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Starsat SR 9990 HD software update


Starsat SR 9990 HD software update

In this article, I am going to tell you all about the “Starsat SR 9990 HD software update.” Therefore, if you want to know about it then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to know further about it. 

Starsat SR 9990 HD software Overview 

Starsat SR 9990 HD is a satellite receiver and its software helps it to work better. The company launches many updates to enhance the performance of Starsat SR 9990 HD software. The latest update of software will help the device to perform well. 

Starsat SR 9990 HD software update
Starsat SR 9990 HD software update

Starsat SR 9990 HD software update 

You can easily update your Starsat SR 9990 HD software by following the method mentioned below: 

·       You need to download the update on a USB. You can easily download the update by clicking the Download key 

·       When you download the update then you should locate the USB port on Starsat SR 9990 HD software device 

·       After inserting the USB into device, you will get a pop-up notification on your TV, which represents that “USB ready” 

·       Now, you need to hold your TV remote and press the “USB” key on the remote 

·       Then, another pop-up notification will show on the screen of your TV, which tells that “USB initializing” 

·       After that, your hard disk is open and many options will show by which you should click the “Software” option 

·       When you hit the Software, you will get more options by which you should select “gx6605S_newapple_starsat3.1M” 

·       When you hit this option, you will get a notification that takes permission so, you should press the OK button and then press the “Yes” key 

·       Your current software will erase and new software will be installed on the device 

·       After the software update, your device will restart and then be ready to use 

·       The software update will enhance its performance and makes it more efficient 

Starsat SR 9990 HD software Features 

Unicable supported 

This device supports a single cable so; you can link this device with other devices using a single cable 

Satellite search 

The device supports multi-satellite search. You can also search the network. You can search for anything manually. 

Output resolution 

It has many output resolutions by which you can set one according to your desires and requirements. The resolution is ranging from 80p60Hz 480i60Hz, 576p50Hz & 576i50Hz, 720p50&60HZ, 1080i 50&60HZ, 1080P 50&60Hz. 

Large memory 

It can store a large memory. It can save more than 100 satellites, 5000 channels, 1000 transponders, more than 32 favorite groups 

Add Favorite Groups 

You can add and delete the favorite groups on the device and access them any time when you want 

Multiple language support 

The device supported multiple languages such as English, Greek, Italian, Arabic, Persian, Ukraine, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, German, French, and Russian.


Software update through USB 

The device also has a USB port for updating the software. The USB interface is 2.0 so; you can easily update the software using the USB 

Multi-Language Audio 

The device also supports multiple languages audio so; you can easily listen to audio in the language you want. 

Final Words 

This article is about Starsat SR 9990 HD software update. You can easily update your software using the way mentioned here. I hope the information given here will be useful for you. 







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