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How to use keywords in content writing : Complete Guide


 How to use keywords in content writing: In-depth guide

Keywords play a vital role in ranking a website up and down. There are over 500 million blogs across more than 1.8 billion websites all around the world. Not all blogs rank highest on search engines. For ranking a website and blogs, it is too much important to make a strategy for using the keywords properly. If you want to know how to use keywords in content writing then you are at the right place. Read the article from start to end and get the benefit.

How to use keywords in content writing
How to use keywords in content writing

Different Ways to use the keyword in Content Writing

First, it is important to search the related keyword using the search engines and then use them in your content to boost the ranking of your blog post on the search engines. Keywords should be placed strategically in the whole of your content. The most important places to place the keywords are given below:

·      Article Title

The first place where you need to place the keyword is the title of the article. For inserting a keyword at this place, it is the best option for you to choose the exact primary keyword. When you publish or post the article, then Google identified it by matching it to the original search term and your audience will believe that your content will be relevant to their needs.

If the full keyword does not look natural then does not use full? You do not want the audience to think that your article or content will be awkward and avoid clicking it. So, use the relevant keyword always to attract people.

·      Mets Description

A Meta description is small info, publicity, or description, which approximately contain 160 characters that display under the web page and article on the SERP.

It is the most important place to place your keyword. If possible then add both primary and secondary keywords, which is beneficial for you. It boosts the post’s ranking on the search engines and displays results when people search the keyword or related topics.

·      Article’s Introduction

One of the most important places to insert the keyword is the introduction paragraph. Some content marketers think that Google still gives preference to the introduction paragraph (first 200 words). It does not matter whether or not this idea is true but it is a good idea to place your focus keyword in the article. It let readers know whether your article is going to be about their needs or not.

·      Conclusion / Closing Paragraph

Your keyword should also be placed in the last paragraph or conclusion of your article. If possible then add your primary keyword to your call-to-action (CTA) in the conclusion. Mentioning the keyword in the last 200 words of your article will be beneficial for you.

·      Headings

If you want to engage your readers then your content should be attractive. It must have headings to make the content attractive. Headings also play a vital role to organize the content and divide it into different parts. They are necessary to break up the large sections of content into small ones so; readers can easily understand the content.

Headings are also necessary because they are important signals for Google to rank the content and help search engines index the content and give information for the featured thing. If your headings contain keywords then it is the best option for you to rank on the search engines.

·      Image Alt Text

Images are another necessary part of SEO. Your human readers and search engines like Google bots like to see multimedia in place of infinite blocks of text. The major purpose of Alt text is to show the written content in place of an image if the graphic fails to load sometime. It also enhances the visual effect of the content.

Therefore, your image alt text should also contain the keywords, which help you to identify Google when people search the keyword in the image section on search engines.

·      In the whole content

Content also contains a specific range of keywords. When you are new in the content writing field, then it is hard to learn the usage of keywords naturally but practice makes it easy. You should use the keywords in your content in a balanced way, not too much and not too less.

People do not like to use the same words repeatedly. It can make your content boring and useless for people. That is why content writers should add keywords in a balanced way in their content.

·      URL

Inserting the keyword in the URL is the best thing. It provides a signal to search engines that your content is highly related to a search.

It is a beneficial way and helps you to rank on top of search engines.

Final Words

Keywords play a vital role in ranking your content top at the of search engines. It helps search engines identify that your content is highly relevant to the search and displays your content in the search results. This article covers “how to use keywords in content writing.” I hope this article will be helpful for you.  

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