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Alphabox X6+ combo software


Alphabox X6+ combo software

If you are looking for information about Alphabox X6+ combo software then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to get further information about it. 

Alphabox X6+ combo software
Alphabox X6+ combo software

Alphabox X6+ combo Software Overview

Alphabox and GSKY both have launched a new test firmware patch for sports24HD. All these patches are currently supported on Alphabox X6+ and GSJY V5 satellite receivers. This is powerful software for the satellite receiver.

How to download Alphabox X6+ combo software

  1. · First, should find the file that you can download to download the software in your system
  2. · If you want to download the Aphabox X6+ then you should visit official website
  3. · Copy or extract the file from the site into the flash drive or any type of USB disc
  4. · Then, plug the drive into the decoder using the USB port
  5. · After that, hit the “Menu” after navigating the USB upgrade
  6. · Then you need to find the file and hit the “OK” button to start the upgrading
  7. · After upgrading, wait until the decoder reboot
  8. · Do factory reset your decoder before setting up it if it is not factory reset by default
  9. · After that, rescan all the channels back Leave the decoder for some time in sports24HD then the channel will start coming up with some time Alphabox X6 is recommended to upgrade the softscam by the network after upgrading by hitting the Menu
  10. · Go to the setting then dial 2778 to get authorization to access the control
  11. · After that, hit the “OK” key on the softscam key and hit the “OK” key again to get the latest version of the softscam key loaded
  12. · Set up the internet connection of your decoder and then reboot it
  13. · Wait for a while to get a new softscam key update then it will appear on your screen
  14. · Choose the “Ok” key to start the new softscam key loaded
  15. · Once it will appear on the screen then you are successful in doing what you are doing

How can you recover Alphabox X6+ combo software if X6+ is broken? 

If you want to recover broken Alphabox X6+ then you should use boot update. Follow the step below: 

·       First, you should change the bin file name from any name to “gx6605s_all.bin” 

·       Then copy the file to the root of the USB drive. Also, remember that the USB drive must be in FAT32 file format because it does not reliable with NTFS format. Do not change the file name if the USB boot will not work properly 

·       Now, you should attach the USB device to the STB through any USB port 

·       Turn on the power while clicking the standby key on the front panel 

·       Hold on clicking the standby key until the message “E0xx” will appear and the “P0xx” notification will display on the LED display of the front panel 

·       The LED display will display an “OK” notification after passing few seconds 

·       Now, the update is finished and you can restart the receiver 

What are the major features of Alphabox X6+? 

  1. · It support DVB-S2 & T2 & C
  2. · It supports 3G and USB wifi
  3. · It is reliable with Dolby
  4. · It can also work with a 3month’s account
  5. · It also supports DC12V
  6. · It also supports RF output (21-69)




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