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Discord DM Loger: See complete details


Discord DM Loger: See complete details

Do you always want to keep track of the messages or conversations you send on discord? Whether you want to keep track of personal use or professional use, Discord DM Loger will be helpful for you in this regard. It helps you to easily record and save the messages that you send to others on discord. This wonderful tool can be used to track char, record or store important messages or conversations and do much more. If you are a discord user and want to keep a track of your conversation with others for any use then this tool is helpful for you.

In this article, I am going to tell you all about “Discord DM Loger.” I will tell you all about it and what you need to know. So, read this article from start to end to know further about it.

Discord DM Loger
Discord DM Loger

Discord DM Loger An Overview

Discord DM Loger is a tool that is designed to facilitate Discord users. It is the greatest tool for those discord users who want to keep a record of their conversations with others on discord. This tool helps its users to record and save messages that they sent to others on discord.

This tool enables the users to keep track of the conversations, record, save important messages, and do much more. It allows the users to ensure that they do not miss any significant notes or conversations with others on discord. It is widely used by discord users because it comes up with the best features. It is easy to use and does not need any particular knowledge or skill. For using this tool, you only need to simply install it on your device and then you can easily start using it.

What are the advantages of using Discord DM Loger?

Using the Discord DM Loger gives you a range of advantages. The major advantages that it can provide are mentioned below:

Track messages

This tool helps you to track the conversation with others. It helps you to record messages with others. It helps you in the way that you do not miss any important messages. 

Store important message

This tool helps users to record and store important messages. You can use it for personal or professional purposes.

Easy to search specific message

The major benefit that this tool provides to the users is to search specific messages and conversations easily. You can search for any type of conversation with the name or with a message.

Save the message for future use

It is one of the major benefits that it enables users to save messages for future use or future reference.

Keep organizing

The last or another major benefit of this tool is that it keeps users organized. You can set the conversations on the top that are important for you.

How can you use Discord DM Loger?

Using Discord DM Loger is too easy a task. You do not need to do anything hard or even you do not need to have specific technical knowledge. You only need to install the tool and then you can easily start using it. Once you have installed this tool on your device, you can start logging your messages and conversation. To log your messages, you usually need to choose the channel or message you want to log in to and then hit the “Log” key. It will enable you to store messages and conversations for future reference.

Techniques and tips for using Discord DM Loger

If you want to properly use the Discord DM Loger then you should follow some tips that are given here,

·        Ensure that you are logging only relevant messages. It will enable you to stay organized and stay on top of the conversation.

·        If you want to find messages or topics on this tool then you can use the search feature to quickly reach the specific messages or topics

·        If you want to watch messages later then you need to back up your messages

·        Discord DM Loger is a better chat logger.

How you can see the deleted messages of discord?

Discord has a system of dealing with violation and abusive behavior but their system cannot do something when the abuser deletes the message, which is proof of harassment.

However, it is possible to see the deleted messages on discord now.

If you want to see the deleted messages then you can use two ways that are given below:

Use Discord Bots

You can see deleted messages using the discord bot. when it comes to such discord bots then many bots are available these days but the following are a few best:


A logger is the best option to see the deleted messages on discord. It helps you to store the deleted message for future use and some streamers create their own loggers. Adding loggers is an easy process. Follow the process below:

·        Select between either “Get or Invite”

·        Complete the verification process

·        Open discord and check your server

·        Linking discord and logger will be done automatically but it is better to do it yourself to set it properly

Dyno Bot

You can also use the Dyno bot if you want to see deleted messages on discord. You can select a free or paid version. The free version can store the last 10 messages while the premium subscription enables you to store 100 messages. Not any version allows images to be stored. Follow the steps below to use it:

·        Sign in to your account

·        Open the “Action Log”

·        Select server

·        Turn on the “Enable module”

·        Choose the service you need, better for you to choose “Messages deleted”

Using Plug-ins

You can also use plug-ins to store deleted messages. The following are major plug-ins that can be used for this purpose:


BetterDiscord is one of the most popularly used plug-ins used for watching deleted messages. Follow the steps below to use it:

·        Go to the official website of BetterDiscord and hit the “Download Key”

·        Select your operating system when a pop-up window will show on your screen

·        Choose the discord version in the installation box, if you want to get the normal app then select “Install to stable”

·        The installation wizard gives further instructions to install the app

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