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Waters Synapt ion mobility QTOF mass spectrometry


Waters Synapt ion mobility QTOF mass spectrometry

If you are searching for information about “Waters Synapt ion mobility QTOF mass spectrometry” then you are at the right place. In this article, I will give you deep insights into “Waters Synapt ion mobility QTOF mass spectrometry.” So, read this article from start to end to get useful information about it.

Waters Synapt ion mobility QTOF mass spectrometry
Waters Synapt ion mobility QTOF mass spectrometry


Mass spectrometry and ion mobility are two widely used techniques to examine and analyze complex molecular compounds. What happened when these powerful technologies are combined?

A system is built by combining these two more powerful compound analysis techniques, which are named “Waters Synapt ion mobility QTOF mass spectrometry.”

This system is the combination of two technique ion mobility, which is used to recognize and categorize ions according to different factors like their size, shape, and the charge on them, and QTOF mass spectrometry, which is used to measure and get the fragment pattern of the complex molecular compounds like proteins and metabolites.

Waters Synapt G2Si HDMS QTof

Waters Synapt G2Si HDMS QTof is an instrument by the University of Waterloo Mass Spectrometry Facility. This Mass spectrometry facility is an interdisciplinary unit that is built with the contribution of individuals from different departments of the university like chemistry, biology, physics, and other departments. They collaborate with other universities and industries to revolutionize mass spectrometry technology.

This instrument works by the combination of two technologies “Ion mobility” and “QTOF Mass spectrometry.” This advanced tool is used to analyze and describe the mixture of complex compounds. This instrument is designed by the incorporation of two collision cells a trap and transfer cell instead of the conventional QTOF’s collision cells.

This instrument also featured a traveling wave ion Mobility (TWIM) cell between these two collision cells, which enable this instrument to carry out additional separation of ions, molecules, and compounds based on different factors like size, shape, and charge.

This instrument carries out collision-induced dissociation (CID) with or without the TWIM technology in the trap and transfer cells. This tool is capable of performing a range of mass spectrometry techniques like MS, MS/MS, and High resolution/Accurate Mass. All the techniques that this instrument can carry out are interfaced with waters I-class UPLC and an Agilent 7890B GC.

Moreover, this instrument also featured a unified TWIM, which gives an orthogonal dimension of ion separation according to the ion’s average collisional cross-section instead of their m/z ratio. This feature enables this tool to further separate the complex mixtures or isomeric species. It can be flawlessly incorporated into any analytical workflow.

Features and uses

Waters Synapt G2Si HDMS QTof is a high-performing mass spectrometer that is used for mass spectrometry and cycle mass spectrometry analysis. This tool is also used for high-resolution and accurate mass determination of complex molecules and compounds.

This tool is equipped with electrospray ionization (ESI) and Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) sources, which enable it to optimize the analytical flow rate.

Sources for ionization

This tool featured two types of sources for ionization. The first source of ionization is Electrospray Ionization (ESI) while the second source is Atmospheric pressure chemical Ionization (APCI). These sources can be used separately and or in combination to get the optimal ionization for a big range of chemical species.

Molecular mass analysis

This tool is also used in molecular mass analysis and determination. It featured a time-of-flight mass spectrometry technique to analyze molecules and compounds to determine their masses.

Accurate mass determination with high-resolution

This instrument gives an accurate mass determination of compounds and molecules with high resolution. This tool is equipped with a TOF/MS analysis feature with lock mass correction, which is used to analyze and determine the mass of molecules and compounds with high resolution. This feature enables this instrument to accurately analyze and decide the mass of molecules and compounds based on several factors like their size, shape, and charge.

MS/MS analysis

You may also carry out MS/MS analysis by using this instrument. This analysis provides structural clarification of compounds and molecules using the set or ramped collection energy.

Data analysis

Using this instrument, data analysis is also carried out. You can carry out data-dependent or data-independent analysis by using this equipment.

Ion mobility feature

These instruments featured traveling wave ion nobility feature, which can be combined with batch introduction/infusion and with other techniques to carry out ion separation based on their average collisional cross-section such as size, shape, and charge on the ion.

Analytical UPLC/MS and GC/MS

Different analytical processes like UPLC/MS and GC/MS are carried out using this instrument. It enables users to perform these tasks through special arrangements with the facility. However, these tasks must have been optimized previously and suitable conditions must provide to carry out these processes.

For which purpose Waters Synapt G2Si HDMS QTof is used

Waters Synapt G2Si HDMS QTof is used to analyze and separate complex molecules and compounds. It analyses the compounds based on their size, shape, and charge.



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