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CUNY blackboard: See complete details


CUNY blackboard: See complete details

CUNY Blackboard is the learning management system of The City University of New York. It is used by students for learning purposes and gives several benefits to them. If you want to get information about the “CUNY blackboard” then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to know further information about it.

CUNY blackboard
CUNY blackboard

CUNY blackboard  A Quick Overview

CUNY blackboard is an online learning management system (LMS) that is provided to students by the University of New York (CUNY) to enable them to access their studyrelated courses online. It helps CUNY to provide an online learning platform to its students.


It is a virtual platform designed for students and faculty to interact with each other, access courserelated material easily, submit an assignment, take quizzes, take online classes, take tests and exams, participate in discussions, and learn online.


It also provides other features including a grade tracking system by which students can track their grades, and check announcements, and gives a messaging platform for students and teachers to easily interact with each other. It is widely used across CUNY and it plays a vital role in providing online education to the students in CUNY.

How to login to CUNY blackboard

If you want to log in to CUNY blackboard then you should follow the steps below:

·       Open your browser and navigate to the CUNY blackboard login page using the link https://ssologin.cuny.edu/cuny.html?resource_url=https%3A%2F%2Fbbhosted.cuny.edu%252F

·       When you hit this link, it will redirect you toward the CUNY blackboard login page where you will get two text boxes

·       You need to enter your credentials in the text box like your username and password

·       When you add your username and password, hit the below “Login” key

·       When you hit the login key, it will bring you to your CUNY blackboard where you can access your course related materials  

2nd method

If you do not want to follow the above method to login to CUNY blackboard then you can follow other method given below:

·       Open the web browser and go to www.baruch.cuny.edu

·       When you hit this link, it will open the official website of Baruch College and Cuny University where you can easily access blackboard

·       Find and hit the “Quick Links” key then a menu list will appear on your screen

·       Find the “Blackboard” option from the menu list and hit it

·       It will open a page where you find the “Login” key

·       You will be redirected to the login key after hitting the “Login” option

·       You need to add your CUNY blackboard’s credentials like username and password

·       After entering your credentials, you need to hit at “Login” key

·       If you see, an error then closes the browser and tries logging in again

·       If you successfully log in to the blackboard then you need to hit “My Course” list to access your course detail

What are the benefits of CUNY blackboard?

CUNY blackboard is the LMS system of The City University of New York. The following are the major benefits of this LMS system:

Access courserelated material

CUNY blackboard is the key to accessing the courserelated material easily. It is designed to facilitate students in their learning. It helps them to get course documents. Using this blackboard, CUNY students can get everything that they need to study their course.

Receive and Submit the Assignment

This LMS system enables CUNY students to receive and submit assignments. Teachers can send assignments easily to their students. Students can easily take their assignments through LMS and then can submit them easily using their LMS.

Study organization

This blackboard provides a centralized platform for students to organize their studies. It gives them easy access to courserelated material, assignments, discussions, and tests. It makes it easier for students to stay organized.


This blackboard provides a central location for the students and teachers to interact with each other. Teachers can organize discussions about specific topics and students can take part in the discussion using this blackboard from any location in the world.

Grade book

CUNY blackboard provides a grade book to the students, which enables them to track their grades. It let them stay updated with their performance. Students can check their grades and studyrelated assessment easily.

Electronic system for assessments

The CUNY blackboard provides a centralized and electronic platform to students for all their study assessments like tests, quizzes, assignments, and courserelated documents.

Online classes

These platforms offer students to take online classes. It gives them a virtual classroom where they can take their classes and can interact with students and teachers easily.

Online exams

This blackboard provides a virtual platform for students to take their exams. It helps the university to organize exams and let students participate in exams from any location in the world.

Easy accessibility

The major benefit of this blackboard is that it is easily accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Selfpaced learning

Using the CUNY blackboard, students can work at their own pace by accessing all courserelated material and assignments easily. It is most convenient for them. It enables students to manage their time and schedule their learning.

What is CUNYFirts?

CUNYfirst is an online system, which is designed by The City University of New York (CUNY) to manage several administrative tasks like student’s record, financial records, billing, and registration. It is a fully integrated resource and service tool, which is designed to check and run managerial processes and improve the efficiency of the Cuny System.

Using this online platform, students can register for classes, track their grades and financial records like fees, and can easily access information. CUNY faculty can use this system to schedule online classes, study courses, give grades to students, and can access students’ records. It also provides additional options like updating personal information, requesting official records and transactions, paying bills, and much more.

Log in to CUNYFirts

If you want to log in to CunyFirst then you should follow the steps given below:

·       Open your web browser

·       Go to the CunyFirst portal

·       The CunyFirst Login page will display on your screen

·       Enter credentials like user name and password

·       Then hit the “Login” key

How to reset the CUNY blackboard password

Sometimes students forget their blackboard account’s password. If you also face this issue then you can reset your old password and can set the new one.

Follow the steps below to reset your password:

·       Go to the CUNY blackboard’s login page

·       You will get two text boxes, one to enter the username while the second is to enter the password

·       If you forget your password then you need to use another option, which is “Forgotten password”

·       Find and hit the “Forgotten Password option” and click it

·       Enter your CUNY Login or EMPLID then hit to “Continue” option

·       You will be given instructions. Follow the instructions displayed on your screen and then you can reset your password

How to use the CUNY blackboard

CUNY blackboard is an online platform provided by The City University of New York to facilitate students and faculty members. Students can use this platform to access their studyrelated documents and material, take quizzes and tests, take online classes, take exams, participate in online discussions, and track grades. Faculty members can interact with students using this platform, send assignments to students, give grades to students, and interact with them.





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