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Whitepay introduces crypto payments to Ukraine’s tech stores


Whitepay introduces crypto payments to Ukraine’s tech stores

With the advancement in technology and the Crypto industry, the trend of payment with cryptocurrency increases day by day. Cryptocurrency has been making popularity in the world and technology enables people to turn their digital assets into a source of storing and exchanging money. So here I will discuss about whitepay introduces crypto payments to Ukraine’s tech stores.

Whitepay is a Ukrainian crypto payment company that gives a start to the trend of payment through cryptocurrency in Ukraine. This company introduces crypto payment in Ukraine’s tech stores and allows the customer to quickly pay for their purchases.

If you want to know further then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to get useful information.

Whitepay introduces crypto payments to Ukraine’s tech stores
Whitepay introduces crypto payments to Ukraine’s tech stores

Whitepay ----- A Quick Overview

Whitepay is a Ukraine-based payment-processing platform, which is created by Whitebit. Whitepay is a digital asset exchange company. This company allows users to make transactions rapidly by using their crypto assets.

This way of payment is efficient and secure that is why it gets popular among people. Using whitepay, users can save, exchange, and transfer their money easily. This is a convenient payment system for both customers and businesses.

The system has been planted in some of the biggest tech stores in Ukraine where customers can make their transactions using their cryptocurrencies.

What are the purposes behind introducing cryptocurrencies to tech stores in Ukraine?

Technology gives us many advantages and crypto payment is a great advantage. The purpose behind introducing crypto payment in tech stores is to provide ease to the customer. Using the Whitepay, customers can pay for their payments and transactions.

Usually, customers are allowed to pay with their credit card if they want to pay for their transactions using their digital assets. However, crypto coins are also digital assets that can be used these days for payment at the stores, which provide this payment method.

Crypto payment is the more quick and safest way of payment than any other way. Whitepay provides a whole system in Ukraine’s major tech stores and enables them to allow their customers to pay with their digital coins for their payment.

Ukraine is one of the rapidly growing countries in Europe, which have a large group of talented and passionate developers. Crypto payments enable stores in Ukraine to attract more customers by providing them with multiple payment options. Whitepay gives the opportunity to stores to accept payment in a range of cryptocurrencies.

How does Whitepay works?

Whitepay is a digital platform that allows people to make their financial transactions using cryptocurrencies. It gives a tool to the people for sending and receiving digital money without a traditional banking system.

Here is how this system works:

1.      If anyone wants to pay for the transaction with cryptocurrency then he/she must have a cryptocurrency wallet with enough amounts to pay for the purchase

2.      If any customer selects cryptocurrency as a payment option in the store, which accepts this payment, then Whitepay processes the transaction

3.      Whitepay changes the cryptocurrency into local currency and transfers the amount to the seller’s account

4.      After the above process, the system confirms the transaction and the user will get their product purchased

5.      Whitepay provides the best, the most secure and fastest way of payment to customers. It also offers a range of advantages to the businesses such as low transaction fees, rapid payment, and access to a broader customer base.

What are the advantages of payment with cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency becomes popular these days. Whitepay allows tech stores in Ukraine to accept payment through cryptocurrency. The customer uses their crypto wallet to pay for purchases at tech stores that allow this system. The platform Whitepay converts the cryptocurrency into local currency and then transfers it to the seller’s account. Payment through cryptocurrency does not need a traditional banking system.

This is good news for everyone living in Ukraine who wants to pay with cryptocurrencies. It enables businesses to attract customers who do not want to pay in traditional ways. Payment through cryptocurrency is the safest, fastest, and easiest that is why people prefer to go with this payment method.

Some of the major benefits that cryptocurrency payment gives are given below:

Easy way to pay for purchases

Crypto payment is one of the easiest ways to pay for purchases. This payment method does not need a traditional banking system. The users only need their crypto wallet to pay for the products that they purchase. Payment system like whitepay converts the currency into local currency and transfers it to the seller’s account

Secure payment

Crypto payment is considered a secure payment method as compared to other payment methods. Whitepay use bitcoin’s lightning network, which means that no one can see you are spending or how much you have left. This payment method is completely private.

No charges

Other payment apps charge 3% per transaction while with Whitepay; people do not need to pay any charges. They can make their payment free of cost.






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