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Best Reasons Why Startups Should Prefer Android over IOS Apps


 Best Reasons Why Startups Should Prefer Android over IOS Apps

Technology plays a vital role in our personal and professional life. It enables us to do anything by sitting anywhere with the help of the internet. These days, businesses are also integrated with technology and enjoy a continuous rise. People make apps and websites to facilitate their customers and to promote their services.

People use smartphones frequently these days to stay connected with the world. Since 2018 when we think about smartphones, we have had two choices: Android and iOS. According to the statistics, 99.6 % of new smartphones run on both platforms, either Android or iOS.

Android and iOS are two popular Operating Systems (OS) that are available and widely used worldwide. They were first launched in 2007. The first Android introduced in the market was HTC Dream, while the first iOS released was iPhone OS 1. Android has become the top OS worldwide in the short ten years, with 1.4 billion users, while iOS has over 700+ million devices.

This article will discuss "Best Reasons Why Startups Should Prefer Android over IOS Apps." If you want to know further, then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end.

Best Reasons Why Startups Should Prefer Android over IOS Apps
Best Reasons Why Startups Should Prefer Android over IOS Apps

Reasons to Prefer Android over iOS Apps

When we think about the compatibility and reliability of Android and iOS, the first thing we should consider is the Google Playstore. Google Playstore is an incredible thing that enables us to use any software or apps. Amazingly, anyone can launch their apps on the Play Store after some development time.

  • Reliability

Android is the thing that is available for everyone. Many smartphone builders have the license to mold open-source platforms according to their desires. Smartphone manufacturing companies like Samsung, Vivo, Motorola, and many like them aim to create reliable phones for everyone and meet their needs. 

Therefore, the smartphone industry is getting rapid growth. Anyone can easily purchase and use Android.  People consider Android the best option because of its reliability and durability. You can find Android in many sizes, best for those who want a larger screen and for those who want to place it in their pocket. According to searches, Android mobiles are available in 24000 unique devices that 1300 brands provide.

People who are obsessed with selfies prefer iOS. They need a phone which is waterproof and has other features like durability. In addition, iOS only have limited varieties because it is available in 13 models just. The major difference between all the models of iOS is their size. 

For instance, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have similar characters, but the difference is mainly in size and resolution. Therefore, people commonly prefer Android to iOS. That is the reason why startups use Android apps as compared to iOS.

  • Budget Friendly

People think that costly device have more features, but it is a wrong concept. If IOS users want to upgrade the device, then he has just a few options to choose from, but all are costly. IOS devices are too much costly. Once your iOS phone is broken mistakenly, you need a lot of money to buy one more.

Here are some of the key things that make Android an excellent option over iOS. Android phones are available in a great range of prizes. Therefore, everyone can buy Android mobiles that fit their budget. Regarding Android, people have great choices in design, color, and prizes. A startup should prefer Android apps because people widely use Android phones.

  • Intent System

Its Intent system is one major thing that makes Android superior to iOS. The intent system of Android is amazing. It is the key feature of the Operating system, which create very well.

The intent system permits an app to broadcast its intent to run efficiently and to respond. It gives several potentials to integrate the system or apps. It is also renowned as the building block that enables the system to be substituted with third-party apps. Startups should prefer Android to iOS due to its ability to customize.

  • Fame

As I mentioned earlier, Android is the top operating system due to its compatibility, reliability, and budget-friendly nature. That is why many people have android mobile phones. If we talk about iOS users, they are in specific regions, while android users are spread worldwide.

Therefore, if you want to make such an app that will use worldwide, Android OS is the best option. Launching an Android app for your business is the first step you take toward your business's success.

  • Android is innovative

So this can be scandalous, but let us be true, Android is the platform always innovating to make something new and better than iOS. IOS is a great OS, but it could offer people a better range and choice. Android provides a huge variety to people to select one according to their desire and budget.

When it comes to Android, then needs to remember the small size and limited features. Now, Android has a range of sizes and colors. In addition, it comes up with new features that make your device secure, like face recognition and many wonderful apps. If your app is for people living in any region of the world, then Android is the best platform.

  • Resource System

One of the major reasons for the superiority of Android over iOS is its resource system, which has been modified over the years. It has a wonderful design. Resources are the major way to implement your app's themes, styles, and many other features.

The great part of this system is that it supports confirmation qualifiers. If you want to make your app wonderful, then Android is the best platform for you.

  • Get entitled

So as Android is an open source where everything is appreciated. You can develop your app and launch it on Android easily. The time it takes to create an Android app can be greater than an iOS app, but you know that your app can launch rapidly at the Google Playstore.

However, to make your app launched on the play store, you need to ensure that it is smooth and running efficiently or not.

  • App Optimization

Android allows you to optimize your app, which enables it to rank extremely high. It helps you to gain more downloads and is advantageous to business. You can make your app popular and get more downloads by optimizing it. Android has friendly rules for optimization, while iOS app optimization is not friendly.

Final Verdicts

Android occupies 70% market share all around the world, which is why it is used all over the world. It has a great population of users. Android is a great place to start your app. This article covers why startups should prefer android apps to iOS. This article will be helpful for you.  

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