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Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler



Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler

If you like, manhwa then you will be aware of “Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler.” Manhwa lovers want to know about Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler. Therefore, this article will contain the detail about it. If you want to know further about it then you are at the right place. 

"The Maid's Sleepless Nights is a captivating ongoing manhwa with a fantastic storyline. Its popularity is growing daily among fans."

Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler
Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler

Sleepless Nights of a Maid ---- Summary 

The story is all about Eva Massies was once a member of a noble family, but she now works as a house cleaner for a friend. One day, when she is at her lowest point, she meets Crown Prince Edward, who was once her fiancé. Edward is strong, handsome, and charming, and his loving voice and caring demeanor make Eva fall in love with him.

However, the next time they meet, Edward's attitude has changed. He is distant and icy,

In addition, he warns Eva that he plans to do as he pleases now that she is back in his Life. Despite this, she still finds herself drawn to him, and her heart gets stronger each time she sees him. 

She becomes a lady-in-waiting and is assigned the duty of taking care of Edward's needs before he goes to sleep, but she is also aware of the power he holds over her.

As she performs her duties, she is struck by the contrast between Edward's cold demeanor and the warmth of his touch. She can feel the tension between them, and she wonders if he will ever reveal his true feelings toward her. Despite the uncertainty, she continues to hold on to the hope that their love story will have a happy ending.

About Royal Family | Sleepless Nights of a Maid

The current emperor is sick, and Edward, the Crown Prince, is next in line to become the ruler of the empire. However, his position is not secure as the current empress, who is James’ mother and the second wife of the emperor, holds the power. To secure his claim to the throne, Edward must build his reputation and gather enough votes from the high council, which is made up of nobles. 

Edward, who is facing serious health issues, is determined to become the ruler and make a name for him. To achieve this, he embarks on a series of bloody wars and proves himself a hero. His bravery and leadership skills earn him the respect of the people, and he becomes known as a great warrior throughout the empire. 

With his growing reputation and power, Edward becomes a force to be reckoned with and is eventually able to win the support of the high council, securing his place as the next emperor of the empire.

About Baron’s House Arc | Sleepless Nights of a Maid

Cecil is a crucial character in the novel, serving as a friend, mother, and maid to Eva. Throughout the story, Cecil supports Eva and does her best to protect her. As a maid, she works for Eva and is always there for her.

In the novel, Eva meets with Edward (also known as Sir Ruth) at the old property of her father. Edward, who was previously attracted to Eva's kindness and gentleness, becomes more and more obsessed with her as he helps her defend Todd, the Baron's older child. He feels sorry for her situation and wants to help, but with the Empress on the throne, he does not have much power.

Edward must leave, but before he does, he informs Eva that if she needs him, he will send word. However, while he is gone, Todd injures Cecil and attacks Eva. Despite the odds against her, Eva wins the battle and knocks Todd out.

Believing Todd to be dead, she flees from Cecil's house with the Baron as a fugitive. Despite the challenges she faces, Eva remains strong and continues to fight for what is right.

About Fugitives 

Eva, after being attacked by Todd and forced to flee from Cecil's house, hides in a merchant caravan where she meets Rex, who is an illegitimate child of a Duke and extremely wealthy. Meanwhile, Edward, who is still deeply attracted to Eva's kindness and gentle nature, becomes determined to find her and keep her safe. 

As he gains more information about her situation, he sets out to ruin the Baron's family and bring justice for the harm they caused. Despite his current lack of power due to the Empress being in control, Edward remains persistent in his mission to protect Eva and make things right.

Duke of Kensington’s Maid Arch | Sleepless Nights a Maid 

Eva is selected to become a royal maid for the Empress, and she meets a man named Hayden who offers her this opportunity. It is later revealed that Hayden is the leader of a band of mercenaries and is a skilled swordsman, rivaling Prince Edward. 

As Prince Edward is fighting on the front lines, Count Holland assists in allowing Olivia to become the Crown Prince's fiancée to the Empress, although Edward was severely injured in battle and did not give his consent. Eva feels betrayed by the announcement and writes a letter to Edward saying that they will never meet again. 

However, when Cecil passes away and Edward rides to visit Eva while she is mourning, she is unaware that he is holding her sick body and asking for her survival. Despite being on the battlefield, Edward often thinks of Eva and longs to be with her. Upon reading her letter, he becomes furious and burns it, preparing for the final battle.

Sleepless Nights of Maid | Sleepless Nights of Maid Spoiler 

When Edward returns from the war, he greets Olivia and the Empress at the palace and sneaks into Eva's room. Despite her attempts to push him away, he presses her against the front door and kisses her, declaring their love for each other. Edward informs the Empress that he wants to cancel Olivia's betrothal and forces Eva to become his maid. 

Olivia, heartbroken by Edward's rejection, runs to Prince James and tries to prevent Eva from being with Edward. However, Edward is determined to have Eva by his side, both day and night, and begins to teach her about love and physical intimacy. Despite the challenges they face, Eva realizes that she still loves Edward and they continue their journey together.


 As Edward and Eva embark on their journey, they are faced with various obstacles, including the disapproval of Olivia and her family, as well as the societal norms that dictate their roles. Despite these challenges, Edward remains determined to have Eva as his maid and to show her the depths of his love and affection. 

Throughout their journey, Edward takes the lead and teaches Eva about physical intimacy and pleasure. However, the process is not without its challenges, as Edward must stay awake longer to guide Eva, causing her to get less sleep. 

Despite these difficulties, Eva and Edward grow closer, and their love for each other becomes even stronger. As they continue their journey, they must navigate the expectations of society and find a way to be together, despite the obstacles in their path.


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