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Scalper software ninjatrader 8 : Complete Review


Scalper software ninjatrader 8 : Complete Review

Trading is not an easy task, especially when you are a beginner. This task needs deep trading knowledge and high sight on analytics. Ninja Trader 8 is a trading platform that is recognized and widely used around the world for wide range of trading tools with incredible features to help traders. It makes this task easiest for all level of traders. This platform gives a tool named “Scalper Software” that is designed to help traders identify trading oppurtunities and make strategies according to them.  In this article we will explore the features and benefits of the Scalper software NinjaTrader 8 and provide a step by step guide on how to use it.

Ninja Trader | Introduction

A private company Ninja Trader built a trading platform Ninjatrader that facilitate traders all around the world. This company was established in 2004 in Denver, USA. This software can be your choice if you want to make an account, get trading software, and want to get an online solution for brokerage at a single place. This platform has automated trading features that enable traders to identify trading oppurtunities and work on them to get potential benefit.

What is scalper software?

Scalper software is established for Ninjatrader. This software will strategize signals on the Ninjatrader chart that will help traders to identify oppurtunities for trade. It displays small triangles that escort the entry price, which helps traders of all levels to recognize the trading opportunity. Additionally, you can see its horizontal and vertical lines when you buy this software. These lines will further help you to enhance your skills to trade. When an entry takes place on platform, this software lets you to know and it helps you to avail trading oppurtunities.

Scalper software uses a chart to show new entries. This software is user friendly. You can use it with all type of trading platforms.

Scalper software ninjatrader 8
Scalper software ninjatrader 8

Scalper Software Ninjatrader 8 Review

Ninjatrader is a trading platform. Its version 8 became popular among traders because it has enhanced features and wonderful functionality. This software is built for frequent traders, who need to purchase stocks, trade stocks, and looking a single solution for forex market. This software gives those automated transactions and exchange.

This software has 100,000 users. The company behind this wonderful trading platform has won many awards. The major reasons behind the popularity of this platform are that it has user-friendly framework. The open user framework of this trading platform let users to indicate trading oppurtunities and develop strategies.

Users can integrate third party tools and apps to further enhance the functionality of the software. Users can integrate indicators, layout tools and they are allowed to customize their experience according to their needs.

Characters and specs

Online brokers are always looking for a single solution for everything from identification of trading oppurtunities to making strategies to get them. Scalper software Ninjatrader is the best tool for these types of traders. This software has well-developed chart features to show trade oppurtunities, tools for market analysis, automated strategies for trade, and several features for optimization.

Identify trading oppurtunities

This software gives features “Charts” that show real-time trading oppurtunities. Traders can place orders for stock exchange with real-time experience. This feature helps those traders who want to perform real-time trade with real currency. Such users need to buy license and use the paid version of this software. It does not have any limitation and restrictions for users under real-market condition.

Make best trading strategies

This software allows users to develop strategies to enhance their trade and stock exchange. This software can be used with all type of trading platform including day trading, FOREX, Futures, and others like them. User can expand the platform according to their need with the integration of third-party apps. You can learn to use this platform with its free version.

Explore Trade Oppurtunities

This software let users to explore trade oppurtunities with the real-time data on charts. Moreover, this platform gives tools for market analysis. Users can use the data to forecast the upcoming price and market condition.

What is the procedure to start trading on Ninjatrader?

You should follow the steps mentioned below to start trading on Ninjatrader:

Select Assets 

You need to select the assets you want to trade before sign up to the platform. You need to visit the Nija Trader’s official website and select the assets you want to trade.

When you select the assets then you need to select brokers.

Select the broker

After selecting the assets to trade on the platform, you will be directed to a page to select the broker. You should research about the brokers before stating to trade with them. You should always go with a broker that gives best services.

Make account

When you select the broker, you will be directed to the sign up page where you need to enter asked information. For example, if you select “Philip Capital” for your trade, you will be directed towards a page to make account with this broker.

Select your account type

When you select the brokers, you are allowed to select account type to make account. Some brokers offer Individual account or corporate account. You can make account as individual if you are a single trader or you can make account as corporate if you are trading for corporate.


When you enter all the details that are required to make account, you will ask to verify and confirm them. You may need to enter verification code that will send on given phone number or email.

Enter bank statement

The broker may ask you to enter bank statement for your residence proof or earning proof.

Answer/ Questions

When you have done everything mentioned above, you need to answer few questions that broker will asks from you. The questions are about the trading purpose. You need to enter answers and accept their terms for trading then you can start to use this platform. 

Final Words

Ninjatrader 8 is a tool developed for trading. Scalper Trader is a tool designed to facilitate ninjatrader users. When we combine ninjatrader with scalper tool, we will get endless benefits and we can use the ninjatrader trading platform with its full potential.    

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