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PelPro PP130 software update : Complete details


PelPro PP130 software update : Complete details 

In this article, I am going to tell you all about the “PelPro PP130 software update.” Therefore, if you want to know how to update the PelPro PP130 software then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to get further information about it.

PelPro PP130 Software Overview

PelPro PP130 software is a powerful stove that provides 87.5% EPA-certified efficiency. It is an efficient but affordable pellet stove. PellPro is one of the stoves that can produce 40,000 BTUs of heat.

PelPro PP130 software update
PelPro PP130 software update

PelPro PP130 software update

If you want to update your PelPro PP130 software then you should follow the steps below:

  1. · Safety should be your priority when you have to do something dangerous so, you should wear protective gloves before updating the software
  2. · Make sure that the unit is cool
  3. · Now, you need to remove the stove to complete the software update
  4. · You should set the dual position to “OFF” and then wait for some time for slow blinking of the green LED
  5. · Let the unit cool and then disconnect the power cord
  6. · Remove the right side panel by losing three bolts using a wrench
  7. · Find the USB port on the control board and then insert the USB that is provided with the software update kit
  8. · Now, plug the power cord back into the unit
  9. · The software will update when the blue LED on the USB device will blink for some time
  10. · The software update will complete when the blue light on USB will stop blinking
  11. · Now, again unplug the power cord from the unit
  12. · On the control board, remove the USB device from the USB port
  13. · Reinstall the right side panel and make it secure by tightening the bolts using a wrench
  14. · Plug the power back into the unit and your stove is updated

Facts about PelPro PP130 software update

  • ·        It has a detached automatic wooden pellet stove
  • ·        It can produce 11000 to 50000 BTU input
  • ·        It can produce more than 46,900 BTUs of output
  • ·        It can produce heat from 1200 to 2200 square feet
  • ·        It is 81.6% efficient EPA certified 
  • ·        It has top loading
  • ·        Its hopper holds 120 pounds of pellet
  • ·        It has automatic ignition
  • ·        It is also approved for mobile home use
  • ·        It is made in the United States
  • ·        It has 1 year limited warranty

Features of PelPro PP130 software 

The following are the key features and technologies of this software:

Best Fuel Economy

It provides the best fuel economy. It is an EPA-certified model and ensures clear-burning performance. It is 87.5% efficient, which helps you to save money. It enables you to get more heat from your fuel.

Simple to use dial control

Using the dual control, you can easily operate and control your stove. You can adjust your stove according to your desires and requirements. It provides 10 heat settings, which you can set to any. Checking the status of your stove is also easy because it gives the red and green light.


It has a self-emptying burn pot and gives an efficient performance, which helps you to save time. 130-pound hopper with a 330-pound hopper extension gives ultra-long heat.


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