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Best dark web sites


Best dark web sites

Best dark web sites
Best dark web sites

To access the Dark Web, use a VPN

We strongly advise using a VPN to encrypt your connection before entering the dark web. There is no guarantee of anonymity with the Tor browser; you must take precautions.

Not sure which VPN will work best for you? There are several solutions available, both free and paid, but ExpressVPN, which supports Tor and offers three free months, is our top-ranked VPN.

The Best Dark Web Websites

Below is a list of the most popular darknet sites in our opinion.

1.Deepweb Net

One of the most popular darknet sites with lots of interesting news posted daily.

Also this project is interesting for users who want to create an account in Jabber, for One-time notes (method of anonymously transmitting information in a secure way, all messages are stored in encrypted form until the recipient receives it) and create temporary email.

Website - https://deepweb.net/

2.The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is a Wikipedia for the dark web that provides links to various dark web sites. Many onion links could look meaningless because they are made up of random characters and digits. Websites become more challenging to find as a result. Much of the searching is done for you by the Hidden Wiki. Additionally, they offer educational sites on a variety of subjects that might be fascinating to read.

Be cautious, though. This index contains many websites that are illegal. Don't click on anything you don't want to view, then. Previously, the service was well-known for indexing or hosting a number of pedophile websites. This made it a target for both Anonymous and the FBI's cyberattacks.

3. Dig Deeper

The website's name says it all. The majority of the discussion centers on security issues, such as the best email services and web browsers to use.

There are several articles with plenty of supporting data on a variety of topics (mainly tech-related). Dig Deeper should pique your attention if you have a naturally inquisitive mind.

4. ProPublica

One of the first significant news organizations to develop a dark web version of its website was ProPublica in 2016.

Using the moral force of investigative journalism, ProPublica, a non-profit news organization, seeks to "reveal abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, business, and other organizations."

5. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a search engine for the dark web that is also accessible on the public internet. Unlike comparable products, DuckDuckGo ensures your privacy. In other words, it doesn't save or disseminate any of your private data. Choosing this is the best option if you wish to increase your online anonymity.

Due to the fact that it also displays.onion links, DuckDuckGo can be used to access dark web domains. Most conventional surface search engines don't index websites ending in.onion. As a result, while DuckDuckGo will let you access dark websites, services like Google won't take you anywhere on the dark web.


You won't be able to utilize any of the dark web websites we've included in this article unless you know how to access and use the dark web. So, make sure you understand how to use the dark web safely and privately before doing so. Additionally, remember to activate your VPN before starting Tor.

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