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How Paraphrasing Tool Impacts Writing Skills


 How Paraphrasing Tool Impacts Writing Skills?

How Paraphrasing Tool Impacts Writing Skills
How Paraphrasing Tool Impacts Writing Skills

There is a common belief that nowadays, all students are capable of writing by themselves. And that if one finds themselves stuck with their homework, they should (just) rely on one of many paraphrasing tools found online.

Students of all levels cherish such tools and they often turn to them whenever they are struggling to cope with their assignments.

But excessive use of everything can do more harm than good. The same is the case with paraphrasing tools. So, let’s talk about how paraphrasing tool impacts writing skills of writers.


What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is a technique of changing the wordings and sentence structure of a piece of content without affecting its original meaning.

How Does a Paraphrasing Tool Work?

How Paraphrasing Tool Impacts Writing Skills
How Paraphrasing Tool Impacts Writing Skills

A Paraphraser is an application that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the context of the text. Then, it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to rephrase the content according to its context.

How Paraphrasing Tool Impacts Writing Skills?

Like all the other things, a paraphrasing tool has its benefits and drawbacks because it is just a perception of the mind. So, let’s see those benefits and drawbacks to understand the impacts of paraphrasing tools on writing skills.

*** Note: Impact can be positive or negative. So, readers will find the positive and negative impacts of using paraphrasing tools for writing in this guide ***

Is it Okay to Use Paraphrasing Tools? – the Positive Impacts:

First, let’s talk about the advantages that a paraphrasing tool brings to the table of content writing.

1.     Easier to Paraphrase the Content:

Manually paraphrasing the content is a challenging task because it involves reading the entire content before writing the rephrased content. But paraphrasing tools make it easier to paraphrase the content because, after understanding the theme of content, users will have to input the text and select the mode of paraphrasing (only). So, paraphrasing a piece of content with the help of an automated tool is a lot easier than manual paraphrasing.

2.     Quick Results:

As mentioned earlier, once a user has provided the required inputs to a paraphrasing tool, the tool will generate the rephrased content within a few seconds. So, users can handle multiple writing tasks with the help of paraphrasing tools because paraphrasing tools savetime.

3.     Easier to Understand the Context of a Text:

Before inputting the text into a paraphrasing tool, it is essential to understand the context of the text. So, due to using paraphrasing tools, users can understand the context of text more quickly than in other scenarios. Thus, using a paraphrasing tool enhances the understanding ability of a writer, which will be valuable for him in his future writing tasks.

4.     Vocabulary Improvement:

How Paraphrasing Tool Impacts Writing Skills
How Paraphrasing Tool Impacts Writing Skills

Most paraphrasing tools use different rephrasing modes to paraphrase a piece of content. And each mode uses a unique set of vocabulary to make the content unique. So, by using the paraphrasing tools, users can learn new words, which will be beneficial for them in the future.

5.     Accessibility:

Most paraphrasing tools are available as web applications. So, users can access them from any device, which is another major advantage of using paraphrasing tools.

But paraphrasing tools are not entirely perfect, as they have some serious disadvantages. So, let’s see them.

Is Using a Paraphrasing Tool Cheating? – the Negative Impacts:

1.     Affects the SEO of a Website:

The entire focus of a paraphrasing tool is on producing a unique piece of content. So, when a tool rephrases a piece of content, it could ruin the keyword structure of the content, which will affect the on-page SEO of the website.

2.     Impacts the Creativity of a Writer:

Most users get lazy after using paraphrasing tools because they know that paraphrasing tools automate the entire task. This factor affects their creativity, which would be a disaster for a writer.

3.     Worthy Tools Have High Subscription Charges:

Typically, freeware applications do not provide the best results. That is why the best paraphrasing tools, like the Paraphraser.io, have subscription charges for further funtionalities. So, paying a hefty subscription amount is not eco-friendly for a beginner writer.

Epilogue – the Conclusion:

The answer to the question: “how paraphrasing tool impacts writing skills” varies from person to person.


If a writer uses a paraphrasing tool daily, it will badly affect his creativity. However, there is no harm in the occasional usage of paraphrasing tools.

In short, paraphrasing tools can be valuable writing tools. However, they shouldn’t replace the task of learning how to write efficiently and effectively (and correctly).

Through practice and trial-and-error, students can improve their writing skills in a realistic setting on their own time.

So, choosing a paraphrasing tool is all a matter of personal preference. But suppose a student is looking for an efficient way to convey his ideas or thoughts in written form.

In that case, he shouldn’t entirely rely on paraphrasing tools because using paraphrasing tools can do more harm than good for a writer. Also, after you have used the paraphrasing tool, you need to check your text for readability. Since, due to the possible complex wording of the paraphrasing tool, your text may have become more difficult to read and understand. Readability Checker will come to our aid in this case: just copy and paste your text into the appropriate field, wait a few seconds and correct the errors as recommended by the system.

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