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All about varifocal glasses


To Know All About Varifocal Glasses

All about varifocal glasses
All about varifocal glasses

Is varifocal and progressive lens the same? Who needs
 varifocal glasses? What is the function of varifocal glasses? Does the varifocal lens fit in all frames? How do you know that it is a varifocal lens? When do you need varifocal glasses?

These are some of the doubts when one asks for varifocal glasses. Varifocal glasses are the ones that are required to correct the near, intermediate, and distant vision. Well, progressive lenses and varifocal lenses are the same. Varifocal lenses are the advanced version of the progressive lens. Both have the same work of correcting vision and making the vision clear.

Who needs what type of glasses?

If we talk about the age group of wearing glasses, there is no specific age when one needs to wear glasses. Many people have had eye problems since birth. They require glasses at a very early stage. Thus since kids, one needs to take care of their eyes and wear glasses as recommended by the doctor.

Some need glasses at their intermediate age and mostly wear glasses for distant vision. This is usually the adults and the growing adults. They opt for stylish frames that are in trend and make them more stylish. There are frames for both men and women so that each can style with their pair of glasses.

Next comes the requirement of reading glasses. The requirement for reading glasses mostly starts from the age of 40 or above. At this stage, the eyesight starts becoming weak and one suffers from myopia, a disability to read small prints, and numbers and see near objects. Thus here comes the requirement of reading glasses.

Finally comes the need for varifocal glasses. Varifocal glasses are the ones that are required for people above 50 mostly. This is the time when one loses the ability to see all the objects. Varifocal glasses are the ones that correct the near, intermediate, and distant vision. Varifocal glasses are the advanced version of the bifocal and progressive lenses.

Transformation of Varifocal Glasses

One must have noticed in the glasses that there is a circular part that differentiates the glasses into two halves for better vision. These were mostly seen in the reading glasses and the progressive glasses. This division made things clear that the glasses are either progressive or for reading.

Many said that they find it difficult to wear these glasses and it takes a long time to get accustomed to them. It indeed takes a long time to get adjusted to these glasses because of the complications of the lenses and the prescription. But there is good news for all the varifocal glasses wearers.

Varifocal glasses are now made more advanced with the help of various technologies. The division of the glasses is almost invisible and that makes it easy for a person wearing varifocal glasses to adjust the glasses easily.

The varifocal glasses are almost similar to regular glasses, but with an almost negligible minute difference. Thus these glasses also look beautiful on anyone wearing them.

How many days does it take to adjust new glasses?

Well, it depends on person to person how much time it will take to get accustomed to the new glasses with a complex prescription like varifocal lenses. The experts usually say that it takes 7-21 days to get adjusted with the glasses.

This is because if a person is wearing glasses for the first time, it takes much longer to get adjusted with glasses and when it is varifocals it will take more time to do so. But if a person wears glasses before wearing varifocal glasses, it might be possible that he/she will take less time. Thus it depends on person to person how to cope with the new glasses.

Frames For Varifocals

Most of the frames are suitable for varifocal lenses. But it is mostly recommended to wear large and wider frames for a better fit and vision. This is also recommended because one will look stylish and smart wearing the frames and can experiment with new glasses and new looks.

     Cat-eye glasses- Women can always try out their favourite oversized cat-eye frames in various colours and sizes according to their face shape and size. This will make them look younger and one can flaunt their look with the glasses.

     Square glasses- Square frames have always been one of the smarties of all time. The smart frames are perfect for the ones wearing varifocal glasses thus making people get confused with their age.

     Vintage glasses- Vintage glasses are both for men and women. To get back the nostalgic moments of their time, one can try out some vintage frames of the modern days. The modern-vintage look will make their appeal more stylish and smart.



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