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Flying Solo: Learning to Thrive as a Single Person in College


Learning to Thrive as a Single Person in College

It’s very hard to survive your first year in college. Not all freshmen can handle all those tasks, obstacles, and stress. They actively look for advice for college students because they are alone and need to cope with their challenges somehow. Otherwise, they may drop out.

Learning to Thrive as a Single Person in College
Learning to Thrive as a Single Person in College

We guess no one wants to fail in college. There is no guarantee that you will be able to have the required academic rating when you need to write such complicated assignments as a business analyst report and similar ones. Besides, a lot of non-academic obstacles may likewise interfere with your success. If you want to get through the freshman year of college successfully, read our blog post. It provides the necessary tips to thrive as a single person.

Make Friends

Our college survival guide begins with a good recommendation. You need to make new friends. It’s really hard to be alone in a new city and try to study well. You should never forget that there are hundreds of other youngsters who find themselves in the same situation. This is the first opportunity to get along with one of them.

Afterward, go on as you commonly do when you meet new people in your life. Find various common interests, share something with others, and listen to their stories too. It always goes smoothly when you have found a common speech. Thus, you may find friends for the lifelong term.

Handle Your Stress Properly

Many teens fail because they cannot master the stress they experience merely every day during the first year. There are many new things, rules, and people around. They cause stress. More complicated assignments and demands also cause stress. Some people get sick because they are overly nervous. That is why you need to keep it at bay. Here are our tips for college freshers who don’t know how to overcome stress:

      Turn on a positive tone.

      Listen to classical music or the genre you like.

      Be physically active to make your cerebrum produce natural chemicals that improve mood.

      Practice deep breathing.

      Try yoga and/or meditation.

      Start a diary to reveal what lies in your heart.

      Sleep well.

      Eat healthy food.

      Don’t overwork and have enough rest.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Many freshers are terribly afraid of asking questions. This is a pretty silly mistake because it may cost you a lot. For example, you mishear some information from your lecturer. You don’t ask him or her to repeat it. You miss the point and don’t understand the topics that follow because of this one moment of silence. Such cases may start the domino effect. That is why asking questions is always on our list of tips for college students.

Of course, you are supposed to be an active note-taker. It’s hard to keep in mind all those topics, terms, explanations, recommendations, and so on. If you feel you’re hearing something vital, write it down. Don’t risk forgetting about something crucial for your learning.

Manage Time Reasonably

The first year of college instantly shows the difference in school life. The tasks are more complicated, and there is less time to fulfill them. This is one of the “eternal” issues of all students – meeting their deadlines. Besides, it is a great catalyst for stress. That is why you need to use your time wisely and effectively. To do that, create a logical schedule that will plan your actions for many days and weeks ahead. Here are the essentials to add to your schedule:

      Academic and non-academic duties.

      Short- and long-term aims.

      Prioritization of your aims.

      Methods and tools to complete your tasks.

      Descriptions about what must be done and how.

      Clear deadlines with no right to the violation.

Read a Lot

There is one simple piece of advice for new college students which is frequently ignored by them. So, we will remind you of it. You need to read a lot of all kinds of literature regularly. It goes beyond all doubt that reading academic literature is a MUST! Nonetheless, fiction literature may be helpful as well.

Practice Every Day

Another piece of advice for college learners is to check all theories in practice. That is why your daily routine must include at least 2-4 hours of working out your learning skills. Complete various types of assignments in various subjects and on different topics. Thus, you’ll enrich your experience.

Avoid Distractions

The freshman year in college is full of all kinds of events. Youngsters frequently get absorbed by them and give little heed to their academics. It’s a false behavior. You should avoid all kinds of distractions:

      Social media;

      Video games;



      Gadgets, etc.

Find Professional Help

All freshmen in college need time to adjust to new rules and improve their skills. While they are trying to reach that aim, someone competent can assist them. Thus, a reliable essay writers service may be their best salvation. It surely has qualified experts who easily cope with any piece of writing. You can learn a lot from professionals to apply their tips in your papers.


Survival during the first year in college is sometimes similar to survival in all those zombie games and movies. It can turn into a real nightmare if you don’t have the antidote. Luckily, we have provided really effective tips. They are universal and suit everyone. Just use them wisely, and you’ll be fine!

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