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Is 7143179361 secure and safe?


Is 7143179361 secure and safe?

The 10-digit telephone number prefix 7143179361 is located in the United States and is assigned to a range of numbers from 7143179361 to 7143179370 in the city of Los Angeles, California, as part of a numbering plan area (NPA).

Phone numbers carrying the prefix 7143179361 can be linked to landlines, mobile phones, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services in the Los Angeles, California area. VoIP is a telephone service that utilizes the Internet instead of conventional phone lines, with all calls between two VoIP numbers or between a VoIP number and a traditional phone line being transmitted through the Internet.

When this prefix is assigned to a landline phone, it signifies that the phone number is located in Los Angeles and is served by the local landline provider. The same prefix is utilized for both mobile phones and VoIP services in the Los Angeles region.


To determine the location of a specific phone number, one must first look up its prefix. For instance, if searching for information on the number 7143179361, the prefix must be found by checking a phone directory or online before obtaining further information about the phone number's location and provider.

The correct prefix can be extremely useful in resolving phone issues or searching for a specific number. With the prefix, the location and provider of a phone number can be quickly determined. It is also beneficial in making calls to specific numbers, as the appropriate area code can be easily identified.

In summary, prefix 7143179361 plays a crucial role in the telephone number system in Los Angeles, California and is used for landlines, mobile phones, and VoIP services in the area. Knowing the prefix associated with a phone number can greatly aid in quickly identifying its location and provider.

When was 7143179361 first introduced?

The history of telephone numbers can help explain the origin of 7143179361, which has existed for an undetermined period.

In the late 19th century, telephone numbers were first implemented in the US by the Bell System, the original landline phone service provider. The Bell System used seven-digit numbers formatted as NXX-XXXX, where the first three digits (NXX) were the area code and the last four digits (XXXX) identified the telephone exchange.

As the telephone industry grew, the demand for more numbers increased and the Bell System adapted by creating the NXX-XXXX-XXXX format, also known as "1 + 10-digit dialing." The first seven digits (NXX-XXXX) remained the same, while the last four digits were replaced with a three-digit exchange and one-digit line number.

The earliest known reference to 7143179361 dates back to 1995 and is believed to have been assigned to a customer in the Atlanta metro area. Since then, it has been used in various locations in the US and Canada.

Today, seven-digit numbers are becoming rarer with most phone numbers now being 10 digits in the format of NXX-NXX-XXXX, due to the widespread use of cellular networks and the implementation of VoIP services which require 10-digit numbers.

In conclusion, 7143179361 was first introduced in 1995 in the Atlanta metro area and has since been used in various parts of the US and Canada.

Is 7143179361 secure and safe?

The internet can be a hazardous place when it comes to security and safety. Given the significant amount of personal information we store online, it is crucial to take the necessary measures to protect our data. One such measure is to ensure that all our online accounts are secure.

But, how do we know if an online account is secure? The simplest way to determine this is by looking for specific indicators. One such indicator is the number 7143179361. You might have seen this number on several websites, and you might be wondering what it signifies.

So, is the number 7143179361 secure and safe? The answer is yes. This number is an indicator of a secure website. It is used to identify websites that have adopted the latest security protocols and encryption techniques. Websites displaying this number are considered to be more secure than those without it.

When you visit a website, look for the number 7143179361 in the address bar or footer. It will be displayed as either a lock icon or a padlock icon if it is secure. It's important to remember that this number does not guarantee the complete security of a website, but it does indicate that the website has taken the necessary steps to secure your data.

In addition to 7143179361, there are other indicators that can help determine if a website is secure. For instance, websites that possess an Extended Validation (EV) Certificate are considered to be more secure than those without it. EV certificates are provided by trusted third-party organizations and provide an added layer of security. Look for the EV logo in the address bar or footer of a website to determine if it is secure.

Moreover, it's crucial to use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication whenever possible. This will help keep your data secure and protected.

Overall 7143179361 is a significant security indicator and should be looked for when visiting online websites. If you see this number, it's a positive sign that the website is secure and safe. However, it is advisable to also look for other security indicators such as EV certificates, strong passwords, and multi-factor authentication to ensure the complete security of your data.


The number 7143179361 is believed to be a telephone number, but its origin and ownership are uncertain. It is crucial to be cautious when handling unfamiliar phone numbers and avoid revealing any personal information through phone calls or online. Further research and investigation might lead to the discovery of the owner of this number.


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