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How to Be a Professional Gamer, Which Are the Best Games To Start With


How to Be a Professional Gamer, Which Are the Best Games To Start With


Many casual players dream of turning into professional gamers; playing their most loved games, they will be paid. It is a double incentive. You may also get a chance to travel around the world while attending many tournaments. But surviving in the competitive realm of e-sport is tough. Whether you want to venture solo or with teammates, here is a blueprint for the career of a professional gamer.

How to Be a Professional Gamer, Which Are the Best Games To Start With

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Select a game 


At first, you must play several genres of games to find out which one suits your persona and skill once you identify the title, which could be a multiplayer battle like Dota2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, or Global Offensive. You may like first-person shooter games like Call of Duty or Special Force II. Alternatively, third-person shooter games may attract your attention, and they also host tournaments. Selecting a game established as an e-sport with a current player base and infrastructure is the first step toward professional gaming. When a title is launched, players have the opportunity to explore the Meta version that allows various playing styles and outset. Over there, you can also give your computer a new identity using Battleeye hwid spoofer in case you are debarred.


Selecting a game with a wide player base and brand value is a safer option. There are lots of podcasts exhibiting tutorials, and infrastructure helps you to know the nitty-gritty of the title. But as the game is recognized in the players’ domain, the competition is stiff, and you need to work hard to find a niche. On the other hand, an emerging game can be an easy entry, but it may not come into the limelight of the esport scene. But select a game you like to play.


Join the forum


Talent is the make or breaks factor in esport, but inclusive culture could be a determining factor. Before plunging deep to know the nuts and bolts of the game, spend some time on the forum where the veteran players discuss. The forum will give a glimpse of the path ahead and able to evaluate if it aligns with your personal goal and spirit. Immersing yourself in the experience of the game is crucial to develop as a pro gamer and ensuring you get the vibe from other players. Critical reviews of the Meta version are posted on the forum. You need to interact with others to follow the upcoming patches and events.


Develop skill 


Until and unless you develop your skill, you cannot compete with other accomplished players. By spending endless hours in front of the screen, you gain nothing. You need to add an element of strategy in practice sessions. First, get acquainted with the mechanism of the game and learn the game-specific skill until it is embedded in muscle memory. It could be a precise firing technique in an FPS game or optimized action per minute in an RTS. A developed skill always gives you an edge over others. 


While developing skill research about the game`s strategy, an established esport has multilayer strategies from surrounding to top-tier meta. Formulating and implementing a strategy in a given situation is a good place to initiate.


High-quality gear


To be a professional gamer, you need to invest in premier quality gear. You can get killed due to a dysfunctional mouse or keyboard. Starting with a gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard, there are many gaming accessories varying in price, size, and sensitivity. Buy those suits you best and provides the best gaming experience. Whatever accessories you buy, get used to them and utilize those in every game, every scrim. As you get accustomed to the gears, it would be seamless to use it in tournaments where there are lots of pressures, and you need nerves of steel to endure.


Reliability is important when it comes to hardware selection. Select gaming components that are consistent without any lag or erratic frame rates. The configuration of your gaming PC or laptop must align with the gaming peripherals.


Inch up 


If you want to reach the apex of professional gaming, you need a strong desire to win every competition, every match. This implies inching up to the scoreboard in group matches and being the winning team in tournaments. Acclimatize with the hierarchy level of competition as each event has its own set of levels. Every esport has a unique way of absorbing new players in the collegiums. For instance, in CS; GO, a player steps forward from public gaming to matchmaking and then to leagues and tournaments. There are different hierarchies in different eSports.


Find a league 


Once you have established yourself as a formidable gamer, join a team. Select a squad where players are better than you or with different proficiency sets. You grow as a player when you have varied experiences. If you are shining, then people will find you. If not, then ask for consent to join the desired team. Learning to cooperate is crucial in team-based games.




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