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Discover All the Cricket News for India Here


 Discover All the Cricket News for India Here

No matter how little the news or information is, people are always really invested in cricket because of the constant hype. In India and worldwide, cricket is an extremely popular and well-liked sport. Cricket is frequently referred to as the gentleman's game. What makes it so named?

Originally from England, it was believed that this sport should only be played in a refined manner where players did not behave like crazed hooligans but as gentlemen with manners and etiquette. Numerous rules would make you appear to be a gentleman while playing this game, such as maintaining proper posture, refraining from cheating, controlling your temper and rage, etc.

Discover All the Cricket News for India Here
Discover All the Cricket News for India Here

Children and teenagers have cricketers they regard as their idols and sources of inspiration, and during matches, millions of people gather in cricket stadiums to watch matches. People gather together with families and friends to watch cricket matches on TV. People also place bets on the matches to make money from them. What exactly is cricket, then? It is more than just a game with participants. People are brought together by emotion and sentiment.

One of the most popular and widely watched sports in the world is cricket. Football is the game that is watched the most, while cricket comes in second. 13.63 crore people in India are avid cricket fans. That data speaks for itself. There are more than 2.5 billion cricket fans in the rest of the world.

This game may be played at any time and in any fashion by people of all ages and different walks of life. Children and teens can frequently be seen playing cricket together in groups on streets or in housing estates. People play this sport at picnics, and sometimes the kids' parents join them. There are no restrictions on who may or cannot engage in this sport.

In addition, the Indian Cricket Team has been doing a fantastic job of representing the nation in international competitions and games, which is the main reason why there are so many cricket fanatics in India.

So, since we have spoken so much about the love that Indians have for cricket, let us also follow that up by giving you some cricket news for India.

Top Cricket News in India

The past few days have been a challenge for the Indian Cricket Team because of all the difficulties, dilemmas, and hurdles they have faced. Also, with the upcoming T20 Asia Cup just around the corner, the adrenaline rush is higher. We will walk you through some of the top cricket news for India.

1.      Jhulan Rejoins the ODI Team

The ODI and T20 matches are just around the corner. The ODI and T20 matches for women are scheduled to begin on September 10th. Teams for both T20 and ODI will be guided and mentored by the 33-year-old female Indian Cricketer Harmanpreet Kaur. Additionally, 39-year-old Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami will also be joining the ODI team. Jhulan had last played in March, which was the match against Bangladesh. Goswami could not attend the Sri Lanka tour due to an injury, so the upcoming ODI match is her comeback.

Among other female cricketers who are to join these upcoming matches is Kiran Navgire, who the BCCI invited officially to join the T20I team. Navgire said that she had never thought this was happening, and she thought this was a prank or dream, but soon she started getting messages, and that was when she realized it was happening. Navgire is a big fan and a follower of the legendary cricketer MS Dhoni. She also said that she always wanted to be a part of the team, but she never saw it happening this quickly in her career.

2.      Shoaib Malik Might Not Return for The T20 World Cup

The 27-year-old Pakistani International Cricketer and Captain Babar Azam said that the 40-year-old Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik would not be included in the team for the upcoming T20s world cup mostly because he needs to give young and more talented cricketers a chance. Malik successfully completed his 124th T20 match in November 2021.

However, the audience and the media differ from this decision of Azam, saying that the 40-year-old cricketer's expertise and knowledge might be of great help in the upcoming matches. Azam said that the highly experienced and knowledgeable players would be missed, but there are players who can fill the boots of Malik and Muhammed Hafeez, like Hanif Ali and Khushdil Shah. Azam also added that he wants to give these new players a chance because they are capable enough.

3.      Chandrakant Pandit's advice on the IPL's Coaching Module

Chandrakant Sitaram Pandit, 60 years old now, who was previously an Indian Cricketer, is a strict and almost rigid coach who does not like to waste any time on useless things. However, according to many domestic coaches, he should be slightly more flexible with his rules and techniques when it comes to some players like Russell and Cummins.


Chandrakant, however, says that he is ready to be slightly more flexible while also keeping an eye on how flexible he can be without crossing certain boundaries. He also added that he could be flexible, but he also needs to understand the spirit and persona of every player individually and mold himself accordingly. He said that he does not stick to the "one size fits all" approach.

Wrapping Up

These were the most recent cricket news for India today that we wanted you to be aware of. Being able to see the Indian Cricket Team compete in and win so many matches throughout the globe gives us all great pride, and it always will. We are very blessed to witness them give their all and make the most of what they have, even if they do not succeed.

The above-mentioned pieces of cricket news must have served you all the necessary details of the recently held popular cricket matches.

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