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Blackboard San Jac : San Jac Blackboard details


Blackboard San Jac : San Jac Blackboard details

Blackboard San Jac is the online learning management system (LMS) of San Jacinto College. It is designed to facilitate students for their online study. Blackboard is a tech-based learning solution, which gives wonderful features and tools to students that help them in their studies.


They can access their course content and can get all the useful features easily by logging in it.

This article will give you a whole guide about “Blackboard San Jac.” so, if you are looking the ways to access this blackboard and use this blackboard efficiently then you are at the right place. Read this article to get useful information.

Blackboard San Jac : San Jac Blackboard details
Blackboard San Jac : San Jac Blackboard details

What is Blackboard San Jac?

San Jacinto offers a blackboard learning management system (LMS) to give online course materials and resources to students. This blackboard enables students to access their course content and related material, take part in the discussion organized by university or instructors, take quizzes and tests, take recorded video lectures, submit assignments, and much more.


This blackboard offers a central place for all learning resources and tools, which helps students in their education. To access this blackboard easily, students need to register at college and have an active college email address and login credentials.

What are the advantages of Blackboard San Jac?

The following are the major benefits of Blackboard San Jac:


This blackboard gives easy accessibility to students from all around the world. This blackboard is accessible 24/7 so; students can access their course content and other learning material anytime when they want

Organized learning resources

Blackboard organizes all the learning resources in a single place. Students can access course material, assignments, and grades in a single place, which keeps students, organized and track their progress

Central platform

Blackboard is the central platform for all study-related material. Students can easily access course content, take quizzes and tests, exams, assignments, and grade books and everything related to online study is available at the central place on the blackboard

Communication and interaction

Blackboard gives a platform to students where they can interact with each other and can take part in discussions. Using this platform, students can send messages, participate in the discussion board and can ask questions, provide feedback while the instructors can answer students’ questions and post important announcements.

Course assessment

Blackboard gives a place to students where they can take and submit their course assessments including online quizzes, tests, and exams that can be graded by the instructors.

How to login to Blackboard San Jac

To log in to Blackboard San Jac, follow the steps given below:

·       Open the Blackboard San Jac login page on your web browser using the link http://blackboard.sanjac.edu/

·       At the login page, you need to give your username which may be your registered email then enter your password in the given text boxes

·       After that, you need to click on the “Login” ley to access your blackboard

·       If you face any issues logging in then you should refresh the page and try again by entering the right credentials. However, if you still cannot log in, you should contact the help desk of the college to get further assistance.

How to reset Blackboard San Jac’s password

If you forgot your blackboard password then you can reset it using the steps given below

·       Open the login page on the web browser-using link http://blackboard.sanjac.edu/

·       You will find the “Forgot Your Password” link under the login text boxes

·       When you click the “Forgot Your Password,” it will take you to the password reset page

·       At the password reset page, enter your San Jacinto College email address in the designated text box

·       After that, click on the “Submit” key

·       Verify your identity by following the given instructions

·       You need to answer a security question or enter the verification code that they sent to your email to verify your identity

·       When your identity is verified, you can reset your password

·       Once you successfully reset your password, you can log in to the blackboard using your new password

·       If you encounter any issues login into blackboard using your new password, you can contact and get assistance from the IT help desk.

What is the process of submitting your assignment in Blackboard San Jac?

You can submit your assignment in Blackboard San Jac by following the process given below:

·       Go to the login page using the link given above using

·       Give your username and password

·       Then click on “Login” to access blackboard

·       After accessing blackboard, find and go to the course where you want to submit the assignment

·       Locate the assignment and hit on it to open it

·       Read the instructor’s instructions carefully to submit assignments successfully  

·       You can submit your assignment using two methods, by uploading the file from your computer and by typing the assignment in the text box

·       For uploading the file from the computer, you need to click on the “browse My Computer” button to find and select the file you want to submit

·       Select the file and click “Open” to upload the blackboard

·       When you upload the file, review the details to submit your assignment successfully

·       Click on the “Submit” option to submit your file

·       The second way to submit a file is using the text box, which is given for assignments

·       Type your assignment in the text box and click on “Submit” to submit your assignment

What is the process of accessing courses in Blackboard San Jac?

To access the courses easily on the blackboard, you need to follow the steps given below:

·       Go to the San Jacinto College website at www.sanjac.edu

·       Hit the “Blackboard” link located at the top right corner of the webpage

·       It will take you to the blackboard login page

·       Enter your username and password

·       When you successfully log in to blackboard, the list of your courses is displayed in your blackboard’s home

·       Click on the name, of course, you want to access

·       When you hit the course, you will be taken to the homepage of the course where you can access the course content, material, assignment, and other information

·       Click on the assignment you want to submit

·       If you face any issues doing this then you can take help from the IT help desk

Blackboard San Jac Mobile App

Blackboard San Jac is also available in the mobile app version. You can download and install the app from the Google Play store and Apple app store.

Following is the detail of Blackboard San Jac mobile apps:

Blackboard Learn App

The blackboard learns app is designed for the student to provide them with learning tools and features. It enables them to do several tasks including:

·       Access course content

·       Access course material

·       Track grades using the grade book

·       Take quizzes

·       Take tests

·       Submit Assignment

Blackboard Instructor App

The blackboard instructor app is designed for instructors who can do multiple tasks to provide quality education to the students. They can do several tasks given below:

·       Access course content

·       Manage course schedule

·       Interact with students

·       View content

·       Take feedback from the students

·       Organize discussion boards for students to discuss specific topics

How to login to Blackboard San Jac using the mobile app

Using the mobile app, you can log in to Blackboard San Jac:

·       Open Google Play Store and Apple App

·       Find the “Blackboard app” by searching using the search box

·       After finding the app, install the app by clicking on the “Install” button

·       After installing the app, find your college campus using the search box

·       Login to the blackboard using your credentials



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