money. When you encounter Taboola ads or sites, it automatically redirects you toward other pages without your intention.

When Taboola redirects users to advertisements during browsing on the internet, the ads are commonly for unwanted browser extensions, apps, tools and software, surveys, malicious programs, adult sites, online web games, gambling sites, fake software and app updates, and unwanted things.

How to remove taboola news from Android phone
How to remove taboola news from Android phone

Ways to remove Taboola news from Android phone

If you get tired of seeing Taboola news on your phone and want to get rid of them then you should use the ways given below. You can easily get rid of Taboola news by following the ways given below:

Uninstall Malicious Apps from Phone

As I mentioned earlier, the Taboola app is paired with malicious apps and programs so, when you installed the malicious apps and programs, the Taboola app is automatically installed on your Phone. Therefore, you should find and remove malicious apps from your phone if you want to

Steps To Remove Taboola News:

·        Open the “Setting App” on your phone

·        Find the “App or App Manager” option from the “Setting” menu and click on it to see the apps that are installed on your phone

·        When you click on “App or App Manager,” a list of all the apps will be displayed on your screen that is installed on your mobile phone. Scroll down through the list and find any malicious or suspicious app, which can cause Taboola news to display on your phone. It can be a video or photo editing app, weather forecasting app, or any type of app, which has malware and virus inside it so; you should find such apps and remove them from your mobile.

·        When you explore any malicious app on your phone then you should click on it to uninstall it. If the app is running currently then you should click on the “Force stop” key and then click on “Uninstall”

·        When you uninstall the app, a confirmation SMS will pop up on your screen to confirm the uninstallation, so you should click on the “OK” key to remove the app permanently from your device. It can be helpful for you to remove Taboola apps from your Android.

Reset the browsers to the default setting

If you want to remove spam notifications then you should reset your browser to its default setting. It will also help you to get rid of unwanted search redirects and it restores the browser’s factory setting.

This method can be easy for Windows and Mac computers but it can be hard for Android because it is not a built-in option in the browser settings. You can reset the browser to the default setting by clearing the app data.

It will remove all the cookies, cache, and other websites or app setting that may save in your device and causes you to display Taboola news on your mobile phone.

Follow the method below to restore the browser to its factory setting:

·        Here we will use Chrome to remove its malware from Android but the process is the same for all the apps

·        Open the “setting app” on your mobile

·        Click on “App or App Manager” from the setting menu to see the apps that are installed on your phone

·        Find the “Chrome App” from the apps installed on your phone and click on it to open the App’s detail

·        Click on “Storage” when Chrome’s app information menu is displayed on your screen

·        You will find two options under the storage setting, one is “Manage Space or Manage Storage,” and the second is “Clear Cache”

·        Click on Manage Storage or Manage Space

·        Click on “Clear All Data” to remove all the data inside Chrome such as accounts, bookmark, and settings to reset to the default setting

·        When you do the above process, a confirmation notification will display on your screen, you need to click on “OK” to complete the restoration process

Use tools or software to remove malicious apps

It is one of the easiest ways to remove malicious apps and malware from your Android. Such apps scan and remove malicious apps from your device. Here, we will use Malwarebytes to remove malicious programs from the device. You can use any tool or app.

It automatically detects and removes dangerous app that contains malware and virus. Detection of malware and unwanted programs will smoothen your device’s performance.

Follow the steps below to use Malwarebytes to detect and remove malicious apps and programs from Android:

·        Download the Malwarebytes from Google Playstore

·        After finding the app on Google PlayStore, Click on “Install” to start the installation

·        After finishing the installation process, click on the “Open” key to start using the app

·        Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup of the app on your Android

·        A screen will display on your device, which will give you the difference between the free and pro version

·        Swap the screen and click on “Got it” to proceed further

·        The app will ask for a set of permissions that are needed to scan your device and detect malware

·        Click on “Give Permission” to continue the process

·        Click on “Allow” to enable the app to access the files on your device

·        You can run a full system scan on your device with the app

·        Hit the “Update Database” to update the app to android latest version and then hit “Run a full scan”

·        Wait for the scan to complete

·        After the completion of the scan, a screen will display on the device, which contains malware and affected files and apps

·        To remove malicious apps, click on the “Remove selected” key

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