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How to choose a video for a project


How to choose a video for a project ?

How to choose a video for a project
How to choose a video for a project

Many companies used videos for their projects and presentations. You may listen to the word “Stock video” before but if you do not have further information about it then you are in right place. Here, we will discuss the ways to choose the right video for projects.

What is a stock video?

Companies and filmmakers use stock videos for their film stock footage and projects. Stock video is also referred to as stock footage. A pre-recorded video that can be acquired and used again in a variety of ways in the project and films is referred to as the stock video. Such videos are popular these days because they saved time and make a project interesting.

How many types of stock videos are there?

The stock video industry is commonly divided into further types:

  1. Microstock
  2. Macrostock


It is a typical type of stock video. Such videos are partially imaginative and have less technical quality. In short, they are commonly less explained and they used fewer complex technical sources.

One of the major reasons behind their popularity is that they are less costly. Some of the web sources, which provide you microstock, are Pexels, ISTock, Dreamstime, Ponds5, and Shutterstock.




It is also a type of stock video, whichis known as premium stock. It is premium because it is a high-class video. It is best for those who want their projects to be of high class. They are commonly produced by professionals, which keep quality and prices in mind.

Some of the web sources that provide macrostocks are Stocksy, Filmpac, Artigrid, RawFilm, and Silmsupply.


Ways to choose a video for your project

If you want to make your project,interesting, and engaging then you should add some videos to it. However, how can you choose the right videos for your project?is the basic question that is asked by everyone. Here are some useful ways to select the video.

Search sources

One of the best ways by which you can get the video for your project is through a web source. If you are unfamiliar with the sources that provide you with stock footage then it is hard to find out the best. Therefore, if you want to get good quality stock footage then you should search out the sources or websites that offer stock footage. Some of the suggested websites are mentioned below:

  •    Pexel
  • · Shutterstock
  • · Ponds5
  • · Dreamstime
  • · Pixabay
  • · IStock
  • · Stocksy
  • · Filmpac
  • · Artgrid
  • · RawFilm
  • · FilmSupply
  • · Vystock

Quality and exclusivity of video

One factor, which you need to keep in mind while you are choosing stock footage, is its quality. Select a video, which is exclusive and quality-wise good.

How much quality and exclusivity do you need to keep in mind while choosing the stock video for your projects?

Quality is the key to success for everything. A basic question is necessary to keep in mind when you are choosing a stock video is about quality and exclusivity. You need to select a high-class and quality video for your project because it plays a vital role in making your project interesting and engaging.

Vystock: the source to get the macrostock

A new and advanced web source is presented these days for people who want to get the macrostocks. Vystock.com is a source where you will find out a huge range of stock footage. When you purchase a video from them, then it is automatically inaccessible to anyone else and only you can use it.

Final Words

Quality and exclusivity are the factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing stock footage. If you want to get exclusive videos then find out about the larger platforms. You can find out exclusive videos by Filmsupply, Artgrid, and Vystock.  

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