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Features of Online Whiteboard Tools


 Features of Online Whiteboard Tools

Features of Online Whiteboard Tools
Features of Online Whiteboard Tools 

Recently, there has been an increase in people working from home or remote workspaces. Therefore, the capability to work as a team is seamlessly in high demand. Besides needing a way to communicate and connect, workers also need to collaborate. Online whiteboards perform an excellent job of engaging people in different collaboration activities and linking workspaces. Online whiteboard tool innovate the digital workspace and capitalize on the best sectors of traditional collaboration methods, thus, bringing forth new and exciting methods. 

Definition: Online Whiteboard

Relatively new to the digital workspace, online whiteboards are often misunderstood, considering their broad application. Online whiteboards entail a shared online workspace allowing teams to utilize visual objects to collaborate and express ideas. These boards work like the traditional whiteboards; however, they incorporate better and improved features. Online whiteboards eliminate traditional whiteboard’s limitations, contribute and interact in various ways and can integrate multimedia content. Online whiteboards facilitate teaching concepts to teams, visualizing and communicating with group members.

Features of Online Whiteboards

       Facilitate Real-Time Collaboration

One of the significant collaboration faults carried out online or remotely is that a lot can be lost when going back and forth. Collaborating becomes ineffective and cumbersome when people communicate strictly through a chat or email. Besides, sending messages back and forth becomes useless when you lack guideposts for your goals. Online whiteboards bridge communication gaps as a shred board enables more accessible communication with teammates. Also, team members can visualize each other's ideas and contributions and add to them in real-time. Therefore, online whiteboards incorporate a visual aid that guides one's understanding of everyone's thought processes and contributions.

       Facilitate Shared Space Between Workers

 The absence of a shared space negates one’s capability to tackle complex ideas and activities and makes working together much more difficult. Lack of a way to visualize your thoughts makes collaboration impossible to understand and comprehend others' contributions and ideas. Incorporating virtual whiteboards solves this issue by allowing teammates to share a collaborative space globally. Again, these boards avail source documents for you to contribute and reference. Therefore, no matter your location, online whiteboards will allow communication and working together like people sharing physical working space.

       Ability to Create Unique Structure

Virtual whiteboards incorporate incredible tools which allow people to make tangible contributions and edits in a shared space. Other than facilitating people to contribute proactively and meaningfully, these boards can also work in a particular crafted structure. Thus, these online whiteboard tools work better than other tools, which only enable you to manipulate and try visual elements. The ability to edit and implement your structure to your liking makes applying an online whiteboard versatile and straightforward. Hence, you can apply online whiteboards to any work or activity.

Traditional whiteboards are applied in brainstorming, but teams are usually limited on the capabilities of these boards. Nevertheless, using virtual whiteboards in different unique scenarios and adding structures helps solve these issues.

Therefore, these incredible features are making the whiteboard tools even more popular globally.



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